Jayne Cobb – Mean Aunt Makes You Cum Too quick

You walk in and catch your hot Aunt working, she’s a sexy cam model, doing a show for one of her regular’s. She notices you, and of course, gets annoyed that you’re interrupting her while she works and your annoying presence pissed her off and her customer leaves. Since you’re there and so clearly have a boner, desperate for her to perform for you, she gives you your first blow job.

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Jayne Cobb – Mom Fucks Panty Thief Son

You come home from school and find me waiting for you on the couch. I ask about your day, like any good mother! But then I have something serious I want to discuss. I was cleaning and found something in your bedroom…. You’ve been stealing my panties and it’s time for your punishment… a very sexy punishment with your loving Mom!

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Jayne Cobb – Step mom Fucks Naughty Step son

We were out and about today and you just wouldn’t listen. You kept doing things I asked you not to, you even embarrassed me while we were shopping for my new lingerie! I’m so mad right now! It’s time for you to be punished! I want you to sit down, and take what’s coming to you! I’m going to tease you with my hot MILF body, and make you crazy jealous of what your dad gets to fuck! My perfect soft milky white tits with pretty little pink nipples! They’re so hard when see that bulge in your pants! My pussy is so juicy! I can see you trying to fight it. Your dick is getting harder by the second, your balls ache and your dirty mouth waters at the sight of my pink pussy. How did your dad get so lucky! I play with my wet pussy, making it wetter until it’s dripping down my smooth thighs. I love the taste of my own pussy. It’s just so sweet! But then your cock is so hard you can’t take it. You knew you wouldn’t be able to hide it forever, and now I’m touching you with my feet while wearing those stockings you like to sneak into my bedroom and sniff. You’ve even used them to jerk off before. They feel so good and I know it’s torture for you so I wrap my feet around your throbbing cock, getting your precum all over them and start stroking you. Your heart is pounding, your knees are weak. You’d do just about anything for me at this point! Now that I’m so turned on by how bad you want me, I tell you to get up, it’s time for you to make it up to me. So you take your big dick and start rubbing mommy’s pussy with it.Teasing my clit and making it swell. Take your dick and press it inside me nice and slow. First just the head, you can already feel how tight I am. You’d always wondered why you could hear me moaning when your dad’s out of town. Now you know! It’s because his cock is so small, I’m practically a virgin. You’re better in every way, including your bigger dick! It fills and stretched my pussy until it almost hurts! You can see me blushing now, my pussy creaming more and more with every thrust! I want it bad! I want you to fuck me and show me how good you feel inside me! I can’t take it anymore, you’ve been pounding my pussy and it just feel so good! I start cumming and screaming your name and you can’t hold back either. My tight pussy squeezing your cock and milking your cum right out of you! I beg you to cum in my pussy! It’s okay, baby, no one will know! Just do it for Mommy! Cum in my pussy.

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Jayne Cobb – Fucking Your Mom In A Tiny Bikini

You and your mom have gone on a vacation and she’s thoughtlessly forgotten her bathing suit, so she sends you down to the gift shop to grab her a new one but you have other plans in mind. You pick out the smallest bikini you can find so you can see your sexy curvy mom as close to naked as possible. She’s a little miffed at first but agrees to try it on and show you why it’s too small, but you just get more and more turned on the longer she tries to show you what’s wrong with it. Once she stops complaining about her body and how she’s too old, and not sexy like the young girls your age, she realizes you have a raging boner! She’s a little surprised, but you can tell she wants it… bad! She reaches down your pants and pulls it out and strokes in and you know she’s desperate to taste your cum. It doesn’t take long to get her on her knees with your throbbing young cock in her MILF mouth. She sucks it so good! You’ve never had a girl your age take as much of your bigger than average cock and your mom really seems to love how hard you are. She can’t stop talking about how your Dad never gets this hard anymore and she’s so horny. She practically begs you to let her ride your big dick and being the excellent son you are, you let her climb on top. Just then, her phone rings. It’s your dad… she has to answer! So while she rides your cock she tells him how great the trip is going, how she misses him and tries SO hard to hide her moans when you unexpectedly thrust your throbbing cock deeper inside her. She looks so cute trying to hide how much she’s loving your big dick. She quickly rushes your dad off the phone, so she can get back to enjoying your big hard cock. It’s been years since she’s been fucked this good. She begs you to take control, so you throw her onto the bed and pound her pussy. You’ve always suspected your mom was a size queen and with how much she’s loving your big dick you know for sure now. You’ll be able to control her with that big dick. She’ll never want to fuck your dad again after having your cock deep inside her. You make her cum hard, and it feels so good you get really excited and bust a HUGE load in her pussy. She feels her cunt filling with your hot load and turns bright red. You’re her son, how can she love having your cum inside her so much!

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