Mindi Mink – Spying On His Aunt

My nephew Adrian is a good kid, but I know that he’s pretty hot for his aunt. Just the other day Adrian sexted me then said he did it by accident. He was really sending the pictures to his girlfriend. Yeah right. I’ve seen Adrian checking me out. Looking at my feet while a bulge grows in his jeans. I know when a guy is hot for me but I was taken aback when it was my own nephew. But once I got used to the idea I got more and more turned on. Having my own nephew sucking on my toes and tasting my pussy? This family just got a lot more interesting.

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Mindi Mink – Work Out And Jerk Off

I can’t find my keys & I’m on my way to the gym! Son, hey son have you seen them? That’s when my son told me to check under the sofa, and sure enough that’s where they were! I also caught my son checking out my ass in these tight work out spandex pants. Hey are you looking at my ass? No, replied my son. But I was able to make him admit that he was looking at my ass, and loves how I look! That’s not all he wants to see, and you know what I’m going to let him jerk off his cock, while I give him a show, he will just need to do me a favor when I’m done with him. Clean the stove, inside & out, while I’m at the gym working on my hot body! I know how to get things done in this household!

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Katy AnnXO – Mommy Son Jerk Off Instructional

I see that your turning into such a handsome young man. Mommy wants to make sure you know how to jerk that joy stick just right! Dressed in a sheer lingerie nighty that show case my massive mounds I start to talk you about masturbation. I get out my tits to make sure you reach maximum chub. I even bring a dildo so I can show how I want you to be stroking your cock. After our lesson I masturbate with my dildo so your cock is extra hard and you can bust a huge load for mommy.

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Kenna Valentina – Mommy Wants To Watch You Finish

Hi Honey. You were watching me sunbath again- You don’t have to deny it, I saw you peeping.. I know I’ve talked to you about this before, but I feel like at this point.. if you want to watch me, you can. I know it’s hard to resist- you love watching your mommy sunbath. But it’s ok, I don’t mind. And I know sometimes you touch yourself when you’re watching me because you leave a mess and you don’t realize it.. But now might be the time where we take things to the next level instead of you watching me when you think I’m not aware. I’m giving you permission to indulge in whatever desires you feel when you watch me. Ok? It’s ok. Don’t be embarrassed. This is totally natural and normal.. Now, since I came in before you had the chance.. I’d like you to finish for me.

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Bettie Bondage – Catching Your Mom Being The Team Slut

You come home early from school one day to some strange sounds coming from your parents room. When you go to investigate, you realize it’s the sound of sex! But…is that?…the man sounds unlike your father, and when you peek in, you see your mother riding a big black cock, decidedly not your father! You watch for a few minutes, entranced by the way your mother enthusiastically rides this guy’s cock, listening to her blazingly hot dirty talk before hurrying off so she doesn’t see you in the hall. You can’t decide what to do, it’s on your mind at all hours of the day…and then, you get home early from practice and hear similar noises from the bathroom! You hear your mother asking the mystery guy if he’s sure that you won’t be home from practice til seven…and when you hear the response, you know right away! You watch your mother, bent over the bathroom sink, getting it deep from behind…from your teammate! You realize that black cock must belong to another teammate…your mother is the team slut!! You’d heard stories about this older woman a few of them had gangbanged…but…your mother?!?! You don’t know whether to be disgusted or turned on but the rising hardon in your jeans insists its position on the matter. You run to your room and jerk off to the thought, cumming harder than you thought possible. The next day, you decide to confront her. You have to hear it from her, before you go to your teammates or your dad or anyone else. You skip class and find her, laying naked on her bed, a used condom and a purple dildo laid out beside her. You feel that same rise in your pants, but you try to ignore it. You need the truth! You watch your mother, her big breasts rising and falling, her pussy still glistening wet from her last extramarital fucking. When she finally awakens, she looks confused. Where you watching her? What do you want? You waste no time telling her what you need from her: the truth. All of it! A full confession of every dirty secret. Hearing your mother explain how and why she took all your teammates cocks, even your coach, in all her holes has you rock solid. You try to remain distant, angry, but it just turns you on. Your mother, a total slut, taking young cock and cum in all her holes, begging for more…you can tell she’s breathing faster. She’s getting turned on confessing to you! You shift in your seat, your cock prominent in its hardness. She notices. Her hand falls a bit, the blanket shifts so you can see her hard nipples. She reaches for the purple dildo, raising an eyebrow at you…you take the opportunity, pulling your cock out as your mother pulls back the covers, spreads her legs for you, begins plunging the toy in and out as you stroke, her confession getting dirtier, more joyous as she thrusts the toy inside her soaking, well fucked pussy, urging you to cum with her as she throws her head back and cums for you, your mother, the team slut.

