Ariel Anderssen – Auntys BJ In Sexy Shoes Leather Gloves

Leather, Gloves, High Heels, Taboo, MILF

Darling, it’s been lovely to show you off to my friends at this afternoon’s party – I was so proud of you and I could tell that they fancied you too. If only they knew all the naughty things we get up to when they’re not around! Like now, for example. I could tell from across the room that you were turned on by my high heels and hold up stockings, and every time I uncrossed my legs and crossed them again, I know exactly what you were thinking about. So why don’t we go upstairs? I’ve put my favourite fuck me shoes out so I can change into them. and I’ve put out my long leather gloves too. Cos I know how you love the feeling of leather on your cock when I touch it with my gloved hands, and I can’t wait to give you another blowjob. How would it be if we combined two of our favourite activities, while I’m also displaying my high heel clad feet and long, stocking clad legs for you!

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Ariel Anderssen – Upskirt Aunt And Your End Of Year Exam

Taboo, Older Woman / Younger Man, MILF, High Heels, Striptease

Oh dear, you appear to have been a bit distracted during your end of year exams! And as a result, you’ve not done very well. I wonder what it was that distracted you? Surely, it wasn’t the fact that you’re staying with me, was it? Surely it can’t be ME that’s the distraction, since I dress so sensibly and conservatively. Take my outfit that I’m wearing right now, for example. You can’t claim that there’s anything too sexual about it, surely? The tights, for example, or the lovely soft leather skirt? Or the high-heeled leather boots? Or the fact that I’m not wearing a bra? You’re not distracted by lusting after me, are you? Because if so, we’re going to have to do…something…about it.

Ariel Anderssen – Upskirt Aunt And Your End Of Year
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Hotasiansensation – Fuck Mommy After Her Failed Date

Daddy’s gone away again on his business trip and mommy’s just out there in need of some cock. I come home after one of my failed dates to find your still up son. You ask if I’m okay? Acruallt son ‘No I’m okay, your dad always goes away when he knows how much I need sex, so I go out on these date and most of them are loser’s but I just want to fuck but they basically tell me I’m too forward, I need to slow down… I don’t get it! This is what all men want isn’t it, no strings attached, good sex!! So what do I do now that I’m all horny and no man….. Hmmmm well son your here and I’m here all horny… That’s right… You going to fuck mommy! I start by taking my big titties out so you can suck them son, just like when you were younger… Then I tell you to get your cock out… Oh my! Son you have definitely grown… I start sucking your cock son, feels so good to have that cock grow harder in mouth… I look into your eyes and tell you how you remind me of daddy.. He looks at me just like while I suck his cock! I can’t believe I spent my night on that date that went absolutely nowhere when you were here all along. I lay down and pull my dress up, told you I had no panties on… Come and lick my pussy son, start by licking that clit.. Then tongue fucking that tight hole for me… Oh yes son this feels so good.. Make me explode in your mouth. Now mommy want to ride your cock son.. That’s it let mommy take you deep into her wet pussy, suck on mommy’s titties while I ride you and come all over cock. After I cum all over your cock I want you on top of me, pounding mommy’s pussy untill you cum inside me.. Yes son I want all your cum inside me, please give it to me, cum inside me. Next daddy goes away I won’t waste my time with anyone else now I have you to fuck son.

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Sexy_Aymee – Mommy catches you on the computer

You go to the family computer to do your daily deed when your step mom catches you! Wait why is she in this room? Oh fuck she knows why YOU’RE here too! She wants you continue what you were going to do anyway… She got in a fight with your dad and wants to see your hot 18 year old cock. She gets so wet from just watching you touch yourself and fucks herself with her fingers on the couch. She begs for you to cum and can’t wait to do it again soon…

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Shannon Heels – The Babysitter Ep. 1

I’ve just flown over from the UK to CANADA just for a Nannying job. It’s something I do in the UK all the time, and I have quite a specific criteria… Boys ONLY and of a certain age. So I arrive at your house and say goodbye to your MUM while she’s listing out all the things I need to take care of. Once she’s gone I go straight up to your room to ‘freshen up’. Really… I am getting ready to FUCK. I’ve been SO HORNY the whole flight over here, I can’t wait any longer. You are SPYING on me getting ready. I change from a SKIMPY casual outfit and BOOTS, to FISHNETS, LEATHER SKIRT, WHITE SHIRT & RED HEELS. Whilst I’m getting ready my best mate from back home calls me. I tell her all about this BOY I’m taking care of and how cute he is. I tell her all about the BULGE I saw in his trousers when he first looked at me. She’s jealous of course… I promise next time I’ll bring her along. I’m all ready for a nice fresh COCK to fuck, when I notice you’ve been spying on me the whole time (I thought you would). I’m going to tell you a secret… In the UK, I FUCK all the boys I look after, like you. Have you ever had sex before? Would you like to try it? Have you ever been this close to a CUNT before? You sweet boy. Get on the bed, with your COCK out, and I’ll show you the ropes. I’ve never SUCKED a CANADIAN COCK before, you taste so good! Wow I am surprised you are lasting this long, most boys cum within a few seconds!! Now I’m going to wrap my CUNT around your COCK you good boy, let me TAKE YOUR DICK deep inside me. You feel so INCREDIBLE inside me! I can’t help but DROOL and let my TONGUE FLOP OUT. I turn around so you can see my ARSE BOUNCING up and down on your cock. Next I lie on my back and ask you to FUCK ME, push your dick deep inside me. I don’t care that I’m NOT ON BIRTH CONTROL, just push your cock in me and CUM INSIDE ME!! Wow… You came SO MUCH you good boy. Hehe. I’ll go make some dinner and then you ready for round 2?

