Jackie Synn – Reluctantly Sucking Son Blackmail

Jackie is lost in pleasure while she masturbates her pussy, having phone sex with her lover. You, her son walk in and hear everything she says, admitting that she’s been cheating on your father for years. You watch and let your cock get hard as you watch your mother make herself cum. After her orgasm she notices you’re standing there. She is completely in embarrassed and begs you not to tell your father, if he knew she was unfaithful he would throw her out into the street and she would have nothing. You see this as an opportunity, you tell your mother if she’ll show you her ass that you won’t tell dad. She says no at first, but you remind her that she will have nothing if you tell dad. Mum finally gives in and lets you jerk off while looking at her ass, but she insists this can’t go further. You tell her to turn around, you insist that she sucks your dick! Mum says absolutely not, that would be taking things too far. You don’t care though, you grab your slutty mother by the back of her head and shove her down on your dick. Watching your mother gag on your cock gets you harder than ever, she begged you to stop, but you remind her if she doesn’t do as she’s told daddy will find out. Soon your mother is slobbering all over your Dick, sucking your cock like a champ but begging you not to come down her throat. Suddenly daddy comes home unexpectedly, thankfully you’ve locked the door. With dad right outside the door, you fuck mum’s throat against her will, dumping your load right down her. Mum is shocked that you made her swallow your cum, but she does admit it does taste good!

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Jackiesynn – Mother And Son Therapy

“My mom moved in with me about a year ago and started wearing pantyhose daily about three months in. After a few of my girlfriends were talking about how I had a nine inch cock. My mom casually said I can confirm. I was simultaneously aroused and ashamed. We were going to watch a movie and I wanted to rub my mom’s feet because I thought it would give me “masturbation material” later. Just asking lol. She actually said yes because the movie was Cleopatra (over 5 hours!), After an hour she let me off and simply rested her ethereal pantyhose clad feet on my inner left thigh. The side I hang my cock. In slow motion I saw her feet come closer and my cock expanded to feel her feet come to rest on it. After about another 15 minutes my mom was so into the movie she started rubbing her feet together on my thigh more precisely my throbbing cock. I got a world class view of her pantyhose covered legs and ass. Even some up-skirt of her gusset. I was staring at her feet the mostly her feet seemed to be caressing my cock. She caught me looking and said “NO!!! my feet stay there for the entire movie!” Her toes twitched and pinched the head of my cock and I came one of the hardest times I ever had. I came at least five times by the end of the movie. I felt a lot of shame when her feet moved away and I saw a string of cum from the cock head in my jeans going to the bottom of her pantyhose encased foot. I kinda want to watch Cleopatra again lol. I wanted to get a custom where I can basically get a little — during the movie and after “cast” said custom to the screen and have you tell my mom about that and say I masturbate with her worn panties and pantyhose. Confessional and that I want footjobs from my mommy and for her to suck me off as she does the footjob. Also that I want to go balls deep and hit the back of her uterus and paint it white with steamy jizz ropes.* I want you in pantyhose and wear them throughout even if it ends with you just in pantyhose lol. Maybe therapist like clothes to start. I just imagine you starting seriously slowly revealing the fucked up nature of my feelings and what happened (5 minutes or so.) revealing how bad I want to get a footjob from my mommies pantyhose clad feet while she simultaneously leans over and sucks my cock. How I jerk off in her pantyhose and panties. Sometimes sucking her cum/discharge out of the pantyhose and panties first after I massaged her pantyhose covered feet for multiple hours. Presumably making her wet or actually coming. What happened watching Cleopatra… and why I wanted to watch it again. How fucking her through her pantyhose would be a great bonding experience! Nothing better than going balls deep in your own mother hitting the back of her uterus and eventually erupting a massive load of millions of sperm frantic to impregnate mommy… if she can even get pregnant. According to our deal I have to get her pregnant and if she can’t well… I have to keep trying a few times a day anyway.”

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Jackiesynn – Come Home To Mommy College Boy

Mom really misses you, you’ve barely called since moving off to college. She’s left you loads of messages, but hasn’t heard a word so she thought sending a video would help. Don’t you miss your loving mommy? Don’t you know how much she craves your sweet young cock? Mom becomes overwhelmed making this video for you and loses control, cumming hard on her favourite toy. Stroke along and reminisce about your naughty days back home with mommy. You’ll come home soon to visit, right son?

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Jackiesynn – Mean Mommy Makes You Expose Yourself

Mom’s just gotten a message from some random girl that goes to your school. The message includes screen shots of your conversation with her along with pictures of your hard dick, even though the girls asked you not to. mother is appalled her son would do something like this and decides to teach you a lesson. You want to send unsolicited dick pics? FINE – mommy will record you and post you jerking off in front of her to your whole school! Everyone on your contact list is going to see you jerking off while mommy mocks you for being such a pervert. She knows you like big tits so she pulls hers out to further humiliate you. You’re going to cum for your mom’s big tits in front of everyone you know! That’s what you get, pervert!

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Jackie Synn – Mom teaches you not to prematurely ejaculate JOI

Last night your mother, Jackie, heard you fooling around with your girlfriend in your bedroom next door. She was sad to hear how quickly you came, so she decides it’s high time you learned to control your orgasm. Continue to download »

Jackie Synn – Mommy jerk off instruction

Mom is taking a nap and awakens to find you staring at her open legs. She sees that you’re hard and decides to teach you a lesson by making you jerk your cock in front of her. She teases you with her big tits & encourages you to cum in front of her
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