Harley Sin – Only Mommy Can Touch

Mommy is home from her ballet class. Her hamstrings are always so tight, you offer to stretch her out. You know how tight your mommy gets. She loves it. But what she would really love, is for you to get down on the floor, and do what you’re told. Your mommy loves your little dick. She can see it growing in your pants. But no touching. Your mommy is the only one who can touch it. Is it throbbing? Mommy shows her body to you, teasing you. She pulls her bodysuit so you can see her asshole and pussy. She puts her pussy right in your face so you can see how wet she is. Your little cock always makes her so wet. You’re not allowed to touch your dick, mommy won’t let you. She plays with her clit, pulls up the stockings, talk dirty to you. She even makes you take it out, just so she can see it. Mommy finally caves, she has to have it. It’s been so long since she jerked you, and you need to cum so bad. Your mommy jerks your little cock. She tells you she’ll make sure she takes good care of you, and you can cum as much as you like. She’ll make sure you cum, she wants you to cum for mommy. All over her face, just like daddy does. Even though your cock is smaller, you still cum as much as daddy. You cum all over mommy. You shoot such a huge load, some of it lands on her ass! She loves it so much, she doesn’t even wipe it off, she wants it to dry on her.

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Harley Sin – Mommy Taboo Confession

In this confession vid I talk about playing your mommy, I go over the different mommy roles I play in my videos and how I feel playing them. I go a little deeper into the creative process of the nice, mean, annoyed, and unsuspecting mommy characters. I talk about my personal process and day when I’m making videos, how I take care of myself, and really try to think about how the viewer feels. I want you to feel like you’re right there with me. I also go into detail about my process of creating videos, how I write my scripts, how I feel getting ready to turn you on. How I want my stories to draw you in. I hope in the end you’ll feel like you’re getting to know the real Harley Sin and that we can connect on a deeper level.

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Harley Sin – Mommy Spreads Her Legs

Mommy knows how much you need to fuck. You don’t like it when she uses bad words though. So you get into bed with mommy and she makes it all better. Don’t you love when mommy spreads her legs for you? Just like she does for daddy? Your mommy knows it’s her wifely duty, just as it will be your future wife’s duty one day. But don’t worry, you can always come back to bed with mommy. Mommy rides you, you cum a few times but that’s ok. She knows she can get you hard again, milk you dry. Do you want mommy on her back so you can pound her hard. She wants your seed inside her, again. You pound your mommy hard. She’ll always be here for you, to spread her legs, for sex, anytime you want. Just like she’s always done for daddy too, both her boys. Mommy wants you to come inside her wet pussy. Can you feel how wet she is? You leave a dripping creampie inside her and it comes gushing out, just like she wanted.

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Harley Sin – Sons Panty Fetish

I’m doing my weekly laundry when I notice a pair of panties I lost a long time ago. They’re stiff. I smell them, but I can’t put my finder on it. A week later I’m back at it, and I find another pair of panties that I thought went missing too. But this time they’re not stiff and crumpled, they’re full of… I’m not quite sure what is it. I smell it again, run it between my fingers. I slowly realize what I’m looking at. And the only person who could have done this is my own son. My son has been masturbating into his own mother’s panties. Maybe he has some compulsion, it’s also a LOT of cum. I decide I should talk to him, right away. I go into my sons room. He isn’t really listening to me. I notice his eyes are roaming my body. Looking down my dress. I clear my throat. This is important. Plus, I don’t want to replace all my underwear. I tell my son I’ll get some for him to use, since he jerked in that one pair multiple times. He tells me it was only once. He jerked into those panties one time. I don’t believe him. No one can cum that much in one go. I want him to prove it to me. I tell my son he’s going to have to show me. My son gets out his cock. It’s pretty big, actually. He’s nervous. I ask him if he needs some encouragement? I take off my panties so he can smell them. That makes his cock jerk. I tell my son mommy will take care of him. I take out my tits and start stroking my sons cock. Is this what you imagine when you’re jerking to my panties? I rub his cock in between my tits. He tells me he’s going to cum. I grab my panties to catch it. When I look, I knew I was right. No one can come that much. He tells me he’s not finished yet. I’m surprised, what does he mean? I huge load of cum sprays me in the face, and all over my tits. I can’t believe it. My son really can cum that much. There’s cum everywhere. It’s dripping off my face and down my hair. I look at my sons cock still covered in cum. I tell him maybe we can come up with an arrangement so my panties don’t get wrecked.

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Harley Sin – Reluctant Mom Blackmailed

Your mom notices you’re acting funny. She wants to know if you finished cleaning up the attic. You tell her you found her pictures. She knows exactly the ones you’re talking about. She begs you not to tell dad. He’d divorce her. You tell her you’ll make her a deal to keep her secret. You want her to do the things from her photos, with you. She’s speechless. What did you just ask her? She says no, she’ll deal with the consequences. You go to call your dad right then and there. She gets so scared, she reluctantly agrees. You tell your mom to take off her clothes. She tells you it’s not too late to stop. But you have no intention of stopping. You have your mom suck your cock, you even face fuck her until she gags. She says you don’t have to do this, but you have to have her. You rub your cock against your mommy’s pussy. She notices how big you are, it’s been a long time since she’s had sex with anyone. She asks you go slow, you notice her pussy is getting wet. She denies it. But she’s softly moaning, and starts grinding you cock harder. She starts to cum. She says she can’t help it, you’re fucking her in just the right spot. You creampie your mommy, and you want to see it dripping out of her…

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Harley Sin – Reluctant Mommy Confession

In this confession vid I talk about making Reluctant Mom Blackmailed and how incredibly horny I got after filming it. I talk about my deep feelings on being a mommy and how I feel about my ‘sons’. I get very wet and get carried away in this one. My confession video turned into a dirty masturbation encouragement where I invite you, my son, to put your cock in my pussy and I confess how mommy likes to get fucked. An excellent VERY TRUE confession for my perverted son’s out there. Are you as perverted as mommy? I have a very real orgasm and the leftover cum in my pussy drips out mixed with my pussy juice.

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Harley Sin – Mommy Catches You

Your mommy comes home from work early, she catches you masturbating. She doesn’t know what to do, so she decides to speak with you about it. She thought she heard you calling mommy, was this true? Were you calling your mommy’s name while you masturbated? She’s happy you told her the truth, she loves you and just wants to take care of you. She admits she was surprised by how beautiful your cock was, and how…aroused she felt seeing you touch yourself. She wants to try something, and she starts rubbing your cock. She notices you’re getting bigger, way bigger than your father. She starts taking her clothes off, asks you if this is what you were thinking about when you were touching yourself. Your mommy taking her clothes off? She tells you to be a good boy, and touch her pussy. Her slowly put your fingers inside your mommys cunt. She really likes that. She reminds you it’s special when a woman spreads her legs for a man. The least you could do is put your cock inside her pussy. Your mommy tells you to keep pumping her pussy, rub her clit and she cums. You grab her, flip her around. She wants you to take it slow, her pussy is sensitive. You start fucking her from behind, but it’s not long before you get excited and pound her hard. The more she talks dirty, the harder you fuck her. She wants you to fill her up, you both cum at the same time.

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