Mona Wales – Fucking Your Friends Hot Mom Sleepover

You are staying the night at your friends house and as you wish your friends hot mom goodnight you slowly seduce her and convince her to fuck you. She wants to so bad and she rides you and lets you fuck her hard!

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Bettie Bondage – Slutwife Mom Fucks You in Front of Dad

Your mother comes into your room to get some laundry and sees you looking down. “What’s wrong, honey?” she asks, and you know she won’t leave until you tell her, so you do. She tries to talk you out of your bad mood but its no use. School sucks, and your teacher is being such a jerk about this assignment and…your mother stops your whining and tells you that she knows what will make you feel better. Huh? She tells you that she does it for your father whenever he’s stressed. “Go downstairs in about 5 minutes and wait for me. I’ll have a nice surprise for you!” You figure its some snack or dessert but when your mother waltzes into the living room wearing a fluffy white robe and…fishnets?…underneath, you’re perplexed. What is she planning? RIght away, she starts to unfasten the robe, smirking. Your father is sitting across the room, watching. He’s…grinning! As your mother literally disrobes! You start to protest but she shushes you, telling you to relax. “Your father is fine with it,” she says, advancing towards you. Her outfit is so hot! Tight corset around a fishnet, crotchless body suit. Even though she’s your mother, you can feel your cock starting to swell. Your mom sees it, too, reaching out to grab you. You flinch, jumping back. You can’t do this – this is your mother! You turn to your father but he’s already rubbing his own growing tent…he likes it. LIKES it likes it. What is going on? Your mother’s hand is working its way into your pants, pulling your cock out. “Mmm,” she moans, licking her lips. “It’s so big! I know where you got that from…no, not your father…” what is evening happening?! Your mother proceeds to slurp and suck your throbbing, huge cock while telling you all about her size queen tendencies. All the while, your father is rubbing his cock through his pants. “Do you mind if he strokes?” she asks you. You can’t believe it, but you nod your head, and your father takes his cock out, watching as his wife – your own mother! – takes her son’s cock deep into her throat, confessing to fucking your godfather, wanting to fuck your grandfather, even, before she tells you to lie back, crawling atop you and spreading her lips over the head of your cock. Lowering herself, she goes on to tell you all about the ways shes fucked and sucked so many men while your dad got off on it all: hearing about it, watching it, joining in! Your mother rides you front and from behind, giving you a visual tour of her hot, curvy body, before telling you that your cock is the perfect size to help train holes for even bigger cock. Your godfather has been trying to fit his monster dick in her asshole, and it seems like a given that she should take you up in the ass, to work towards it! You can’t believe what she’s saying. She can’t be serious, can she? But she spreads her ass, pressing her tightness against your turgid member, and you feel it start to give. It takes some work, but soon she’s riding your cock with her tight ass, pounding her hips and milking you to a huge anal creampie! She pulls off you after spurt after spurt of hot cum, and you watch it pour from her well-fucked ass. Your father moans and your mother goes to him, getting on her knees to take his load on her face. She comes back, covered and filled with familial fuck juice, smirking.

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LatinSandra – Fucking My Sons Bullies

I know your fellow classmates have been bullying you so today, per your father’s orders, I went over to the frat house so talk to them about that. Everything they say about you is true though, just as it was for your father, you’re a little dick loser, you’re a wimp, you don’t fuck any girls like they do on the weekends so therefore why should they not bully you? They can be out fucking all the pretty college girls that you don’t get to fuck while you do all their chores for them and guess what? You know what other pretty girl they are going to be fucking? That’s right, ME! They will be fucking mommy. As a matter of fact they pumped my pussy and filled it with heir semen earlier when I wen to confront them. Sit back and let me tell you about all the things those bullies will continue to do to you with my permission as they fuck your mommy’s pussy. Word is going to spread around school like mommy’s legs on their bed on what a slut I am.

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LatinSandra – The Dumb Son

My after sex hair? And why am I wearing this outfit in front of you son? Well if you weren’t so dumb, literally, I wouldn’t have to be over at your college fucking your Dean, Coach and Professors to ensure that you pass your classes. See this is the way it works, in order for you to play football I fuck your coach but to play football you must pass your classes so I fuck your professors and to make sure this stays a secret I fuck your Dean and I love it! I don’t care if the word is out and all of your classmates laugh at your and bully you because they know the only reason you pass your classes and play sports even though you aren’t the brightest bulb is because your mommy fucks your professors, Dean and Coach. Oh and I will soon add a few of your classmates to the list, you know the smart ones that can help you study. My dumb and wimpy soon gets bullied but hey at least your mommy is getting her pussy satisfied and you get to pass your classes son.

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The Happy Family – Brianna Beach

Alex and Brianna have a loving and happy marriage, and a handsome intelligent son named Archie. Things are actually almost perfect… Except that Archie seems to have developed a very serious masturbation problem. Being the loving, responsible, and caring parents they are, Alex and Brianna decide it’s time to have a little talk with their son…

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Download Brianna Beach - The Happy Family.mp4

Taylor Ashley – Aunt Taylors Special Visit

Good morning… No, your Mom already left for work… So, did you enjoy that little show yesterday? Don’t play dumb, I saw you spying on me in the bathroom.. Normally I’d tell your Mother, but.. I’m so horny and I don’t know any guys around here. So I think we might be able to help each other. As long as you can keep a secret…

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Download Taylor Ashley - Aunt Taylors Special Visit.mp4