Jessica Starling – Impregnate Mommy BG POV Creampie

Mommy wants you to put a baby inside her! It’s okay though, it’ll be our little secret. You can’t resist mommy in this sexy blue lingerie, can you? Let mommy seduce you, suck your cock, then get on top and ride you. Then, you can pound mommy in missionary until you fill up my pretty pussy with your cum and get me pregnant!

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Is Your Sex Slave

You have the perfect plan. You’ve been learning the art of mesmerization, and it’s all going to pay off. You have mommy watch your shiny pendulum swing back and forth, back and forth… until she has no more thoughts. Her mind is empty, and you’re going to fill it with your cock! Mommy is your perfect bimbo sex slave as she strips for you and gets on her knees to suck your hard cock. You pound her in missionary before she gets on top and rides you, watching her big tits bounce in your face. You bust inside of her tight pussy as she begs for her baby boy’s cum.

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Jessica Starling – Mom Takes Your Virginity

You mommy always said she’d take care of you — and now is no exception. Mommy knows her baby boy has never had sex before. She knows he’s nervous, and he needs mommy to guide him. Mommy approaches you in sexy black lingerie. She’s going to take her sweet boy’s virginity tonight. Mommy pulls out her big, natural tits and invites you to suck on them. She moans while you tongue her pretty pink nipples. Mommy feels her baby boy’s cock getting hard, and she pulls it out and begins to tug. Mommy is getting you ready for her pussy. When you’re ready, she lays you down on the bed and slowly lowers herself on your erection. Mommy’s pussy feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before — wet and silky. She rides your cock slow at first, and builds up faster and faster. She then alternates between fast and slow riding, to make sure her baby boy’s virgin cock doesn’t cum yet. Mommy then invites you on top of her. You eagerly pump into her wet pussy, watching her tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy then begs you to cum inside her pussy, and you fill her up with the first creampie you’ve ever given. Mommy’s baby boy is a natural.

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Punishes You For Watching Porn JOI

Mommy knows you’ve been a dirty little boy. Mommy knows what you’re doing with her laptop at night. You’ve been stroking your little cock to porn – MILF and taboo porn no less, you filthy pervert. Have you been thinking about Mommy when you touch yourself? You need to be punished. If you like touching yourself so much, why don’t you do it in front of Mommy? What, are you embarrassed? Stop snivelling and do what I say. My baby boy needs to listen to Mommy and touch his cock exactly like how I say. Mommy owns you and that cock. And at the end? I’m going to make you lick up all your mess. Every last drop. Be a good boy for Mommy.

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Download Jessica Starling - Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn.mp4
Download Jessica Starling - Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn.mp4

Lonely Mommy Begs For Anal – Jessica Starling

Mommy has been lonely. Your father is always away on business and, well, mommy has needs. She bends over in front of you, her skirt rising up and revealing the butt plug she has in her ass. She’s embarrassed and admits she finds wearing it around the house exciting. It’s been a while since she’s had any intimacy. She leans in towards you and tells you how much you look like your father. She pauses, then asks you if you liked seeing her bent over. Mommy assures you it’s completely natural if you did — she’s still a woman, after all. She bends over in front of you again, spreading her ass. Mommy noticed the way you’ve been looking at her lately. She knows what you’ve been fantasizing about. Secretly, she has been as well. She takes out her butt plug, spreads her ass and begs you to put your cock inside her. You slip your thick cock inside mommy’s ass, stretching her out. She reassures everything you two are doing is completely okay. Mommy just needs you to fuck her ass. You cum inside her asshole and watch it leak out on to the bed. Mommy says you two will be doing this a lot more from now on.

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Download Jessica Starling - Lonely Mommy Begs For Anal.mp4

Jessica Starling, Gwenadora – Sister And Mommy Taboo Impregnation

Mommy (Gwen Adora) wants to sit down and have a family meeting with you and your sister. Mommy knows you and your sister are getting interested in sex (especially due to the stains on your bed sheets and your stiff socks), but there are some family values that Mommy wants you all to adhere by. First: all sex must be done for the purpose of procreation. Second: that all procreation must be kept within the family. That mean, if you want to have sex… you’ll have to impregnate your sister. Mommy assures both of you that this is perfectly normal, and many other families do the same thing. She’ll also be there the entire time to guide the both of you. Your sister is excited to fuck you and be impregnated! Mommy leads you both to the bedroom, where she helps your sister out of her clothes. Mommy asks you to pull out your hard cock is well — both mommy and sister are so impressed by it! Mommy instructs your sister through her first blowjob, and even tastes your cock herself. Then, mommy brings everyone to the bed and you slide your cock into your sister’s pussy. Mommy is telling you to fuck your sister harder, faster, but to save your cum for just a bit longer. Mommy gets so turned on that she wants to fuck her baby boy as well! You pull your cock out of your sister’s pussy and slide it into mommy’s and fuck her. Your sister loves watching you fuck mommy. Then, you start to pound your sister’s pussy again. She starts to cum hard on your dick, triggering your orgasm and pumping your cum into her AND mommy! You watch your huge load dribble out of both your sister’s and mommy’s pussy. You’ve impregnated both of them!

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Jessica Starling – Goth Mommy Panty Stuffing And Riding

Mommy loves her baby boy, and it’s finally their honeymoon. Mommy is dressed in her best gothic lingerie, ready for a romantic and sensual night. Her sweet baby boy is going to be with her forever now, and her baby boy is the only one who can satisfy her. Mommy starts to kiss her sweet boy, telling him how they’ll make love every night from now on. She then slowly removes her bra, revealing her big, natural tits. Mommy covers them in oil, putting on a show for her baby boy. Then, mommy tells her sweet boy that she’s going to stuff her panties inside her pussy. Mommy is going to fuck him with the panties inside of her, and they will both cum. The panties will absorb all of their juices! Then, baby boy can always have a memory of this night, and use them to help pleasure himself when mommy isn’t around. Mommy stuffs the panties inside her dripping pussy, then mounts her baby boy’s hard cock. She bounces up and down on her baby boy’s erection, kissing him, telling him they’ll be together forever, and saying how good his cock feels in between moans. Mommy rides until she and her baby boy cum at the same time. She squeezes out some of the cum, and it drips from her pussy. Mommy pulls out the soaked panties and gives the gift to her baby boy.

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Helps U Go To Bed

You’ve been tossing and turning all night, you’re too restless to close your eyes. Mommy feels bad for you, and agrees to cuddle you in bed until you drift off. She pushes her body right up against yours. You’re only in your boxers, and can’t help but get hard as mommy pushes her ass against your cock. You start to rub against her. You’re too aroused to control yourself. Mommy is surprised, but delighted. She starts to mimic your movements, rubbing her ass against your erection. Mommy then turns around and tells you that she knows just the thing to help you drift off. Mommy puts her hand underneath your boxers and begins to stroke your cock. She undoes some of the buttons on her shirt, her breast is practically falling out of her bra. It feels so good to have your mommy stroke your cock like this. Mommy then takes off her bra, and you suck on her tits while she continues to jerk you off. She takes off her pants and panties and shows you her wet, pink pussy. You lick your mommy’s quivering pussy, making her drip. Mommy wants to make you cum to help you relax and close your eyes. She makes you spoon her, and then guides your cock into her wet pussy. Your mommy’s pussy is divine. She loves your cock. She loves fucking her baby boy. Mommy wants to help her baby boy every night like this. You then climb on top of her and pound her in missionary. You love watching your mommy’s tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy begs you to cum all over her, to cover her in your load. You fuck her pussy until you pull out and shoot cum all over her torso. You’re definitely ready for bed now.

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