ImMeganLive – Immoral Mom Missed You So Much

You are coming back from a boat trip, your dad is away on a work trip, I am wearing white stockings hidden behind see trough leggings and I am wearing sport sneakers at home. As soon as I see you, I start saying how much I missed you and your touch and that I was a naughty wife and mom. I go on the bed and I remove my shoes and showing you my ass in leggings and spank it. Then turning towards you and touching my pussy through it. As you take off my leggings and shoes, I rest my feet on your dick. I tell you that while you and your dad were away, I fucked few of your friends. I tell you how they fucked me, how I dressed in stockings for them and that I wear now were their favourite one, how they touched me, bred me, creampied my pussy, how they wanted to make me pregnant. And I say all these while giving you a footjob. Then you have had enough you spread my legs and the fuck begins. As I moan and scream how bad I want and missed your cock. That I wanted you so bad. That I am your whore and love being one. That I want your cum inside me. I want you to breed me. I want you to get me pregnant, to put a kiddo in my belly. You cum inside me (Cum visible) and I tell you that I loves you and that I am your whore mom.

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ImMeganLive – Lonely Step Mommy

I recently married your father, and have moved to California with you. Your father is constantly making international business trips, leaving me at home, lonely. I’ve been trying to spend time with you, but you’ve been avoiding me and I don’t know why because you’ve always seemed to like me. I call you to my room to talk about what’s wrong, I convince you to tell me that you find me very attractive. I decide to let you do what you want with me to get over this awkwardness. First you ask me to let you kiss and lick the soles of my feet and tickle them a little too. Maybe I find it a little weird at first but I end up enjoying it. I then notice how aroused that made you. I give you a very sloppy blowjob with dirty talk. Some DeepThroat. Ending with a nice and big facial (Cumshot visible all over my face). After that you’re still hard, I’m not gonna leave you like that. Your step-mommy asks you to lay down on the bed so I take care of it with my pussy this time. I’m gonna ride you and make my titties bounce as I cowgirl you. A lot of enthusiastic dirty talk. I’m then begging for you to cum inside me. Yes it may get me pregnant. I don’t mind. Impregnate me! You creampie me (Cum visible coming out of pussy). Still hard!! Then finally, asking for anal and I amusingly agreeing to it. Ends up with a close up of my spread cheeks fading to black and a gasp for what’s about to happen.

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ImMeganLive – Cum 4x for Naughty Mommy

My husband is away on a business trip and I simply need a good cock to fuck me, as long as it stays in our inner circle you know. So I convinced my step-son, you, to slowly insert your penis into step-mommy and to start pounding my wet pussy while I was on my back. It was so good! I ask you to pull out when you are close to cumming and cum all over my hot body. I then notice that you are still hard! I decide to titty fuck you until you explode for a second time between my big titties. Even after cumming twice already you were still good a third round! Omg! I couldn’t believe it! So much better than your step-father! I am not done either, so I sit on your cock and ride you, you make me cum real hard! This time, I want you to cum inside me, so I will ride you hard until you explode inside of me. We’ll both watch all of your cum leaking out. My sweet boy, you’re a god! Still hard! Step-mommy goes down on her knees and start giving you a blowjob and worshiping her step-son’s cock until you blow your last and huge load all over her pretty face!

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmoms Touch Next to Dad

We were all watching a movie together in the living when my husband fell in the arms of Morpheus. I really loved how sneaky it was last time in the bathroom with my stepson, so I wanted to do something similar, but even riskier! So I started to grab my stepson’s cock and made him hard. We both got super excited, but we had to be quiet! I was cheating right beside him! I had a surprise, I went and grab a brand new pair of knit gloves I got and started to tease and stroke his cock with them. Pulled out my boobs, grabbed his hand and put it on them to squeeze and play with them while I was jerking him off. We’re so lucky my husband was snoring, we knew he was still out, but we were scared the whole time that he’d caught us! It ended with a fireworks of cum, a memorable movie night!

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ImMeganLive – French Mommy Wants To Fuck Horny Son

