Jessica Starling – Impregnate Mommy BG POV Creampie

Mommy wants you to put a baby inside her! It’s okay though, it’ll be our little secret. You can’t resist mommy in this sexy blue lingerie, can you? Let mommy seduce you, suck your cock, then get on top and ride you. Then, you can pound mommy in missionary until you fill up my pretty pussy with your cum and get me pregnant!

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Miss Switch – Step Mom Teaches You About Sex

Your dad is out of town for a couple days, and it is a perfect time to get to know your new step-mom. However, she finds out that after all these years, your dad still hasn’t told you about the birds and the bees. As she is trying to get pregnant, you were curious as to how it happens. Being 18 years old, she is shocked that you have no idea how it works. She tries explaining it, but you are more of a visual, physical learner. She decides to teach you, letting you lose your virginity to her. However, you cannot cum in her, as she is ovulating. While you try not to, it is difficult for you to control yourself. You end up filling up her pussy with your sperm, impregnating your step-mom’s fertile womb… Let’s hope your dad doesn’t find out!

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MissKaitlin – Mommys Dirty Panties

Mommy Caught you stealing her panties!! Well now that I know I start to piece some things together about why my panties have been so dirty! Well if you love the smell of my panties and your boner won’t go away… then you should impregnate mommy. I tease you, spread my legs, your cock blocking a view of my pussy, then get on my knees and suck you, then titty fuck you, then ride you… then enthusiastically spread my legs, fuck you and spread my extra creamy ovulating hairy pussy while you fuck me pov.

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PaintedRose – Taboo Impregnation Mom Fantasy

Mom comes in to read a couple chapters of a novel to you. You’re in the mood for something else and even though it is forbidden you reach out and touch her breast. She is shocked and decides to leave and tell you that it’s not ok behavior. Stepmom actually has fantasies about you and wants more. Later on, mom comes in dressed in lingerie and stripper heels. What? She tells you that after thinking about it, she decided she shouldn’t have been so grouchy and she starts teasing you with her body before sucking on your dick. Mom leans back and uses a vibe to show you how you make her pussy throb with a close up, pulsating orgasm right in your face. Now you enter her shaved pink pussy and she tells you to get her pregnant and you cum inside but to be sure Mom takes you again from behind and rides your dick doggy style until you cum in her.

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Sabrina Bea – Taboo Mommy Blasphemy Impregnation

Your good Christian mother is looking blasphemous in a fishnet bodysuit and leather hat and gloves- you’ve been a sinner and God is punishing you- by sending an angel to possess your mother to seduce you. You and her are going straight to hell where you’ll be fucking over and over again, knocking up Mommy, making souls for God to punish.

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Sydney Harwin – First Time Inside Mom Impregnation

You have always enjoyed fooling around with your mother, but lately your mom has grown tired of holding back from having full sexual intercourse. Tonight your momma wants to go the whole way with you for the first time… but she is so perverted that not even sex would satisfy her hunger for the ultimate “Wrong”… Your momma wants you to impregnate her and become a daddy to her baby. Would you get your mom pregnant if she asked you to?

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Nicole Nabors – Caught Watching Mommy

Your mom comes into your room to make sure your getting ready for bed. She catches you on your phone and than hears what your doing. Your watching porn. She cant believe it! She demands you give her your phone. Shes shocked at what she sees! Your watching her porn, your moms porn. How did you find this!? Your suppose to have a block on your phone!? Omg! Shes embarrassed and angry with you. She cant believe your getting off to her fucking herself! But secretly this turns her on… She notices your starring at her tits. She takes them out for you. This turns you on so much. She tells you shes your mom and you know she would do anything for you. She tells you, if you let her take care of your needs, she will let the porn thing go. She climbs on top of you and tells you to suck and play with her big tits. She rides you so hard cowgirl and then let’s you fuck her missionary. She then climbs on reverse cowgirl so you can see her big ass bounce up and down on your cock. Finishing with her in cowgirl again begging for you to impregnate her..

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MizzErotique – Mom Succumbs To Your Impregnation

Mom realizes you’ve been stealing her pantyhose and upon finding out your secret, she dominates and seduces you ripping off her pantyhose and having kinky sex with you in them. She begs you not to cum but upon climax she asks you to impregnate her.

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Nicole Nabors – My Baby Boy Knocks Me Up

You come into your mommy’s room because you had a nightmare. She tells you you can stay in my bed to make you feel better. But there’s 1 rule, you have to get naked. She wants to do the special thing you like. She sucks your cock and asks you to fill mama with your cum. Impregnate me baby boy, fill me up. You fuck your moms tight pussy missionary and then she rides your cock till you knock her up. Ending in a creampie.

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