Harley Sin – Son Finds Mommy’s Pornsite

Your mommy catches you watching porn, only it’s the secret sex tape she made before she met you dad! She begs you not to tell him, and you’ll do it, if she rubs your cock. Your mommy can’t believe you’re blackmailing her, she really doesn’t want your dad to know so she agrees. She can’t even look at you as she gives you a handjob, but you notice she keeps glancing down at your erection. She says she doesn’t like it but she seems aroused. You tell her the handjob isn’t good enough, you want her to suck your cock. She argues that you had made a deal, but you don’t budge. She gives you a blowjob . You ask to put it in her cunt, she definitely won’t do that. She tells you to finish in her mouth, there can’t be any evidence. She swallows all your cum. She thinks you’re done with her, but you tell her the blowjob wasn’t enough…to be continued..

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Harley Sin – In Bed With Mommy

You want to be in bed with mommy again. That’s ok. She doesn’t mind being close to you. She remembers when you were little, and wanted to snuggle up with in her breast. You admit you’d be comforted by that. She loves taking care of you. Of course you can do that again. Your mommy lets you lay in her breasts again. She tells you stories about when you were a boy. You are aroused by your own mother’s body. That’s alright, when you tell mommy you want to see her down there, she understands. She takes off her panties for you. You just want to feel close to her again. Skin on skin. You tell mommy you want to touch her down there. She feels so good. Mommy tells you she doesn’t mind being touched by you in her private areas. You want to feel all of mommy now. She tells you to put in just inside her. Just a little bit, so she can feel you. You feel so good to mommy, she wants you deep inside. You put it all the way in. Your mommy tells you she wants you to make love to her, and put a baby in her belly. Maybe she’ll make a baby with you, her own son.

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Harley Sin – Ultimate Mommy Impregnation

Your mom was so happy to be pregnant with you. To have you growing inside her. She needs you to know how much you were loved, how proud she was of you. She talks about how it felt being pregnant with you, how her belly grew and grew. How her breasts grew too, trying to make milk for you. Your mother slowly takes her clothes off. Touches herself. She used to be an exotic dancer, she kept working right until her belly was huge and hung so low. Her water broke on stage, but she kept dancing. Labor felt… good. Right. She danced right until she felt the overwhelming need to push. And she did. Many times while everyone watched. But you wouldn’t come out. So she tucked herself in a private room with a few people who wanted to watch. So she pushed, and pushed. The pressure, the stretching. Her vagina was huge. You finally came out. You were so handsome, hanging between her legs. Everyone there thought you were beautiful. And your mom couldn’t be more proud. She wants that feeling again, the feeling of you between her lips.

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Harley Sin – Inbreeding Mother

You and your mother have always shared a bed. And you’ve ALWAYS been curious. You start by slowly touching her, she gently moves your hand away. What starts as gentle loving eventually wakes her up, she thinks you must be dreaming and tried to wake up. But when your groping persists, she gets angry at you. Your mother tries to get away from you since you’re not listening but you hold her arm. She finally stops resisting you, and is now pleading. She finally understands what you want. You want to impregnate her. She tries reasoning with you, how this will ruin both your lives, how things wont come out right. How many things WILL go wrong, how this is a terrible mistake that you CANT take back. But you don’t care. Anything to continue the family at all costs. You don’t think she fully understands the depth of your desires. But don’t worry, she will soon enough.

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Harley Sin – Mom Smells Son’s Cum

Your mother is cleaning your room. She goes into your drawer and finds a pair of HER panties. At first she’s not sure what she’s looking at.. is that CUM? She’s repulsed, should she just put them back, or sit you down for a chat? She decides she definitely will talk to you. But something happens when she’s looking at that creamy cum.. she gets this need to… smell it.. Once she does, she can’t help herself. Every time she smells your cum, she get’s more turned out. She knows you’re going to be home any minute but she can’t stop it. She touches herself in your bed! She’s holding her panties, smelling your cum and rubbing her pussy. She hears you come home and quickly stops.. but you can see the wet spot on her panties she’s wearing. She tells you to come in. You come into the room and wonder why your mother is sitting on the bed like that. Why is she looking at you that way. You notice the panties she’s found in your drawer. She tells you it’s normal, lots of boys have sexual feelings about their own mothers. She tells you she’s always known your a pervert. Who wants to fuck his own mother. You really are a motherfucker, aren’t you? Your mother wants your cum, put that seed in her belly, so you can be a daddy and a son.

