Lila Lovely – Step Mom JOI

Mommy Lila has some chores for you to complete. You’re always happy to do exactly what she instructs you to do. And mommy Lila always rewards a hard worker. She gives you some incentive by telling you how she plans on rewarding you. Mommy Lila has you take out your stiff cock for her and tells you how she wants you to jerk it for her. Once you’ve completed your chores she wants to feel that big load you’ve been saving up for just her all over her huge tits!

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Maria Moore – Stepmom Wants You To Knock Her Up

Your stepmom really needs your help! There is something daddy just cannot give her. You though… you are young and virile. You can help your step-mommy out. She knows she turns you on. Bet you were always a little jealous of the old man. Here is your big chance young stud. Give her what she needs. Fill her up with your seed and watch they belly grow and those huge jugs swell. It will be your secret.

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Maria Moore – Mommy Maria Knows

She knows everything. Mommy knows what you have been doing while she is out. Her hidden camera caught you searching through her lingerie drawers. Oh no! You dirty boy . You have been having perverted thoughts about your mommy again … haven’t you ? Was this the set that you liked best? Mommy Maria knows it was because she found it hidden in your bedroom. Bad , bad , naughty boy! Hiding Mommy’s bra and thong in your bed. What good is that ? They look so much nicer on Mommy. Take a look! This is what you wanted to see after all. Mommy’s massive bra filled out with her fleshy, heavy breasts . He thong sliding between her plump bottom. Not time to be nervous now… you are a big boy! Mommy wants you to do what all big boys do.

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HugeBoobsErin – Mommy Caught You Masturbating

I am your mom and I come into your room and find you masturbating. I am shocked and almost angered because I am against it. I keep telling you to stop but you refuse. I go to leave a couple times, but my cock lust is too strong. I notice how large your cock is becoming and I become horny. I try and try to fight it and leave but finally can’t help but want you in your mouth. I take my shirt off and start BJ.

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Korina Kova – Fucking My Sons Friend

My sons friend comes over to meet my son but he is not home yet and i’ve just got home from yoga class so I decide to invite him in to wait, we strike up conversation about how long we known each other and how his new girlfriend is treating him. then one thing leads to another and we are having red hot sex. Suddenly I receive a call from my son in the middle of the action and might be busted or not?

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MessyCleo – Mommys Special Snack

Cleo is a caring housewife that wants to comfort one of her son’s friends. She tries to cheer him up. She suggests a couple of things but nothing seems to work. So she gets out her special snack: her big boobs! He likes this very much and gets a very big erection. Cleo notices this and offers to give him a hand. After lots of encouraging, she tells him to cum on her boobs. Which of course he does.

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Katy_Ann_XO – Cumming In Your Mommys Panties

You are my son and you are a pantie thief! You didn’t think I was going to notice or find out about you stealing panties! Wrong! You left a pair of my panties on your bed room floor with a huge load of cum in the crotch! I confront you about your pantie stealing ways! Your punishment is that you have to stand in front of me and jerk off in front of me.

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Cum In Mommy – Reya Sunshine

You’re in for a treat tonight, because mommy is in a giving mood. I tease you in my tight, sheer dress.. giving you a sensory overload by filling your imagination with dirty details while allowing you to feast your eyes on my luscious breasts and tight pussy. I love how worked up you get for mommy, so I start to go to work on your cock with my mouth. I suck, lick, and slobber all over your cock while keeping eye contact. I decide I’m not done teasing you, so I lather my already enticing body up with oil to send you over the edge. I know you love seeing mommy’s voluptuous breasts and ass covered in oil. I then hop on your cock and and ride you in multiple positions like only mommy can. I give you a cum countdown and tell you to cum inside of me.

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