Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Reluctantly Fucks Your Bully

Son, please don’t be upset, Mommy asked your bully to come over so she could reason with him. It breaks my heart to see you so upset day after day because of a bully. Your bully agreed to stop picking on you if I let him fuck me while you watch. Mommy’s not too excited about it, but she’s gonna do it for you. While watching your bully pound your mom in doggy, she notices your boner. Seriously?! You’re cock is getting hard to this? Mommy can’t believe she raised a cuck! You pull it out and start to stroke it. Your mom is so disgusted, but she lets you and your bully both finish, she sucks your cock to help you cum all over mommys tits. But that doesn’t stop her from being disappointed in you.

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Natalie Wonder – Mom Is Always Such A Pleasing And Welcoming Woman

Your friend is over and mom has decided to come sit with you guys. The three of you are talking about the annual end of year “Best…” results. Your friend won Best Looking and Best Physique. mom congratulates him and gushes a little. He probably would of won “Best Cock” too if there was a category. You’re insanely jealous but will never admit it. He always gets any girl he wants. But who knew his newest acquisition today would be your MOM?! What about you? Did you win anything sweetie? Aw okay. Maybe next year. You guys have been friends for so long. Make sure you keep him around for even LONGER. I need some eye candy. It sucks being single. I’m not flirting. And even if I WAS, i’m allowed to. Did you hear what your friend just said to me? That’s definitely crossing some boundaries…but I like it teehee. So sweetie, say I wanted to hang out with your friend…um alone…would you be okay with that? Or would you be jealous? You know what I mean. Me and him wouldn’t be reading books. Your friend is constantly flirting with me and smacking my ass jokingly. So, if I wanted to fuck him, he’d totally fuck me back. I REALLY want your friend. Oh baby, I hate to see you upset. Don’t be jealous of him. mommy still loves you. What…is your friend taking out his…BIG COCK. That is fucking huge. Did you know he had that in his pants? Now I REALLY can’t resist. Sweetie, even though you’re super jealous I bet watching him fuck me would make you super horny. Your friend doesn’t seem to mind you sitting a foot away while he pushes his huge cock into my pussy. Sometimes a mom has to do what a mom has to do…

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AimeeWavesXXX – Your Friends Come Over for Mommy Not You

Mommy tells you about how everytime your friends come over to play video games, they’re actually there to fuck mommy. That’s right, your mom is a total slut. And all your friends come over and take turns fucking mommy. They stretch out and stuff all her slut holes and pump her full of cum. Mommy loves being used by all your friends, why else do you think she lets your have some many friends over everyday?!

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Mixxxie – Masturbate with Mom

I can’t believe that you’re still stroking your cock thinking about me all the time instead of spending time with the family. We are going to settle this once and for all. I will let you watch me while you stroke your cock and cum. I know what you really want is to slide deep inside of your moms pussy because you are such a pathetic excuse for a man. You will have to settle for getting to watch me touch my tits, shake my ass, suck this dildo and slide it inside my wet pussy while I describe all the ways you want to fuck me and cum deep inside of me.

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Thelochnesscumslut – Mommy Encourage Your Loss of Masculinity

Get off of your younger brother! Seriously, can I not leave you alone for even two seconds without fighting?? Now sweetie, what did mommy tell you before about your sister? You need to admit defeat and submit to her… She is so much stronger now, she is the state wrestling champion after all, shes even beaten all the boys! Alright… Now now… Mommy knows how to make you feel all better, just let me stroke your penis. Oh… Oh my! Look how much smaller it is now! It must be because your sister has been emasculating you so much! You really need to submit now, sweetie!

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Mindi Mink – Stop Stealing My Panties You Pervert

Mindis son is found in her bedroom rifling through her panty drawer. He pleads with her to not tell his dad. She knows the perfect way to punish him… Mindi demands that he strip out of his clothes. He reluctantly agrees. She tells him stay put while she prepares his punishment. When she comes back, she is wearing a huge strap on dildo. She also brings him a pair of lacy thong panties to wear since she knows that is what he really wants. He puts them on… She tells him to get down on his knees… he complies. She informs him that she is going to teach him how to stroke her big cock. She spits in her hand and slowly strokes the big cock instructing him how she likes to be stroked. After some more careful instruction, she has him start stroking her big cock and fondling her balls. She commends him on his stroking technique… She steps back and shows him how she likes her cocks stroked fast and she tells him she wants him to make her cum real hard. She moves forward so he can stroke her cock, she decides to help him stroke her cock until she cums. She informs him there will be many more lessons in the future…

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