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Harley Sin – Whore For Son’s Bully

You over heard the boy from school you’ve been bullying is having family dinner tonight so you invited yourself over. His mom immediately pulls you aside. She knows how you’ve been treating her son, and she wants it to stop. You immediately notice she’s hot, so you compliment her. She gets sidetracked for a second but then remembers why she is talking to you. You sit down to dinner with this MILF, her son, daughter and husband. You start rubbing her leg under the table. Isn’t long before you put your hard right up her dress. She’s not wearing any panties. And she’s wet. She’s trying not to moan but she can’t help it. Her son keeps asking questions, at one point she even blurts out her pussy is wet. She makes an excuse and then ‘accidentally’ drops her knife on the floor. She bends down to pick it up and takes your cock out. She immediately starts sucking you, she’s making gagging noises and when her family asks what she’s doing, she pokes her head up with spit dripping down her chin. How does no one notice what’s going on? Her husband mentions movie night and she answers for you, YES. You’re in the living room and she shows you her pussy. You want to see her asshole. She turns around and puts her asshole right in your face. She tells you her husband has never done this with her. Her son keeps coming in and almost catching you both. The last time she thinks he saw… the rest of the family come back and you start the movie. Your cock is still so hard, she gives you a hand job and blowjob under the blanket. Her family is starting to notice, but she keeps denying it. You tell her to get on your lap. She tries to resist but can’t help herself. She slowly starts to ride you, with her whole family right beside. You’re under the blanket but she keeps making noises. Her son finally looks over and notices the movements and sounds. She blanket falls off and her entree family can see you balls deep in their mom and wife. She’s letting you fuck her hard while they watch. She admits she’s a whore for her sons bully. You tell her to get on her knees and you leave a huge creamy facial all over her pretty face, while her son, daughter and husband call her a slut.

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Harley Sin – Such A Good Mother

Mother has a special treat for you. She got your report card in the mail, and as a good mother, she always holds up her end of the bargain. She’ll do that thing you like so much with her mouth. Your mom sucks you and jerks you. And since you’re such a good boy, she’ll give you an extra special treat today. She’ll let you put it in her pussy. You get on top of your mother. She teases you, slowly puts your cock in her hole. She knows you love it, being back where you came from, with your own biological mom. It’s why it feels so good. Because your mother knows every cell in your body, because she grew you. Now you’re deep inside, so deep she can feel you in her womb. She tells you what you two do are a secret. Not daddy, or you sister can ever know. But your mother knows you so well. She feels your cock get HARDER when she mentions your sister. She’s noticed the way you look at her, a younger version of your mother. Maybe your sister is just as perverted as you are. Your mother asks if you want to include her? You start concocting a plan. Your mom will slowly introduce her to the idea, and once she’s ready, you can fuck her and then your mother. Your mom wants to taste her daughters pussy juice on your freshly fucked cock. Just the thought of fucking her daughter, and then your mother right after, makes your mom so horny she’s ready to cum on the spot… Oh fuck, she hears your dad coming in the drive. She tells you to cum quickly, inside so there’s no mess. Your mom hears your dad in the house, you really need to hurry up. She puts her hand over her mouth as she cums, so dad doesn’t hear. She quickly licks and sucks you one more time, and promise to get your sister ready for you..

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Harley Sin – Tender Loving Mommy

This is part 2 to Mother & Son Reunited.. You wake up in bed next to your mother. It’s the morning after you’ve met for the first time since she gave you up for adoption. You told your mommy your need and she fulfilled it, like a good mother should. Now she’s rubbing up against your cock and you’re hard again. Can you feel how wet she is already. Your mommy tells you she has no regrets about last time. She gets on top of you, so loving and tender. Your cock fills her so perfectly, she promises to always love and take care of you. Mommy will always take care of her baby. Mommy loves her baby. Your mommy rides you until she’s about to cum. She wants you to fill her up with your seed, she wants to fell your hot cum in her womb. You cum inside her, but she keeps riding you. She wants to milk all the cum out of your cock. Don’t you love being inside mommy pussy? She whispers in your ear how much she loves you, you tell her you love her too.

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Harley Sin – Mom Cures Headache

Your mom comes into your room and you’re still in bed. She’s impatient that you’re not ready to go. You tell her you have a headache and can’t get out of bed. She’s really insistent. You can’t miss the event today. She confesses that when she has a headache, she masturbates. You cannot believe your mother just admitted that. She tells you it’s her job t make sure you get there, so you’d better hurry up and try at least. There really isn’t time, you’ll have to do it while she’s in the room. You really don’t want to in front of your own mother, but she tells you she’ll help you. She gets onto the bed, notices it’s taking too long. She’ll help your dick get harder, she shows you her boobs. She can’t believe how big you are. She encourages you to stroke it, but it’s still taking too long. She takes her pants off, shows you her ass. Do you want to feel it? See, that’s totally helping. You’re really hard now but she needs you to cum so your headache will go away. She has so much experience, she does this for daddy all the time. She licks her hand and jerks your cock. But she thinks she’s going to have to put it in her mouth, you only have five minutes until you have to leave. Your mother tells you it’s alright that its your own mother, it feels good to have a woman suck your cock. Your mother encourages you to cum in her mouth, she swallows it up and likes the taste. Is your headache gone now? It is, she knew it would work.

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