Penny Barber – Birthday Blowjob From Mom

When I ask you what you want for your birthday, I suspect you’re going to say something like a video game or, at worst, a sports car. I’m absolutely shocked when you ask to see me naked! I’m definitely nervous, but I do as you ask, stripping out of my cute polka dot mom dress so that you can see my sexy black lace bra and panties before I strip out of those, too! You can’t believe what big, beautiful tits I have, how tiny my waist is and how full my hips are. You get hard right there and decide that there’s something else that you want for your birthday, too: a deep, passionate blowjob from Mommy!

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Penny Barber – You Always Knew Mom Was Hot

After a long day of doing housework I need to relax. I look so grubby with my hair under a kerchief, wearing dirty overalls. But when I put down my feather duster and start stripping out of my work clothes, you get a different view of your mom. You realize that I’m actually really sexy. Who knew that I wore a thong under my clothes? Your compliments have me blushing and soon I’m putting on lingerie, jewelry, and even a little lipstick. Do you really think that I’m attractive? It’s been so long since a man looked at me this way that I can’t help getting on my knees and letting you know just how much I appreciate my son’s attention and praise, sucking your cock and leaving my lipstick stains all over your shaft, urging you to cum in my mouth and let me know that you really do think that your Mom is sexy. I think I’ll start dressing sexier around the house–just for you, sweetheart.

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