Emmas Secret Life – Motherfucker Club Pt 2

You come into my room, wearing just a towel. You start to ask me if I know where my sister put her conditioner because you’re out but then you see the camera and me, lying naked on the bed and ask what the hell is going on? Why am I naked? Why is there a camera here? You make like you’re going to leave and I ask you to stay. I am a little shy and reluctant, but you manage to interrogate out of me that my friend told me about the Motherfucker Club and I want to join because girls my age just aren’t working for me. You are disgusted and angry at first, telling me that is perverted but then sigh and ask me gently if I really want to do it with you. You say that you see, Mommy is also a pervert and you tried to raise me to not be a pervert, but we’re family and nature overcomes nurture. You say that if I really want it, Mommy is happy to be a pervert with her pervert son on camera for other perverts to watch. I say yes and you open your towel and ask me if I like my mother’s body. Ask if I like my mom’s breasts and the belly that carried me and the cunt my father fucked to make. You come over onto the bed and straddle me, saying how excited and horny it makes you to know that there are other pervert mothers who want to fuck their sons. You look at me and look at the camera and say, “Let’s do it. Let’s join the motherfucker club together.” and “We’re doing it! We’re committing taboo sex on camera.” You wave at the camera and ask the ladies if they’re fucking their sons while they watch us. You tell me to describe mommy fucking to the camera and call me a motherfucker and a mommy fucker a lot. Talk about how much of a pervert your son is and how only a bad pervert mommy could raise such a pervert son. Tell me that no other good girl will ever compare to degenerate family sex. Use lots of encouragement to get me to talk dirty to you and the camera about how much we love being motherfucking perverts for other mommy fuckers to watch and how much we want to watch them too. All that the dirty talk makes you cum on your motherfucking son’s cock. After you cum, ask me where I want to cum. Talk about how good it would feel to cum down Mommy’s throat or deep inside Mommy’s ass, but you know that the first time you know I want blow my gooey load deep in my mom’s unprotected womb. You can say things like “That’s it. Drive your big hard cock, deep inside your mom” and “Don’t pull out. I bet they’ll come too when they see you squirt your semen inside your mommy.” Encourage me to cum inside you by saying things like ‘Do it you pervert motherfucker. Cum inside your mom on camera’. Once I cum, tell me how good it was and say you wonder if there’s a Daddyfucker club my sister could join.

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MoRina – Good Grades Good Breeding

Your mom will do anything to make sure you get straight A’s and get your degree. She makes you a deal – if you bring her straight A’s again, you can also give her a list, or script, of exactly what you want her to do to you. She loves you, and makes good on her word. She never expected you to have a taboo breeding fantasy, but a deal’s a deal!

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Kay Dark – Impregnate Mommy This Christmas

Don’t worry about buying mommy a gift this year son, I have a better suggestion! scene starts with mommy asking you if you’d like your Christmas gift early … we are so used to our inc fucking mommy really wanted to treat you. Mommy soon shows you what she is wearing under her gown to get you in the mood for her suggestion, you see this time when you fuck mommy she wants you to do so bareback and cum deep in her womb. That’s right son mommy wants you to impregnate her for Christmas.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy And Son The Asylum

Welcome to the Asylum… You haven’t visited your Mother in years. She was taken from you when you was just a boy and locked away for your safety. You can’t remember much about her, all you know is that she used to sexually touch you and make you satisfy her in ways that no son should. You’d been receiving letters from her for years, but its only now that you are a fully grown man, that you decide to visit her…

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Penelope P X – Please Stop Fucking Mommy

Son watches me getting dressed for work, black stocking and suspenders. He starts having sex with me, his mommy..I am not happy about this it is so wrong! He doesn’t care and carries on as I beg him not to cum inside me as I don’t have any birth control…

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Veggiebabyy – Impregnate Mommy Domination Virtual Fuck

You’ve decided mommy needs to be impregnated. When she comes in your room to say goodnight, you bend her over, rip off her panties, shove them in her mouth, and tie her hands behind her. You push her face first into the couch and fuck her doggystyle while she protests, saying your cock is too big, too thick, and it’s splitting her open. When she won’t shut up, you shove her panties in her mouth to make her be quiet. You pump her pussy full of cum. That’s what she gets for being such a slut. You can’t wait to watch her tummy grow with your seed. You watch with satisfaction as your cum leaks out of your mommy’s pussy.

