Siena Rose – Taboo Mother Seduces You

You’ve come into your Mother’s bedroom as I am putting on my nightgown. I approach you and tell you and ask if you have still been masturbating to me? Are you still having incestuous thoughts about me? I tell you that I have been giving it some thought and I’ve been thinking about it and that tonight I’m going to make your fantasy come true. I lay down on the bed and talk seductively to you as I slowly take my panties off and spread my legs for you. The taboo talk in this vid is heavy – discussing how I want my son’s bareback cock in my ovulating pussy. I tell you that I want your seed, that we have great genes together. The entire time I am spread with closeups on my face, tits and pussy – there is no penetration nor virtual sex here. Only pure taboo talk and seduction as I pleasure myself watching you stroke your cock to me.

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Download Siena Rose - Taboo Mother Seduces You.mp4
Download Siena Rose - Taboo Mother Seduces You.mp4

XxNaughtyGirlxX – Impregnating Mommy

Mommys been sad lately.. you creep into her room while she is resting to ask her why. She tells you she has wanted a baby for long but being a single Mom.. she hasnt found the oppurtunity.. thats when you help Mommy…

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Download XxNaughtyGirlxX - Impregnating Mommy.mp4

Reya Reign – Mommy Needs Your Cum

It must be strange seeing mommy half naked in your room and wanting to speak with you alone. But mommy has a favor to ask of you, and daddy can never find out. Daddy can’t give mommy what she needs, and mommy needs young, hot cum deep in her belly to get pregnant. You’re the man of the house, you could do that for mommy right? Let mommy take control, she’ll do all the work. You can’t keep your cock from getting hard looking at mommy’s sexy body, your balls ache to impregnate her! She slides your cock inside her wet pussy and rides you until she cums. Then she bends over the bed and lets you fuck her hard. Mommy hasn’t been fucked this hard in a long time! Are you ready to cum in mommy’s pussy? She lays on her back and spreads her legs for you. The chances of getting mommy pregnant are higher if she lays on her back and holds your cum deep inside of her. You thrust into mommy over and over again, watching her titties bounce as you ram into her. You feel your cum spurt out of your cock and into her womb, making sure to shoot it as deep as possible to impregnate mommy. Cum pours out of her pussy and she dips her fingers in to feel your sperm inside of her. Mommy knew you could do it! Daddy will never know that it’s yours…

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Download Reya Reign - Mommy Needs Your Cum.mp4
Download Reya Reign - Mommy Needs Your Cum.mp4

Clubdinasky – Caught Mommy Cheating

I am in a robe with nothing else on, my balcony door is cracked open and I’m talking to someone, you overhear me and walk into my room trying to be very quiet as you listen in. I am teasing and flirting with our next door neighbor, you see me flash my tits, and talk about meeting up again later this evening when my ‘son’ is in bed. You (my son) are in shock I am cheating on your father, but as you continue to watch you feel a hard on coming on. I tell the neighbor not right now but he’s insisting on me giving him a blowjob before he’s goes back to his place. Out there on the balcony I get on my knees and start sucking him (side view), licking him, and grabbing my tits and looking around to make sure no one is watching us, and begging for that load of cum. Moments later he blows a massive load all over my face and I get ready to come inside to clean up. You had no idea how slutty your mom can be and now you want a piece of it, I mean after all you just watched her cheat, she’s gonna have to give you something for you to keep mouth quiet. Shocked to see you she’s upset and mad, and eventually reluctant of course she agrees to show you her tits, and give you a hand job in order to keep a secret. What starts off as a bit of disinterest, mom gets really warmed up to your cock and decides she must have you fuck her pussy. She lays on the bed and begs for you to slide it in and you don’t hesitate. Your fucking your own mom, watching her big tits bounce and her begging for your cock as she drips all over your dick. Before you can pull out you end up coming inside of her, mom said it was okay…. but it was actually all part of the plan, since your father won’t get her pregnant, the next best thing is her own son.

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Annabelle Rogers – You Got Mommy Pregnant

Mommy is missing you ever since you left for college. You finally come home to visit and I sit you down to talk. I’ve noticed all the girls on your social media and I want to have a serious sex talk with you. I don’t want you getting some random college slut knocked up. The conversation gets awkward and I decide I want you to show me how you are having sex. You refuse but I threaten to pull you out of school. You fuck me missionary and then I ride you until you cream pie me. You come back months later for a visit telling me that you got your girlfriend pregnant. I reveal to you that I am pregnant as well and I make you come back to live with me or otherwise I will tell everyone what you did to me.

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Jess Ryan – My Son Doesn’t Listen

Impregnation Fantasy, MILF, Older Woman / Younger Man, Role Play, Taboo
Mom and son are on a vacation together, staying in a hotel room. Scene starts with mom stepping out of the bathroom wearing a robe. She says she is happy the two of them could get away after his father left them. She is going to the beach and wants his opinion on the new bathing suit she bought. She removes the robe and reveals a sexy leopard print bikini. She shows it off briefly and asks what he thinks. He loves it. Feeling confident, she leaves the room. Later, mom comes back to the room wrapped in a towel with her bikini underneath. The beach was amazing and the water was so refreshing, she says. She wants to take a shower before dinner. She goes into the bathroom, leaving the door slightly open. He watches her remove the towel and strip out of her bikini. She jumps in the shower and (very briefly) rinses her body. After, as she is drying herself off, she notices her son watching her through the door. She gasps and tries to cover her naked body. She scolds him for spying on her while she was showering. Then she notices his huge erection protruding from his pants. Is that from watching me? It’s so hard. Does my body really turn you on that much? She hasn’t felt desired since dad left. It excites her to see him so hard for her. She starts touching herself as she stares at his boner. She tells him to lie down on the bed. She slowly removes the towel and reveals her naked body. Is this what you want to see? She asks. She wants to taste his cock. She starts sucking on it. He wants to feel her pussy. She says they can’t because she didn’t bring any condoms. She could still get pregnant and right now is her most fertile time. She continues to suck him until she gets so wet she can’t control herself anymore. Well…maybe we can try it just for a minute, she decides. She tells him it will feel really good inside her, but he can’t cum inside no matter what. She climbs on top of him and slides his cock into her pussy. They both moan in pleasure as they fuck until he shoots a huge load directly inside her pussy. She gasps and climbs off. She shows him the huge creampie he left in her. Didn’t you hear anything I just said? She goes into the bathroom to quickly wash out the cum.

