Jane Cane – Mom And Son Fuck For Survival

Mom has been having a really hard time. The power has been turned off because she couldn’t pay the bill. It’s winter time and their camper is freezing. Wade tells his mom that basic survival training says to take off their clothes and use one another’s body heat to get warm. As they snuggle together, Wade’s cock gets rock hard. At first, he is embarrassed, but he also knows that sex is a great way to generate heat. He tells his mom this who is so desperate to get warm that she actually agrees to have sex with her own son! They fuck until mom begs her son to shoot his warm, creamy load all over her ass.

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Jane Cane – Mom Cures Sons Explosive Cum

Ethan’s mom Jane coming into his room to put up laundry. As she is cleaning, she looks up and notices these very large stains on the ceiling. Confused, she goes to find her son to see if he knows what caused these stains. Ethan (virtual) explains that whenever he cums, he seems to cum a lot and very, very hard. His mom Jane is shocked and speechless at her sons admissions, but also curious. Unable to take her son’s word for it, she asks Ethan to sit down and take off his pants. As he does so, Jane notices his balls are very swollen and that they’re tearing open his underwear! Jane decides that she can’t leave her son like this and slowly begins to jerk off her son. Ethan notices Jane is showing some cleavage so she pulls out her breasts to entice her son to get more excited. Jane soon realizes that her son’s balls are growing even more! Shocked, she starts to suck her son’s boner, slobbering all over. Soon, Ethans balls are so large that he explodes and unleashes a huge load all over Jane’s face. She laughs, speechless at her son’s explosive ejaculation. She says that this might need to be a daily occurrence to make sure her son’s balls don’t get that big again.

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Jane Cane – Son Won’t Let Mom Reject Him

Son is failing school. Mom is sick of his bad attitude and new friends. She takes away his car keys and hides them in order to teach him a lesson, but he has an even bigger lesson to teach his mom. If she is going to ground him and not let him leave the house, he is going to take something from her too. He shoves his cock in her mouth, then her pussy, holding her down and fucking her until he cums all over her stomach.

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Jane Cane – Mom And Sons Special Bond

Son is sick of dating teenage girls. They just aren’t on his level. He needs an older woman. Someone more mature. Someone like his mother. He loves his mom so much. No one else can ever compare to her. He decides to tell her how he feels. He wants to make love to her, to really grow the special bond that they already have. Mom is extremely flattered, and turned on by her son’s proposal. She invites him into her bed where they pleasure one another until she lets her son cum inside of her.

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Jane Cane – Mom And Son Coronavirus Quarantine

The Corona Virus outbreak has touched home and mom takes son out to the middle of nowhere to be safe. He is worried and misses his girlfriend, in an attempt to console him after a few beverages mom does whatever it takes to keep him away from everyone and safe, including stroking his big dick so he won’t leave.

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Jane Cane – Mom Saves Her Sons Girlfriends Virginity

Son comes to his mother with a problem. He loves his girlfriend very much, but she wants to wait until marriage before doing anything sexual. He is sexually frustrated. He wants to know what it would feel like to have someone else touch him. When he talks to his mom about this, she agrees to help him out. It’s not cheating if it’s with your mom.

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Jane Cane – Stoner Mom Truth or Dare

Son comes home to find his mother on the couch in their living room super high. She had been cleaning his bedroom and found his stash of pot. She is already depressed that he will be leaving for college soon and thought she would indulge in a few hits, but the weed hit her really hard. Wade can’t stop laughing at his mom in this condition and mom is just enjoying this time alone with her son. Wade wants to have some fun with his mom and starts to play ‘truth or dare’ with her by asking her personal questions about her younger days and smoking with her. Her answers surprisingly make him super hard. Mom is feeling frisky and flirty and starts to rub her pussy as she answers him. Then, she starts to stroke his cock. Wade can’t believe what his mom is doing! He knows it’s wrong, but it feels so good. He can’t hold it in, he accidentally cums all over mom’s hands. He then dares mom to put his cock in her mouth and get him hard again. Will she do it? Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, handjob, hand job, pov, amateur, milf, blowjob, blow job, redhead Stoner Mom Truth or Dare, Part 2: Wade is so shocked. He can’t believe an innocent game of playing truth or dare with his mom while she is high has led to her mouth around his cock. She really knows what she is doing! He can’t stop thinking about the way his mom was fingering her pussy just a little while ago and how wet she was. He wants to be inside of her. To his surprise, mom dares him to let him put his cock inside of her. He can’t believe he is getting to fuck his own mother. And now she’s begging him to cum all over her big tits!

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Jane Cane – Son Begs Mom for Sex

Son is totally frustrated. He cannot get a girl to go out with him. He asks his mother if she will help him and go out on a real date with him. They end up going out for dinner, then return home. Later that night, son enters his mother’s bedroom to thank her for going out with him. They end up talking and son just comes out and asks his mother if he can have sex with her. Mother is totally flattered and wishes she could help him out, but it is just wrong. Little by little, son does a great job of convincing his mother to just let him see her totally naked. Once her pink panties come off, son cannot control himself anymore. He ends up having sex with his mother. Mom is mad and very uncomfortable at first…she knows how wrong it is. But, after a short while, mother sees how happy she is making her son since no other girl will give him a chance. Mother changes her tune and eventually lets her son cum inside her pussy hoping that he doesn’t get her pregnant.

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Jane Cane – Mom Fucks Lonely Son

Mom is going out for the evening. As she is getting ready, her son won’t stop trying to look up her dress. She swats him away and tells him to stay out of her panty drawer while she is gone. When she comes home later that evening, she has had too much fun. She lies down on her bed, slips off her dress and panties, and rubs her pussy until she cums loudly. She then realizes that her son has been in her bedroom masturbating the entire time. She is upset, but softens when he tells her that he has been stood up again. Mom reaches over him naked to hand him her panties to masturbate with, but he quickly shoves his cock inside of her and starts to fuck her. Mom really likes the way this feels so she lets him keep his dick inside of her and fuck her until he fills her up with cum.

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Jane Cane – Mom Helps Son Cum Before School

Ethan is lying in his mom’s bed when she walks in to wake him. She pulls back the covers and sees that his balls are HUGE! He hasn’t cum in two weeks! She just can’t let him go to school like that. She is a good mom and she must take care of this for her son. Mom gives her son a handjob and shakes her ass for him until he releases that huge, built up load.

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