Ky_Klickss – Halloween With Step Mommy

Surprise! I wanted to Surprise you with some Halloween fun because I know you couldn’t go out this year because we are in quarantine. I hope you like my sexy witch costume. Let me take care of you & that hard cock. Remember it’s our little secret.

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Clubdinasky – Mommys Costume Party

Clubdinasky – Mommys Costume Party
Costume, Halloween, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo
Mommy is hosting a very big Halloween Party and this is the first year without your father around, and she’s got some people she wants to impress while of course having a good time. She wants everything perfect, dressed in her robe before getting ready she notices you didn’t do the one thing she asked was to fill the punch bowl, she asks you nicely to please do it while she goes and finishes getting ready and then you head out to stay with your friends tonight, right? What mom doesn’t know is you have every attention of hanging out with your friends but not actually leaving. You already have your own costume picked out and you plan to trick mommy tonight. Your going to disguise yourself with something so she won’t suspect anything and as mask to cover your face and distort your voice. The party has started and mom is out there saying hello to all the guests and socializing, she’s dressed as Princess Peach, however its quite a revealing costume, showing off a lot of skin -she’s got this insane amount of cleavage, white fishnets on, and her booty is exposed, you can’t help to think that this version of your mom is turning you on. Mommy never dressed like this before, or on any Halloween before, and you want to to the unthinkable…you want to fuck mommy.

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Kitty LeRoux – Mommy Got Ghosted

Kitty_LeRoux – Mommy Got Ghosted: Taboo Halloween
BBW, Facials, Halloween, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo
You’re having a lame Halloween night, and it just so happens that so is your mom. When you get home early, you unexpectedly find her dressed in a barely there bikini, with late night coffee and a cookie. Turns out she’s having a lame night too and her date ghosted. She’s shocked your home early and tried to cover up with a laughably small pot holder and dish towel. She looks so good that you’re glad you’re standing behind the counter because her tits and curves are making you inappropriately hard…was she wet before or after your showed up? You try to quietly compliment her when she explains that her date, the asshole, must’ve not liked her. Shockingly, she responds well to your compliments. When she asks you to go grab her a robe, you realize you cannot move or else she’s going to see your boner. She can tell something is wrong and moves towards you to check on you. Maybe it’s the caffeine (yeah, right.) but before you know it, her hand is on your cock. She can’t remember the last time she’s had one of those in her hand (or inside her). You mention how this could really help both of you feel better, and you ask if you can do more. “Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?….aren’t we not supposed to do that?” She’s so needy it doesn’t much convincing to get her up on the counter with her legs open. You’re about to fuck your mom and hear her moan at the pleasure her own son’s cock is giving her. She doesn’t really care if it makes her a bad mom- she just wants your cock and your cum- and she wants that cum all over her face.

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