Jasmine Shy – POV virtual sex with your friends mom

Sexy MILF Mom Jasmine is calling her boys after making their sandwiches when in walks in little Johnny, her son’s best bud. Johnny tells her that her boy went to the store to get video games. Mommy Jasmine says well Johnny guess you can eat your sandwich then. She asks if he still plays football and if he still has his girlfriend and whether he wants ANYTHING ELSE with his sandwich. She says how he has grown like a weed and asks him to come closer. She knows her boy won’t be back soon from the video store. She wonders how well his girlfriend can please him. She know as an older woman she can do better! That’s when she unzips Johnny’s pants, looks at his abs, puts on her nerdy glasses, and starts giving him a world class BJ!
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Jasmine Shy – Naughty mature babysitter seduces the guy on his 18th birthday

Asian Gypsy Snow – Jasmine Shy – Babysitter BJ Episode Two
Hey baby. Its Saturday night and I promised to suck your dick again. Did you tell anyone about last time? Good. Then you get to have your dick licked again. Does that feel good? Yea? Yea? Then Ill keep doing it. Just like you like it baby. Don’t you dare tell your friends, okay. If you don’t tell your friends Ill keep licking your cock every time I babysit your brother. Would you like that? Yea? Yea?
I know its wrong that you’re only 18 but I love pleasuring you.
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