JessieMinx – Turning You Into A Man

Custom Video: Mom/ son POV -First 3 min- Son is spying on mom as she comes to her room after a shower wearing only a towel. Dry off slowly and sexy, accentuating your butt and breasts. notice son and call him out. You realize he is hard and tell him “it’s not right to spy on your naked mother”. Make him strip. “You saw mommy, now she gets to see you”.Become increasingly aroused as you notice his ” huge saggy balls and massive cock”. -last 7 min- “It’s a mother’s job to make her son a man, I gave you that massive penis, now it’s time to give it back to mommy.” Ride him cowgirl, bouncing and pressing tits together. After a few min, he blows his load. “oh baby, I feel you busting in mommy.” Shiver and thrust in reaction to a few bursts.”It feels so nice and warm honey, empty those balls in mommy.” Explain the importance and joy of a shared orgasm. ” I know you have more cum in those big young balls of yours, so wait for mommy this time” Finish missionary (w/camera above you like being on top) Breasts bouncing and pressed together. “It feels so wonderful having my baby boy inside me.” I love the way your balls pound mommy’s asshole.” Mash those huge nuts hard against mommy’s asshole baby!“I can feel you throbbing son and mommy is about to erupt all over your rod, so when you feel your mother’s warm juices wash over your cock, you can let go baby.” Have intense orgasm and he blows in you again. Long, slow thrust reactions to nut busts. “I know you’re tired baby, okay pass out inside mommy.

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JessieMinx – Aunties Love

Custom: You play the sexy aunt who is staying over and visiting. You see your nephew after quite some time and he’s all grown up. You ask if you can share a bed with him becaues you’re room is hot and his is cooler. You have a slightly revealing night dress on and lay down next to him facing him. He has an erection and you’re shocked yet pleased he finds you attractive. You talk dirty to him and start touching him. You take the lead and get on top of him, start grinding, playing with your tits and sucking them while talking about how its clear he wants you. You lean forward and tell him to suck on your huge tits and how you know you’ve seen him checking them out since she’s arrived and that its ok/ You slip his cock in and began to ride him, talking dirty to him and how much better it is doing it with an older woman compared to the skinny little girls he hangs out with. You enjoy yourself and appreciate his compliance so much you have decided to suck him dry and cum in your mouth. You tell him how much fun you had how you’re such a good nephew, that from now on she’ll be s.leeping with you in your room from now on and keep you company at night.

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