Cory Chase – Mom Craves Young Cock

Scene One: Cereal Dilemma
Mom has been having headaches lately and was prescribed an experimental medication. Mom trusts her doctor and listens to everything he says… Today was an ordinary Saturday, I was looking forward to watching Cartoons and having a nice bowl of cereal. Mom fixed me my favorite bowl of O’s and a nice glass of OJ, then I see her take her pills. She asked what my plans were for today and we have some small talk…Then she begins to complain of feeling tired and leaves the Kitchen to go to sleep…I say goodbye to Mom and continue eating my cereal…A couple moments later there is a tug at my shorts and I look down…MOM IS SUCKING MY COCK!!! Mom is blowing me as if she was a hungry Vampire!!! I ask what she is doing and she just says go with it. I want to tell her to stop but it feels too good…This continues for what seems like a hour but I quickly feel the urge to blast in my Mom’s mouth. She does not stop and I drop my young seed in her mouth and she swallows all of it! She then tucks my cock away and tells me to continue eating my breakfast…Happy Dad did not catch us, I do what Mom says and go back eating…Mom walks away and my mind is blown!!!

Scene Two: Tight Predicament
Johnny plops down on the couch one afternoon, all ready to watch some T.V! His mom, Cory, walks in to the room in a blue, floral bath robe. She lies down next to him and puts her head on top of his leg, next to the bulge in his pants. She takes her hand and starts to rub his cock… She can feel him getting harder and harder. She takes her bath robe off, and starts to tell Johnny how much she has been craving his cock. He starts to gently kiss his mommy’s pussy, but she eagerly tells him how badly she just wants his cock inside of her pussy. He starts to fuck his mom in the missionary position… “Oh, yes, Johnny! You fuck mommy so good! Let me flip around so you can fuck me deeper!” she moans. Then she flips around in to the doggy style position, and he fucks her pussy even deeper than before. She hops on top and rides his cock next, while begging her son to grab her tits as he fucks her. He cums deep inside of her pussy while she is on top. “Oh No! I think I heard your father come home!” Cory exclaims, and the two of them run to get dressed…

Scene Three: Slippery Slope
Johnny is taking a nap in bed one morning, when he wakes up to an unusual surprise! His mom, Cory, is under his blanket with his dick in her mouth! “Mom! What are you doing?!” he exclaims. “I’m taking care of my son!” she tells him, as she shoves his cock down her throat. Johnny is a bit concerned over how often he’s been taking care of his mom lately, but he also thinks his mommy’s pussy and mouth are hard to resist! She jumps on top of him and starts to ride his hard cock. She rides him in regular cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, before she flips on to her back for her son to fuck her in the missionary position next. “Oh yeah, fuck mommy!” Cory moans, before getting in to the doggy style position. “Mommy loves that, doesn’t she?” he asks her. She tells him that she wants him to feed her all of his cum… She wants his cum in her mouth and she wants it now! He fucks her pussy until he gets close and then he pulls out to jerk his cock off in to her mouth and on her face! Afterwards, she tells him to lay down next to her to cuddle and take a nap. “I love you, mommy” he assures her. “I love you too, sweetie…”

Scene Four: Awkward Situation
Cory has been getting a lot of headaches lately and the doctor prescribed her some cutting edge medication. She has another bad headache this morning, so she decides to take 2 pills instead of 1 like she normally takes. Meanwhile, in the other room, Johnny decides to have a talk with his dad about what’s been going on with his mom lately. He sits down in Luke’s office and confesses that he is confused as to why his mom has been coming on to him lately! Luke decides to tell him the truth about his mom and the medication she is on. “It has a lot of side effects. One of the side effects is “craving young cock” and it’s best for you to just let your mom do her thing because she is technically sleep walking,” Luke explains to Johnny. Cory walks in to the room and lies down on Luke’s desk in her bra and undies. “I want both of my boys!” she exclaims. She wants to start with Johnny, so she gets on her knees and starts to suck his cock again. “It says the semen of a young boy will cure all the symptoms!” Luke tells Johnny, as he continues to read the side effects of her medication. Luke re-assures his son that he is doing the right thing by helping his mother. Luke decides to join in, so Cory lies back on the desk again… She sucks Johnny’s cock while her husband fucks her pussy. They move over to the couch and Cory gets in to the doggy style position next. She goes back to sucking her son’s cock while her husband fucks her pussy. Luke tells her to flip around so her son can fuck her pussy while she sucks her husband’s cock next. “We’re doing this for medical reasons!” Luke reminds his son. She jerks her son’s dick in to her mouth while Luke fucks her pussy again. Her husband and son continue taking turns on her holes, until they both want to cum. “Ready for a nice, double facial?” Luke asks her. “Yes!” she replies. She gets down on her knees and they both jerk their cocks off on to her face. “How’s your headache, sweetie?” Luke asks her. “What headache!?” she asks. “Perfect! I will tell the doctor that the medicine is working!” he tells her…

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