So, you come into your French Mom’s bedroom as she is dressing. You approach me and say how hot I am and I ask if you have still been masturbating to me? I ask you if you are still having nasty thoughts about me! Tease you with my body as I ask these things, at one point I’ll even rub against your crotch with my ass. I tell you that I have been giving it some thought and it has been making me wet so tonight, I am going to make my fantasy come true, I am laying down on the bed and getting rid of my pants. You get so excited I notice your throbbing cock. I say: Wow that is so big and hard. It hurts too baby. It’s ok Baby with your hard on, mommy is gonna take care of it. Laid down on the bed, I talk seductively to you as I begin to slowly take your dick out. I freak when I see how big it is. I make a huge fuss over this and talk about how wet I am getting. I will kiss it and play with it as I have never seen such a massive cock, and I am thrilled ‘cause it is mine. I start to rub my pussy and after a while I pull my fingers out and tell you to taste them, showing you how wet they are. I will spit and drool all over my tits and talk nasty. I will spread my legs wide and really start to hammer hand that pussy and talk about how hot I am. Pointing and arching my sexy feet as I do this, I even dangle them close towards your face trying and turning you on more. The taboo talk is heavy here- discussing how I want my son’s bareback cock inside my drenched pussy. Telling you that I want your heavy white cum, that we have great genes together. Saying: I have to get my mouth around that. Don’t worry my sweet boy, keep stroking that hard cock and mommy is gonna make it feel better I promise baby. You are so lucky that mommy is sucking your dick. I start to kiss you sloppy and wet. I dangle my tits over your face, really pushing them against your face. Spitting in my hand and jerking you off as I talk sexy and soft with my face and tits close to your face as I say soft and nasty things. Getting those tits nice and wet again too with lots of spit! Lots of pure taboo talk and seduction! Talking about how big and smooth your cock is and I so want to taste it so bad. Starting to show my feet as I tease you and talk about how fine and tight your ass looks. Sucking your dick and doing the ahegao face a few times as I know you like that. Saying how I want to eat your ass, getting super excited. Asking you if you want to lick my asshole? Showing it to you really close to your face. Doing POV 69. Saying: No condom I want you bareback and raw baby. Now starting to fuck you missionary, legs wide and curl and spreading my toes during this. Cumming really fast at one point. Shaking and closing my knees together as it feels so good I can hardly stand it. I Say: Your cock feels so much better than your dads. It’s so good baby boy. You are smelling our sex baby…so fuckin hot. My pussy is sopping wet for you. Starting to ride you like only I can. Making you cum inside me (no cum visible) and showing you how thick it is on my fingers afterwards. Saying: You are smelling our sex baby. My baby is so good, I love your cum! Then making out with you. Telling you a secret in the end, that I’m no longer on the pill, I might just get pregnant from you, we’re gonna have a baby together!

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ImMeganLive – Mom Unravel Tiktok Doggystyle Challenge

My son is coming home from school and is in a good mood. His dad always on business trips. My son saw his hot mom in the kitchen making the dinner and wearing a really hot and tight skirt. He fully motivated showed her the new challenges that are right now on the internet that girls do. First on is called the “tik tok doggystyle virgin – PRO challenge”. The girls just show how virgin, beginner, intermediate AND the PRO doggystlye pose looks like. I find it funny and laughs at it. He was wondering why? I said that’s what they call advanced and PRO doggystyle poses? Let me show you how it really looks like, BUT only if you don’t tell your dad about it. Of course he would not?! I said okay but i won’t do it here in the kitchen, the floor is here to hard and the neighbours could see me. Come with me young boy! In the bedroom I say okay stand next to the bed here, right here don’t move! I go on the bed, he could see mer from the side, and then I start with the Virgin doggy pose, I says maybe that’s what you will see in the next years and laughs. Then I saw the beginner doggy position and say that’s what your girls “call” the PRO doggystyle postition ? I go into the intermediate doggy position and say that’s what I call intermediate but then I go into the PRO doggystyle position it was insanely hot! I say you have to put your ass UP and your head has to be on the bed. THATS what i call is the PRO doggystyle young boy! He stutter and ask if I can show it again from the behind this time. I say okay but I warn you don’t talk to anyone about this or i will never show you something like this anymore. I begin again from the beginning and explains it again to the pro position! This time on the PRO doggystyle position I even shakes my ass for me and asks if he likes the view. Of course he DOES!? What a question? Okay that’s enough young boy! I turn around and just see his huge boner through the pants. I got shy. I ask maybe i should let you see a bit more of the PRO doggystyle pose? I turn around and starts instantly with the PRO position and say wait maybe i even have a MASTER position. I spread my legs, my tight skirt goes up slowly “oooppss I say” and now for the MASTER doggystyle. Of course I need to loudly scream and moan young boy! Of course I also need to talk dirty. I slowly put my thong to the side and says I need your big dick inside me to cum. He fucked me so hard that we both cum pretty hard and fast. After he came inside me I showed him one last time how a MASTER doggystyle pose looks like and pulls down my skirt and went my way.

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmoms Touch: The New Gloves

In this third episode, while I am taking the winter stuff out of my closet, I stumble upon pair of gloves. I know my son’s kink and that it’s his weakness, so I ask him to come in. Of course, I have to show him what I found. I just love to make him happy, and I really like playing with his penis! I tell him I would really like to try out the gloves on him. Of course he can’t resist, but he is hesitant to let me do it because it is embarrassing. I have to convince him by reminding how much fun it was last time, and how good I am at taking care of it. I have to have his cock, and I love making him cum all over my gloves. He doesn’t want to disappoint me, does he?

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