Jessie Lee Pierce – Mom Wants To Fuck Her Son Again

I can’t stop thinking about the last time I fucked my son, nothing makes me as wet as the thought of fucking my Son! Why don’t you give Mommy what she wants and let me fuck my Son again! Pull out that beautiful cock and let me suck it, you know Mommy loves sucking your cock! You’re such a good Son, so hard for your mom, it’s time to fuck your mom’s pussy! You fuck your Mom’s pussy (dildo) whiles she’s on her back, in doggy style and she climbs on top of you and rides you until you cum deep inside her, giving Mommy a cream pie!

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Jessie Lee Pierce – Brother Fucks Sisters Ass

Jessie Lee Pierce – Brother Fucks Sisters Ass
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Oh my God! I’ve crashed Dads car! I’ll tell my little brother, maybe he can help me come up with an idea. My little brother is willing to take the blame, with a condition of course, he wants me to let him fuck my ass! My little brother is such a horny little fuck, he would suggest that, I always see him perving on me! Well, Dad would ground me for life, I don’t have much choice do I?! Maybe I can make him blow from a blowjob and save my ass from my brothers cock, nope, he’s blown all over my face and he’s still rock hard, I guess I’m going to have to let my brother pound my ass while his cum is still dripping off my face!

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Jessie Lee Pierce – Bedtime With Mom Soothing And Relaxing Asmr

This scene is a relaxing and soothing Mom/Son scene, designed to make you feel as though Mom is with you while you fall asleep. Listen and/or watch as I tuck you in and softly speak to you while you fall asleep, you have nothing to worry about with Mom right here laying with you. I know you sleep best with Mom right next to you, so I’m going to stay here with you all night. This is a very loving and soothing scene, it is non sexual, although my breasts do slip out of my top a few times there’s cuddling, and sleeping in the same bed, but no sexual activity in this scene. The speech progresses from softly spoken to a soft whisper.

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