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Butt3rflyforu – Breed Mommy With Your Huge Young Dick

Taboo, Impregnation Fantasy, MILF, Wedding Fetish, Cuckolding
We have been sneaking around your dad’s back for 5 years since you know daddy can’t satisfy mommy. I think it’s time to stop sneaking around and let dad watch how a young, huge dick can please mommy. Mommy gets soooo wet thinking of getting preggo by you! You come home from work early and mommy is dressed so sexy in her white teddy, white sating gloves and wedding veil. Mommy explains to you that she is wet and the thought of having a baby out of inc est makes her crazy horny! She tells you that she is ovulating and her womb is ready!! Let’s make Daddy watch us make love and show him how wet mommy’s pussy gets from huge, young cock! Mommy now officially has a new man around here! You will fill your father’s shoes perfectly!!! Mommy wants your baby…now!

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Butt3rflyforu – It’s Time Honey Mommy Is Ovulating

We are very close since Daddy left us 3 years ago. You just turned 16 and I know you are a virgin. Mommy wants your first experience to be with someone who cares, who loves you…someone who can teach you to be a man, and being a man includes making Mommy pregnant. Mommy wants your baby and now that you just turned 16, she thinks its time for you to learn how to make a baby and to do it with someone who loves you, someone who cares deeply for you. Mommy will teach you what you need to do…you are very fertile being so young and mommy wants your first experience to be special!!! Lay down honey…..let mommy show you ….when you feel your cock swell up and fill with your yummy spunk, mommy wants you to stay deep inside me and cum inside my fertile womb!!!

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Reya Reign – Impregnating Mommy Virtual Sex And Creampie

Mommy Roleplay, Impregnation Fantasy, Taboo, Virtual Sex
You’re surprised to see mommy in the living room wearing nothing but a bra and panties. You want to look away but you can’t- mommy looks so sexy! She tells you that daddy’s out of town again, and how lonely she’s been. She wonders if you could do her a favor. It’s been so long since mommy’s felt cum inside of her! She wants you to impregnate her. You feel your cock start to harden, you can’t stop it. The thought of fucking mommy then releasing your seed deep inside of her makes you horny. She takes her bra off and squeezes her big tits together, asking you to suck on them. After tasting her nipples, she takes off her panties and gets into doggy position on the couch. She wants you to slide your cock inside of her and you gladly oblige. Mommy’s ass slaps against your hips as she takes you deep inside. You sit on the couch and mommy mounts you, her big tits bouncing as she rides you. After she cums, she turns around and rides you from behind. She begs you to impregnate her as her ass bounces up and down on your cock. Wanting nothing more than to shoot your seed deep into her womb, you explode inside mommy’s pussy and watch as your massive load drips out.

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Ami Mercury – Breed Me, Son

Breeding, Impregnation Fantasy, Mommy Roleplay, Pregnant, Taboo
Honey, I know the divorce has been hard on you. It’s not an easy thing to go through. But now that you are 18, I think it’s time I told you the real reason your father and I separated. You see, I wanted to have another baby, but he didn’t. So we decided it was best we go our separate ways. But that’s okay, now that you have grown into such a strong, handsome young man I think you’d be the perfect candidate to give me what I want… That’s right, son, Mommy wants you to get her pregnant. I strip for you and tease you with my breasts and big, round ass. You try to deny your attraction, but the thick bulge between your legs gives you away. Don’t be shy, honey, Mommy knows you check her out sometimes. I’m your mother, after all, I know EVERYTHING. I notice you gawking at my ass whenever I bend over. Is that what you think about when you touch yourself at night? Oh, of course I know about that too. Who else would clean up all of those dirty socks under your bed? So what are you waiting for? Isn’t this your wet dream come true? Come over here and get Mommy knocked up! I want to feel your long, hard cock up inside my dripping wet pussy. I know for a fact you’re bigger than your father, so you’d probably be a lot better at it than him. Your father was shooting half-blanks, if you know what I mean. It’s a wonder I was able to ever get pregnant at all! But you… I’ll bet you’re ripe with juicy sperm that could put a nice, fresh bun in my oven. Oh please, son, get Mommy pregnant. I want to have a baby so bad. I promise I’m so much better in bed than some of those immature girls you’ve been dating. I’ll do crazy things they’ve never even dreamed of. I’m a confident woman who knows what she wants. We’ve got a whole summer alone together before you go off to college, why don’t you give Mommy a little bundle of joy before you go away? I promise I won’t tell anyone that it’s yours. It’ll be our little secret. I’ll just tell everyone that I got knocked up with some guy I met a bar. It doesn’t matter to me, I just want to be turned into a little breeder slut.

File Size : 304.41 MB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:13:46