HouseWifeGinger – Taking My Sons Friends Virginity

A friend of my son came by to work on some homework. My son wasn’t home, but I invited him in to anyway. After he complimented me on how sexy I looked, I realized he had never been with a woman. I decided to take it upon myself to teach him the ways of pleasing women. I love playing teacher, and he was an amazing student.

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Viera May – Step Mom Gives You JOI Circumcision

In this video I play your new step mom! You walk in on me cleaning! I was fixing my undies and get so embarrassed that my new son saw my ass! I feel a lot better when I realize you don’t mind at all! You even seem to have enjoyed it a little! I tell you to go test out the clean bathroom! I think that your just going pee but I get worried when it starts to take you awhile! I knock on the bathroom door but you don’t answer! I decide to walk in and check on you! Son! No! What are you doing? You shouldn’t be jerking off to your moms body! Gross! I rush off! I think about it and realize that maybe you need some help with your dick! I guess I don’t mind! We just have to keep this our little secret from your father! You pull out your uncircumcised dick! Gross! I should have known you aren’t circumcised! Your father wasn’t when we met! I made him get the procedure done! Let me call my friend that did it for him! She could do yours too! I call and invite my doctor friend over! She explains that I need to get you prepared for the circumcision! I have to drain your balls so I tell you to start jerking off! I give you JOI! You finally cum for the last time in your nasty extra skin! Now let’s go cut that all off! You lay down and get circumcised! Wow! Your dick looks so much better! Now I can play with your dick next time instead of just giving you JOI! Good boy! Remember don’t tell your father about this!

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Dee Williams – The Talk

Part One: Mom comes in to talk about the pictures you took of her in the shower. She says instead of creeping around, just ask. Mommy’s here to help you.

Part Two: When your mom catches you watching her rub lotion on her naked body and notices you’re hard again, she helps you take care of your needs.

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Download Dee Williams - The Talk.mp4