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Littleredheadlisa – Mom Gives You A Reward

Your mom promised you that if you got an A on your test, she would let you fuck her ass. You finally get an A, she gives you a blowjob, oils up her ass, you fuck her ass and then her pussy with her telling you to cum in her pussy.

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Shannon Heels – Marigold Mommy

I’m just washing up, wearing my yellow marigold gloves, when you sneak up on me. Naughty step-son. step-mommy is busy cleaning. Do you need your cock cleaned again? We shouldn’t really be doing this, what would your step-father say, hmm? Have you been sticking your willy in those dirty girls arseholes again? Haven’t I told you to stay away from them. You need to find a girl like step-mummy, don’t you? I give your big thick cock and gloved handjob, and spitting all over my gloves and your dick. I push my pretty mouth around your bellend, sucking and gagging on you. You love it when you help step-mummy clean, don’t you? Why don’t you give my high heels a clean with your tongue? And then I’ll let you suck on my nipples like you used to. Good boy. Do you want a release? Go on I’ll let you cum all over my big boobies. I need you inside me boy, Let me take my nylons down and you can fuck the hole you came from. Gooooood boy!! Now you better go finish tidying your room while I clean this up.

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Sloansmoans – First Stuck Now Insatiable Step Mom

Watch as I’m in the process of doing laundry. I’m pulling out fresh clothes from the dryer and I accidentally get stuck. Unable to get myself out I call out for my step-son to come and help me. When he gets there he starts to feel me up, I nervously ask him to stop but he keeps going. Before I know it he starts to fuck me from behind while I’m stuck. I know what he’s doing is wrong but I can’t help how good it feels as you try to suppress your moans by biting my lip as he thrust in and out. He brings me right to the edge, but suddenly pulls out before I can cum. Finally I free myself and notice he left because his father came home. This startles me as my husband comes up to me, but I hide the fact that my step son took advantage of me from him, telling him everything is fine which eases his concern for my heavy breathing. Later that night I can’t help but think about what happened earlier that day and how good my step sons dick felt. Yearning for more, I sneak into his bedroom, confessing how badly I want him as I climb onto his bed. I play with myself in front of him, proving how horny I am as I beg for his cock. I grab his dick and start to suck it, pleading for him to fuck me like the slut I am. Suddenly I find myself on my back as he proceeds to fuck me, I feebly attempt not to moan loudly so I don’t wake up my husband but it feels too good to keep silent. I beg him let me cum, but he torments me by pulling out and slapping me pussy, which drives me up the wall. After a few more slutty begs he allows me to cum as my legs shake in the air and I succumb to a powerful orgasm. Before leaving his room for the night I plead for him to not tell anyone about this midnight tryst we just had…

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PurpleHazeTV – Desperate Mom Takes Advantage

You have been showing your mom’s nudes to your classmates, those guys wanna fuck your mom so much, but you are the only one who does it on a daily basis. Mommy welcoming you home and asking to put some oil on her ass, she asked politely at first, but then she became a bit demanding…

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Kelly Payne – Moms Sexy Red High Heels

Mommy Kelly is looking HOT! Wearing super sexy black lingerie, bra and panty set with sexy red heels. She is posing for the camera (POV camera viewpoint to start) bending over, forwards, and trying to get some sexy photos for a new dating app she wanted to try. You startle her when you come home early and catch her bent over in her lingerie. Your moms smoking hot, and enticed you ask her what she’s up to. She’s embarrassed and covers up admitting to not getting laid in awhile and was hoping these sexy photos would help since Valentines Day is coming up. Your surprised, tell your mom she could have anyone, even your friends are interested in fucking her. You notice her heels, complimenting mommy and seducing her. She’s embarrassed and tells you No, but you can tell she’s enticed so you continue to push and start to take out your cock. Deciding it’d maybe be okay to watch you play with your cock while mommy masturbates you both starts getting extremely aroused. You continue to push, how far will mommy let you go? Encouraging her to remove her bra, then her panties… using them around your cock to jerk off. Finally pulling mom in close spreading her legs and fucking her. Mommy doesn’t resist much, and orgasms all over your cock in different positions. Mommy starts begging for you to cum all over her pussy, but it feels so good having mommy’s wet pussy coming around your cock you explode inside of her. Opps… mom’s ovulating… that’s why she been so horny, hopefully you didn’t get mommy pregnant.

File Size : 1.25 GB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:21:11

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Download Kelly Payne - Moms Sexy Red High Heels.mp4