Maria Moore – Stepmom Wants You To Knock Her Up

Your stepmom really needs your help! There is something daddy just cannot give her. You though… you are young and virile. You can help your step-mommy out. She knows she turns you on. Bet you were always a little jealous of the old man. Here is your big chance young stud. Give her what she needs. Fill her up with your seed and watch they belly grow and those huge jugs swell. It will be your secret.

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Kristenwylde – Cum Inside Mommy

You are watching your cartoons and mommy comes to say hi and start talking, but you are not really in the mood for a talk. But Mommy has a fantasy. She don’t wanna bother you, you are her cute boy and just want you to be happy, but she is acting kinda weird. Is she being sensual? Is she flirting? Oh yes she is!! Mommy wants to fuck her boy but you are not interested at all, is gross! Wait mommy is taking her clothes off and she is begging you to fuck her. What you gonna do? She wants you to cum inside her.

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Lexi King – Waking Up Mommy

You come in to find mommy in bed. You gently start licking her pussy, and she stirs a little, clearly enjoying it but doesn’t fully wake until you stuff your cock in her pussy. She’s shocked to see you on top of her and she protests, tells you to stop, this is wrong, she’s your mommy! But her words are only words, she holds you closer and and fucks you back. Even as she tells you to pull out, she’s holding you tighter and doesn’t let you!

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Bettie Bondage – Your Moms Last Resort

Your mother wouldn’t ask, but there’s no other options. She and your father have tried over and over to get pregnant but it’s not working. But this new doctor, and his cutting edge methods, has them hopeful. The only thing is…they need your help. See, his method is called “familial splicing” and it involves using a male donor who shares 50% of your father’s DNA. Generally it’s a brother or a father, even, but your dad is an only —-, and his father passed. So…you’re the only option. They wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t incredibly important! And it’ll be clinical, not sexual…she promises you that, until you lay her down, parting her thighs and entering her. It’s clear you’re much bigger than she’s used to, and she’s having a hard time suppressing the obvious pleasure she’s experiencing…

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Sloansmoans – Confession Mommy Wants Breeding

Watch and enjoy this mommy/son confessional. I talk to my son about wanting another son and wanting you to be the father. I discuss in detail how I want you to breed me, impregnate me, fuck me. I hope and wish that you give me another son I can fuck. I reminisce about how much I enjoyed raising you and how I want to do it all over again. I end up striping off my clothing and display my fully nude body for my son at the end…

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ScarletEllie – Impregnate Mom Behind Dads Back

Mom rushes into your room when your dad pulls out of the drive. She tells you that your father and her are trying to get pregnant and instead of him she wants you to breed her. Your mom wants your Cum, and bad. She whispers to hurry up before your father gets home. You fuck her a few positions before you cum deep inside her. Ensuring she is bred well by her son. She talks naughty to you as you fuck her.

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PayPeaches – Impregnation

Its been to long since you have been home you have been busy with school and being a man but you know there is always a place for you here with your sweet step parent. Ive missed and longed for you so much I am happy to wrap my lips on your hard cock, my goodness your cock has grown even bigger then the last time. You are growing up Im so proud of you but I have one simple request… please hunny cum in me… please just cum deep and dont stop!

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Chloeblossom – The Fertility Statue

Mom asks to crawl into bed with you after a big fight with dad, she reveals to you they have been trying to conceive with no luck. Your dad orders a weird fertility statue for your mom and it doesn’t work, you overhear her yelling at dad and she is upset again. She asks to nap in your bed again. After a short bit, she becomes entranced with you. She shoves you down and begins aggressively kissing you. You fuck cowgirl and missionary. With lots of impregnation, cucking dad and praising you dirty talk. She is OBSESSED with you. After she cums twice on your cock, you fill her womb up with cum, then dad walks in! She begins yelling at him how much of a loser he is with his shrimp useless dick and how from now on you, the son are the man of the house. How dad is never going to have pussy ever again and can only be let out of a room to watch you and mom fuck. She says she wants a divorce and she is moving you the son into the main bedroom. She says how the fertility statue was CLEARLY in the wrong room before. You begin fucking again in the main bedroom cowgirl and doggy, you fill her up the same time she cums.

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JackieSynn – Mom Is Getting Ready To Get Pregnant Again

You walk in on your mother changing, she’s getting dressed up to go out tonight because she finally is going to get some cock! Mommy has been aching to get pregnant for years, and tonight she’s going out to make sure that happens. You get curious and start asking her what it was like to be pregnant. Mummy gives you the details, letting you know how sensitive and hard her nipples got, her pussy flooded with every day making her masturbate like crazy. Masturbating mommy through her whole pregnancy, you really wanna fuck mummy and get her pregnant yourself but mum says that’s wrong. Instead she lets you watch her make herself cum in front of you while you jerk your dick. Come while you watch mommy cum, you know when she gets home tonight her pussy is going to be flooded with spunk!

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Found Your Mommy Porn

You really shouldn’t have left your laptop lying around, son… what if your dad had seen what I saw? I’m not mad, I’m just a little upset that you felt you couldn’t tell Mommy how you felt, assuming this isn’t a fantasy and it goes much deeper than that?… You need to be honest with me now, son. Tell me what you want. How do you know that I will say no? You won’t know unless you ask me…

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