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Kenna Valentina – Your Friends Mom Wants To See How Much Youve Grown

When you stop by your friend Jake’s house to see if he’s home, you find his hot mom laying out by the pool in a bikini, wet from just getting out of the pool. You can’t help but admire her body, starring at her from the door, you need to get a closer look. You scan her body up and down, looking at her perfect feet, legs, and amazing boobs. You go back inside and sit on the couch where she comes in to find you. Always happy to see you, she sits on the couch next to you telling you her house is basically your second house and she feels a maternal connection to you. She’s seen the way you’ve looked at her for years now, and she’s completely ok with it. She goes on to tell you that she feels the same about you. She mentions that you know Jake works late, and she gets the feeling you came just to see her. She moves closer to you on the couch, and you can tell by the look in her eyes that she has wanted this to happen for a while now. She tries to hold back her temptation for you, but she has to see exactly how much you’ve grown.

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Helena Price – Mom Gives Hot JOI While She Masturbates

Your mom Helena is feeling really horny today while the two of you are alone at the house. She has been catching you checking her out in her short skirts and stockings and she can tell from the bulge in your pants that you like it. Well today she’s going to give you the full view of her body while she gets herself off and tells you how to stroke yourself to climax in the process.

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommys Huge Silicone Balloons

Mommy can’t believe how fast your scarfed down your dinner! That makes my chest hurt!!! I remember when you used to milk off of mommy’s huge jugs! How look at my tits! The doctor really pumped them up! So much, that there is no room left on my chest!!! You were a different kind of ch1ld. You never played with normal toys!!! Mommy’s silicone jugs were your toys!!! Do you remember how obsessed you were with these balloons? You loved squeezing and sucking on these puppies! These were your toys! I bet you still love them! Look at them closely, and feel them, squeeze them! I bet your young cock is getting nice and hard. I don’t think mommy has any more room to go bigger! These things are blown up to capacity!!! Let mommy stroke you while you stare and touch mommy’s jugs!!!

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Kitty – Aunt Kitty Jerk Off Instruction

Aunt Kitty just wanted to have some tea with you while you’re home from university, but she senses your eyes undressing her and seeing her thighs and stockings peeking out from under her short skirt. Feeling sexy and watched, and seeing your cock bulge in your pants, she decides to have some fun by slowly undressing for you and telling you exactly how she wants you to play with your cock while she rubs her tits and fingers her shaved pussy while moaning loudly for you.

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Do You Want to Come on Mummy’s Big Boobies?

Hi, my little darling. Since you’re here… would you like to help Mummy with something? Can you help Mummy for sunbathing? I just need you to help rub some nice oil onto my boobies. Can you do that? Right here. Here, squirt some oil onto your hands. Oh, not too much!! Then, just rub, rub, rub… YES! Mummy’s boobies ARE so bouncy! hee hee hee You’re so sweet. You love Mummy’s boobies, don’t you. You’re such a good boy. And so helpful! Yes, keep rubbing. I need to get the oil ALL OVER my bouncy boobies. That’s it. And… Oh, does my beautiful boy have a little boner?? Oh, that’s sweet. Do you need to go… Oh, you want to come ON Mummy’s boobies?? Oh, okay. Yes, I can make them extra bouncy for you… That’s a good boy!

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