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Sydney Harwin – Horny Mommy Wants Breeding

You don’t have locks on the bathroom doors in this house. There is no such thing as privacy between family. Your Mommy is relaxing in the bath when you come to talk to her. You’ve been thinking that maybe she was right, maybe you should try sex without a condom. You can still remember the first time you fucked your Mother, but now she is different.. now she wants more than a quick shag. She wants to be pregnant again before she gets too old and your fathers little swimmers don’t swim so well anymore. You said no to her before, but right now when your THIS horny, you don’t care if your dicks bare…

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ImMeganLive – Getting Your Whore Mommy Pregnant

Family party at your aunts, everyone is having dinner, but my son is staying in his cousin room to play PC games, Call of Duty or something if I recall properly. I arrive a bit tipsy, mistaken the room for the restroom, so I lay down on the bed instead. You, my son, are going behind me and slowly start groping me with your dick. I tell you to turn around and instead you pull your pants down and move your cock between my thighs and pressed it on my pussy and start rubbing harder. Then you touch me and move your hands on my pussy. As your mom stops struggling and starts to enjoy herself, you get up and lock the door. As you come back to me, I already know you will make me your slave. So, I give you a footjob. Then I take out my leggings and you fuck me doggy, on the side and missionary. At the end I submit hard to you. I become your whore, your pet, your slave. You creampie me and impregnate me.

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ImMeganLive – French Mommy Wants To Fuck Horny Son

So, you come into your French Mom’s bedroom as she is dressing. You approach me and say how hot I am and I ask if you have still been masturbating to me? I ask you if you are still having nasty thoughts about me! Tease you with my body as I ask these things, at one point I’ll even rub against your crotch with my ass. I tell you that I have been giving it some thought and it has been making me wet so tonight, I am going to make my fantasy come true, I am laying down on the bed and getting rid of my pants. You get so excited I notice your throbbing cock. I say: Wow that is so big and hard. It hurts too baby. It’s ok Baby with your hard on, mommy is gonna take care of it. Laid down on the bed, I talk seductively to you as I begin to slowly take your dick out. I freak when I see how big it is. I make a huge fuss over this and talk about how wet I am getting. I will kiss it and play with it as I have never seen such a massive cock, and I am thrilled ‘cause it is mine. I start to rub my pussy and after a while I pull my fingers out and tell you to taste them, showing you how wet they are. I will spit and drool all over my tits and talk nasty. I will spread my legs wide and really start to hammer hand that pussy and talk about how hot I am. Pointing and arching my sexy feet as I do this, I even dangle them close towards your face trying and turning you on more. The taboo talk is heavy here- discussing how I want my son’s bareback cock inside my drenched pussy. Telling you that I want your heavy white cum, that we have great genes together. Saying: I have to get my mouth around that. Don’t worry my sweet boy, keep stroking that hard cock and mommy is gonna make it feel better I promise baby. You are so lucky that mommy is sucking your dick. I start to kiss you sloppy and wet. I dangle my tits over your face, really pushing them against your face. Spitting in my hand and jerking you off as I talk sexy and soft with my face and tits close to your face as I say soft and nasty things. Getting those tits nice and wet again too with lots of spit! Lots of pure taboo talk and seduction! Talking about how big and smooth your cock is and I so want to taste it so bad. Starting to show my feet as I tease you and talk about how fine and tight your ass looks. Sucking your dick and doing the ahegao face a few times as I know you like that. Saying how I want to eat your ass, getting super excited. Asking you if you want to lick my asshole? Showing it to you really close to your face. Doing POV 69. Saying: No condom I want you bareback and raw baby. Now starting to fuck you missionary, legs wide and curl and spreading my toes during this. Cumming really fast at one point. Shaking and closing my knees together as it feels so good I can hardly stand it. I Say: Your cock feels so much better than your dads. It’s so good baby boy. You are smelling our sex baby…so fuckin hot. My pussy is sopping wet for you. Starting to ride you like only I can. Making you cum inside me (no cum visible) and showing you how thick it is on my fingers afterwards. Saying: You are smelling our sex baby. My baby is so good, I love your cum! Then making out with you. Telling you a secret in the end, that I’m no longer on the pill, I might just get pregnant from you, we’re gonna have a baby together!

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ImMeganLive – Mom Son Love Story Part 9: Makeup Sex

Months after the baby is born mom/wife and son haven’t made love in a long time. She doesn’t think he finds her attractive anymore but after an argument he confesses that she’s still a hot fox, she’s the only one who gets him hard. So she tells him that if what he says is true, he’s gonna let her suck his cock. He asked if the baby was napping, she said yes they’re good to go. So she made him sit on the kitchen counter and started sucking his cock. Then the baby woke up and started to cry. (Not visible. This IS NOT A REAL baby, don’t panic lol, this is a prop and it’s all about this mom fantasy) She asked him to wait there, but he didn’t. He followed her in the living room, lifted her dress and started to fuck her standing doggy while she was putting the pacifier back into baby’s mouth, so he could stop crying. It worked! This is where their makeup sex started, she had to put her hand on her mouth to avoid screaming in pleasure. They changed place where she rode her sitting from the back, then cowgirl on him and making her tits bounce on his face. Lots of taboo dirty talk. They went in the bedroom, she asked him to lick her pussy. Then he fucked her missionary, she got two powerful orgasms. Then standing fucking leaning on the patio door for everybody to watch them outside. Finally finishing back in the kitchen with a little more sucking, standing fucking and ended up with standing doggy where she finally admitted now that the sex is back to normal and she believes him, she wants another baby and wants him to get her pregnant again to expand their family and have more sex until it picks up!

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