MoRina – Mom Supports Masturbation

As your mom, I’m always trying to help you! Today I come into your room in the morning to make sure you get up to go to your important appointment. I quickly realize that you’re awake and masturbating. I always want to support you, so even though at first it seems awkward, I get into the spirit pretty quickly…

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BuniBun – Mommy Helps You With Your Erection JOI

You sneak up on your mom while she is in the kitchen baking your birthday cake before the family comes over for your birthday get together. You explain to your mom your in pain and tell her you have an erection and that it hurts. She tells you that shes gunna have to see your hardon to know whats going on with it, so you show her and she notices how big and swollen your cock is and that she’s gunna help you take care of it because everyone will be over soon and she doesnt want you to have a raging hardon while all your family is over and doesnt want you to be in pain. Your mom tells you to spit on your hand and start slowly stroking it as she shows you her tits and continues to tease you with her ass and tits until she gives you a countdown from 10 to cum and you finally cum hard for mommy.

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California Girl – Panty Thief Son JOI Part 1

My son likes to jerk off to my panties. I can’t find my panties anywhere. I looked in the laundry and they are all gone. WTF? Oh, I found them. They are hidden in my son’s drawer. Come here son. I found my underwear in your drawer. You’re masturbating to my panties? At first, I am not happy about this, but I have to admit. Its getting me pretty hot. Let me masturbate through the panties and get them nice and wet for you son. I strip out of my robe and am wearing a red bra and panties. I play with myself lying on my back to show off the panties, then I pull them off to the side so you can see my wet pussy. Then I masturbate doggy style to show off my pussy and asshole to my son while he masturbates for me.

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California Girl – Panty Thief Son JOI BJ Part 2

I come home from the gym in yoga shorts and can’t find my son. Maybe he is jerking off to my panties again. I tease my son as I undress and do a little strip tease. I masturbate doggy style to get my sons dick hard. I open up my pussy wide and finger my pussy. I spread my asshole to give him a nice view. Then I give him a real dirty blowjob with deepthroat, gagging and eye contact. Then he cums in my mouth.

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BettieBloem – Cum For Mommy

You see Mommy playing with her breast and approaches apprehensively as you’re summoned onto her bed. She has a plan, and your job will be to obey. The curiosity for Mommy’s hairy cunt and her JOI will having you stroking so good! Remembering that someone else controls that cock, and edges you at her will until it pleases Mommy otherwise will make Mommy so proud and earn you a Round Two to cum to her pretty ass and legs in thigh highs! Lots of dirty talking encouragement. GoodBoy gives her two big loads!

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MayvenDoll – Your Slutty Mommy Taboo JOI

A very taboo JOI. Your mom’s friend tells you all about their dirty fun night out fucking multiple guys. She knows you are a dirty little pervert for mommy and gives you all the details while telling you to jerk off for her JOI.

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Kittycream – Have You Been Sniffing My Panties

Kitty has been suspicious for a while that you might have been taking her panties…. You are a naughty boy having all these fantasies so now you will stand in front of Kitty, take your trousers down and jerk off for her as your punishment!

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AmyPaige – Peeking At Mommy

Taking advantage of some time alone, I lay back on the futon in the spare badroom and begin fantasizing, letting my fingers drift on my body…hey! What are you doing there? You were supposed to be out with your friends this afternoon. Well you should knock on closed doors. Hmm, you look like you got an eyeful, I see what is going on there in your shorts. Okay, pull your cock out. Yes! Pull it out for me now. I intend to have even more fun now. Jerk your cock for me, jerk it for mommy’s big tits while I play with my wet pussy.

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