JackieSynn – Secrets At The Sleepover 2

Jackie has a new round of young boys staying the night at her house with her son. They don’t know her son’s naughty little secret though, Jackie helps him cum every night using her big juicy tits! Jackie teases the boys and tells some nasty stories about her days as a teen having sleepovers. All of her filthy stories make their big boy boners absolutely throb and they can’t help but to take them out and start stroking them. Mommy makes her son lick up all of their cum loads, sucking each of them dry as she tells dirtier and dirtier stories. After mummy’s boy has swallowed all of those loads, it’s his turn to bust all over Mom‘s fat foxy tits! Sleepovers at Mrs Synn’s house are the best!

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JackieSynn – Mom Is Getting Ready To Get Pregnant Again

You walk in on your mother changing, she’s getting dressed up to go out tonight because she finally is going to get some cock! Mommy has been aching to get pregnant for years, and tonight she’s going out to make sure that happens. You get curious and start asking her what it was like to be pregnant. Mummy gives you the details, letting you know how sensitive and hard her nipples got, her pussy flooded with every day making her masturbate like crazy. Masturbating mommy through her whole pregnancy, you really wanna fuck mummy and get her pregnant yourself but mum says that’s wrong. Instead she lets you watch her make herself cum in front of you while you jerk your dick. Come while you watch mommy cum, you know when she gets home tonight her pussy is going to be flooded with spunk!

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JackieSynn – Its Wrong To Cum On Your Aunt

You’ve been such a helpful boy for aunt Jackie today, you’ve completed all your chores and now she’s going to let you have a special treat! She knows what a horny young man you are and how your mother has blocked all the porn from your computer at home, so Jackie is going to let you have a wank while you use her computer. You see your sexy BBW aunt in a see-through red robe and your cock instantly stiffens. You don’t want to wank to porn, you want to wank over your aunt! Aunt Jackie says it’s wrong, but sees how desperate you are, your balls are absolutely swollen! Aunt Jackie teases you with her big tits, and her big fat ass. She reminds you how wrong it is to be doing this with your aunt, but you must hurry and cum quickly, your mother will be here any minute! You’re right on the verge of finishing, and aunt Jackie has no rag to catch your cum in… Looks like she’ll have to swallow it to hide the evidence! It’s wrong to come down your aunt’s throat, but it feels oh so right.

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JackieSynn – Teaching Mom To Twerk

It’s your graduation party and Mom seems to be having a lot of fun! Perhaps too much. Mum comes into the room that you and four of your best mates are hanging out in. You saw her dancing earlier and decide you should teach her some moves, mum has heard of twerking but she’s never done it before. When she bends over she’s a bit embarrassed, she forgot to wear panties under her tiny little dress. Mum starts bouncing her big fat white ass up and down slowly, nervously and a bit unsure… but your friends encourage her to keep going! Mom’s dress slips up over her big fat ass, you and your friends are absolutely loving it. Soon mum gets into it to and starts really bouncing her big fat booty, exposing her pretty pink ass hole and pussy to you and all your friends. Mum sees how hard it gets you and decides to tell you all to jerk your big teen cocks for her. Soon you and your friends are all going to make mummy a booty bouncing cum slut!

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JackieSynn – Jerking Off To Moms Snoring Ass

Mum is snoring in bed, you walking to see her huge fat around ass exposed completely. You immediately pull out your big boy cock and start jerking it while mummy moves around and snores. When Mom finally awakens she sees you standing there with your dick out, to your surprise she is excited by it and wants you to blow on her ass. Mum bends over and encourages you to shoot that load all over her fat milf ass!

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JackieSynn – Aunt Jackie Makes You Cum Twice

Aunt Jackie is busy getting ready to go out, but she knows that you really need some relief. Aunt Jackie tells you she’s too busy at first, but then she discovers a little hole in her tights. She decides to rip them and ruin them, hearing her tights rip makes your cock tingle and she knows it. Soon she takes off her pretty skirt and her tights all together. Aunt Jackie is going to let you cum, but ladies first darling. Aunt Jackie fingers her pussy and tells you what a good boy you are waiting for her to finish. Aunt Jackie cums nice and hard and wants your load all over the place. After you’ve blown your spunk she gets up close and licks you clean, but that only makes your cock stiff again. And Jackie wants you to cum down her throat, do you think you can cum twice?

