Jan Burton – Mommy Making Bed Gives BlowJob

Mummy Jan is making the bed in her bedroom, her son walks in and watched for a while as she bends over the bed and shows off her bottom and her puss. She is unaware that he is watching her as she bends over and her boobs spill out. It’s hot work and finally she is almost naked as she busy’s herself with the household chores. But her son is aroused, and she is a good mother, a kind mother an considerate mother. She can’t let her son wander around all day with a hard on, and blue balls. So she helps him out. She loves her son, so she jacks him and sucks his fine cock till finally he spurts his young hot load onto her. Well done Mummy Jan!!

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Jan Burton – Son watches Mummy dusting the house

Mummy Jan is dusting the house and she isn’t dressed properly. But she doesn’t care, it IS her home after all and she should be allowed to wear what she wants. So what if her son comes in and watches her. She carries on regardless. Her big soft MILF boobs fall out but she doesn’t notice, and her see-through dress reveals all to her over excited son.
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Jan Burton – Mummy vacuums no panties

Mummy Jan is taking her son out shopping when she realises the house is a bit of a mess and Dad will be back soon. So she quickly grabs the vacuum cleaner and starts cleaning up. Her son is amazed that his mum has no panties on, and she shows off her mature but tight pussy as she bends over in front of him. She connects the special attachment to go under the units and then she is on all fours, her perfect ass and pussy in clear view.
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Jan Burton – Mummy builds bricks for son

Mummy Jan stops to play with her son while he build’s his bricks. She can’t help showing off her panties. But when she needs to go for a pee, she spills a little onto her panties and has to remove them. She sits there real brazen with her legs wide open so her son can see her mature and moist pussy.
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Jan Burton – Mum catches son spying and forces him to watch

Mummy Jan is having some alone time. She’s reading a sexy novel which gets her so excited she cant help masturbating. She thinks her son is asleep in bed but he creeps down the stairs and watches her. Jan has her headphones on and can’t hear him. Finally when her pussy is out and her fingers are inside her Jan sees her son watching. He is ordered come closer and have a better view which excites her. She wants her adolescent son to watch her, it turns her on. She wants him to take out his cock and wank while he watches and this drives her to her climax.
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