Sydney Harwin – Mommy And Son The Escape

Impregnation Fantasy, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Reality Porn, Taboo

You have been having an affair with your Mom behind your Dads back for a couple of months now.. but its not enough. He’s ALWAYS there.. watching.. making sure you can’t touch her.. fuck her.. Your Dad has no clue about your illicit taboo love affair with your Mommy and it has to stay that way.. but you both can’t keep your hands off each other and its been 2 weeks now since you had sex with your Mom, so you both decide to escape for the weekend together. This is the first time you’ve been with your Mom away from prying eyes.. nobody knows who you are.. WHAT you are really doing here in this hotel 4 hours from home. Its incredible.. just being able to kiss your own Mother over the restaurant table during dinner in a room full of at least a hundred other people.. they don’t know your related to this woman.. they wouldn’t understand how you feel about each other. The hotel think your a married couple.. your own Moms toy-boy! After dinner, you head back to your hotel room so you can be alone.. truly alone for the first time since the affair started. Your both a little tipsy as your Mom asks if you remembered the condoms.. which you didn’t! She says its fine.. as long as you pull out.. but as you both fuck- harder and faster and with more passion than you ever have before, your Mom forgets the seriousness of what could happen if you don’t pull out and begs you to finish inside of her pussy. You ejaculate inside of her and it just won’t stop spilling back out.. there is just so much cum… You both don’t even care if you get your Mom pregnant.. it’ll make the decision to run away together a little bit easier…

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Bonsai Bon – Aunt Stripper JOI

Family, Impregnation Fantasy, Kink, Role Play, Taboo

You get to watch your aunt strip for you and show you her body one minute at a time! She gets so excited that you get to watch her get naked that she get’s wet and has to suck and fuck her own nephew’s cock!

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QueenGoddessKatie – MILF Asks Sons BF To Impregnate Her

Amateur, Impregnation Fantasy, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo

Logan’s hot Mom waits for Her son to get home but his best friend, Billy, arrives. This sexy MILF flirts and seduces him into masturbating with Her. She reveals that she’s been drooling over him for awhile and is really excited to have his hard cock thrust deep inside of Her tight wet pussy. She confesses that she hasn’t had sex in a long time but has definitely been having wet dreams about him. As she masturbates, strips and encourages Billy to do the same and asks him (Her son’s BF) to impregnate Her. Shhhh, for now, it’s their dirty little secret.

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Selena Ryan – You Better Get Mommy Pregnant

Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, Impregnation Fantasy, Breeding, Ass Eating

Selena is your Mommy with whom you share a dark, forbidden love. Your relationship with Mommy is so taboo in fact, that you’ve already knocked her up before! The clip opens with you home early from school, you got suspended for getting a blowjob in the bathroom. Mommy is furious, but not because of your suspension, she’s angry because you’re cheating on her! Isn’t Mommy your girlfriend? As punishment, Mommy makes you eat her ass, twerking gleefully all over your face as you tongue her juicy dumper. Mommy rubs her clit hard and cums all over your face while you lick her beautiful butthole. After plenty of twerking and ass spreading, Mommy is ready to ride your cock. For the next part of your punishment, Mommy demands that you get her pregnant again. She rides you reverse cowgirl, twerking on your dick, and dishing up plenty of sick, twisted taboo dirty talk until she milks you for a thick creampie. She pushes the cum out in her hand and rubs it all over her pussy. Mommy isn’t done yet, she wants another load to be sure you knock her up! You fuck Mommy in missionary, her pussy glazed in your first load. Mommy’s dirty talk is the raunchiest, most taboo dirty talk you can imagine! Mommy is the only woman for you and she makes sure to remind you, taking another messy load and rubbing it all over her beautiful body as you cum together. Nothing makes your nasty Mommy happier than getting pregnant by her own son!

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Paintedrose – Secret Mommy Girlfriend First Love

Femdom POV, Impregnation Fantasy, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo

Mom and you snuggle up to watch a movie and there is a scene in the movie where two people are inlove and kissing and Mommy asks if you like watching it. She tells you that it could be a mother and son on T.V. due to the cougar / cub action and ask you how you feel watching it. She says it’s love and that she loves you. She says there is nothing wrong with two people inlove and letting nature happen. She asks how much you love her and begins to kiss you. One thing leads to another and Mommy is sucking on you as she teaches you about boners, blowjobs, banging, and … birds and the bees! Step-Mommy says if you cum inside that you might get her pregnant and you decide to get her pregnant. She is so proud of you for being a very good boy.

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Bettie Bondage – Knocked Up Mommy Needs Your Cock

Duration: 0:08:44 Resolution: 3840×2160 Format: mp4 Size: 659.49 MB

“Look, honey, you got me in this mess. You need to help me, okay?” Your mother is splayed on her bed, her pregnant tummy peeking from her camisole, her pussy wet beneath her panties. Ever since you asked her to teach you about the birds and bees, and you came inside her, she’s been so horny for you! You just want to go hang out with your friends but she just wants you home, with your cock buried in her preggo pussy. I mean, it does feel amazing, and she looks so sexy, her breasts so full and her tummy, too, and the way she makes you jizz deep inside her does make you cum harder than you ever have before…well, I guess it is ok to stay home with mommy this weekend…

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Mama Fiona – My Son’s Filthy Secret

Duration: 0:38:25 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1.44 GB

You are my sun and we have a great relationship. Very friendly and open, very close and lighthearted. One day I ask you to give me a footrub, to which you happily oblige. I had no idea that not only do you have a “thing” for me, my legs and feet, you also have QUITE a thing for pantyhose. Hardcore. You are clearly aroused by this footrub and I decide to snoop in your room, leading to uncovering a myriad of secret little kinks you’ve been keeping! Needless to say I am EXTREMELY turned on by this and can’t help pleasuring myself in your room. I do think you need to be scolded, however. So I scold you and encourage you to confess your little secret to me. You are tight lipped until I start masturbating in front of you and decide to have my way with you right then and there. That’ll teach you a lesson not to take my things or lie to your mother! You could have just ASKED me hunny…. Maybe your m a ma is a little kinkier than you thought… next thing you know I might be begging for you to impregnate me!

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