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JackieSynn – Mom Took Care Of Your Bullies

Three boys at school have been really nasty to you and it’s been very upsetting. Last night before you went to bed you were so upset that you cried to yourself, little did you know that mummy was busy sorting out your problem. When you wake up the next morning you find mummy there smiling and excited to tell you what she’s done. Mum looks super hot in a tight, satin, purple negligee and a full face of makeup, you ask her why. Mom tells you she went to visit all three boys last night, they won’t be bullying you again! Mummy tells you all of the filthy things she did with them, letting you know how fun it was to swallow their cum and get fucked nice and hard. Mummy is going to make sure this is a weekly thing and they will be super kind to you from now on. While she tells you of her antics, she sees that you are hard. Mummy tells you to pull out your big boy Dick and stroke while she tells you her story. Mummy is so kind to you, she’s going to make sure you make big boy cummies all over her boobs while she tells you how she sucked and fucked your former bullies!

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JackieSynn – Aunt Jackie Taking You On A Picnic

Aunt Jackie is getting ready to take you out for a lovely day, the Sun is shining and she has a picnic basket ready. Aunt Jackie has on a long sleeve shirt that ties up, showing off her sexy chubby belly and her huge perfect tits. Jackie is a bit nervous about her outfit so she asks you what you think, your big hard cock tells her all she needs to know! Well then she better drain you before you go on your picnic. Aunt Jackie wants you, her innocent sweet nephew, to fuck both of her holes. And Jackie spreads her huge fat white booty, gaping her little asshole wide open. She wants you to lick her pussy and her ass hole until they are nice and juicy, then she wants you to fuck her asshole hard! The problem is, you are too excited tasting your aunt’s asshole for the first time that you cum all over yourself. Oh well, maybe you can do it later at the picnic eh?

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JackieSynn – The Cool Aunt

Your aunt Jackie has agreed to let you and three of your buddies stay the night at her house for a sleepover since your mom didn’t want you to do it at her house. Aunt Jackie is so cool, she set up the video games, brought you guys lots of snacks and let you know that you are allowed to do what ever you want when you’re at aunt Jackie‘s house! Aunt Jackie leaves you to it, but after a few hours she checks in to see if you guys need anymore refreshments, she’s quite surprised to see that you’re all watching porn on her TV! Aunt Jackie is not mad though, if fact, she thinks it’s adorable. She questions you boys about your sexual history and is surprised you’re all teen virgins who’ve never even see boobs in the flesh! Deciding that that needs to change, aunt Jackie tells you all to pull out your young hard decks and show them to her and if you are good boys and comply she will let you have a look at her huge soft tits. You and your friends jump at the opportunity, the next thing you know you are all jerking your young teen boners looking at your hot aunt’s fat tits. Auntie Jackie even lets you suck and squeeze those big beautiful pink nipples while you jerk your young cocks. You and your friends are going to have to start coming over more often!

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JackieSynn – Secrets at the Sleepover

Tonight you’re having a sleepover with some friends, they’re getting a little bit wild and rowdy but then Mom walks in. It’s okay, she’s a cool mom, in fact she wants to partake in the partying! After Mom lets loose a bit, she starts telling your friends some secrets you are not too pleased she is revealing. She tells them how she likes to show a little skin to get boys to do what she wants, next thing you know Mom is showing off her cleavage and her tiny little metallic silver shorts. You notice your mates getting boners, hell you have one yourself! Mom notices all of your young hard on this, but you start to turn red and get jealous. Mom makes you confessed to the boys why you’re jealous, it’s because you have a big crush on your mum! She tells your friends what a mummies boy you are, and how you jerk off every night to her, sometimes even in front of mom. Mom understands that all of your young dicks need release, it’s completely natural. Jackie decides to pull out a big tits so all of your friends can jerk off, don’t worry mummy doesn’t want you to be jealous, she just wants all of your teenage friends to check after her big mummy tits just like you! Jackie shows off her big fat booty in her tiny tight little metallic shorts, and encourages those young cocks to start pumping nice and hard. Jackie teasers and giggles, she finds your young cock prematurely ejaculating very charming. Jackie’s got all of your young boners leaking, your friends wish they had a hot Mom like Jackie that would let them jerk off to her. Jackie puts her shorts down and starts clapping her fat ass and encourages you and all of your friends to spunk all over her! Mummy tells your friends that if they need a helping hand you’ll be glad to help, mummy has had you help jerk some of her lovers in the past – mummy is revealing all of your perverted little secrets tonight! Your friends love it and come all over the place, it’s like a chain reaction as you young boys start blowing you just can’t stop until all of you are drained!

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