IvyStarshyne – Super Slut Mom

Your mom is having trouble with finances, which she admits is because she enjoys going out with her friends. Usually when she’s out she can get some rich guy to pay up on a fun night with her, but not tonight – and she’s sulking. You remind her that you’ve just got a job and would be happy to help! But she refuses to take it… unless she can give you something in return, of course.

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Ivy Starshyne – Mommy and your morning wood

You wake up from a good sleep with a raging morning wood boner, and before you stands your Mother. She is in an apron – just an apron. Her tits are falling out the side of it. A smile crosses her face, and she tells you “good morning”. Oh, she’s seen the bulge in the sheets.
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Ivy Starshyne – The birds and the bees talk gets out of control

Hi honey, I feel like you’re at the perfect age for us to finally talk about… sex. I was told about the incident at school, that you were caught making out with that cute girl you told me about… I think that’s fine, though you really should be more careful next time. Ideally though, you should really get your sexual tension out in other ways. I mean, you probably understand what happens during sex. It all feels good… but you have to be safe. You don’t want to be getting anybody pregnant, do you?
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Ivy Starshyne – Daddy Is Too Quick

Knock, knock. Hey, honey. I just wanted to see how you are before you head off to bed. I’m sort of distraught myself. Daddy did what he does best – before I was pleasured properly. 90 SECONDS. I counted, just so I could really have a sense of how terrible he is at taking care of me in bed.
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