Dinkybum – I Found Your Mommy Porn

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Vivian Monroe – Stroke Your Cock for Mommy

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Snsultry – Mom Finds Son’s Dick Pic JOI

You left your phone out and your mom finds it. When she starts to snoop through it, she is surprised to find a dick pic on there. She is even more surprised to find that it is not the size she was expecting from her son. She confronts him and then proceeds to tell him how nice his cock is. She decides it’s maybe time for her to teach her son a little bit about pleasure and maybe watch as she talks him through his orgasm.

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Lila Lovely – Step Mom JOI

Mommy Lila has some chores for you to complete. You’re always happy to do exactly what she instructs you to do. And mommy Lila always rewards a hard worker. She gives you some incentive by telling you how she plans on rewarding you. Mommy Lila has you take out your stiff cock for her and tells you how she wants you to jerk it for her. Once you’ve completed your chores she wants to feel that big load you’ve been saving up for just her all over her huge tits!

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Lynda Leigh – Spying Son

Lynda catches her son spying on her while she’s getting dressed. She’s wearing an outfit that will definitely get all the men at work hard, which she can see is also working for her son. Lynda knows that he jerks off while thinking about her, so she wants to see him do it in front of her. Lynda is also going to give him some visual encouragement while he jerks off. Get ready to see a very horny Lynda, those big fake tits and her pussy.

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Lynda Leigh – Taboo Fantasy

Lynda is making her stepson’s bed while asking him why his girlfriend left. She also explains that she has a lot of experience, and he has so much to learn. Lynda asks if he would like to learn because there is no time like the present and removes her top. Lynda is going to masturbate on the bed, and you get to watch. Then you can see a real woman’s body and learn about what a real woman wants. Get ready to watch Lynda rub oil everywhere before spreading her legs and masturbating. At the same time, he is also being taught about what is what, sexually speaking.

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BettieBloem – Mommy Knows What You Did

Mommy knows what you did! Taking my panties, depositing your semen into them and hiding them in your mattress is gonna get you a video of me rubbing my fresh cummies all over my stretchy thongs that I want you to watch as you stroke your meat for me, JOI, you’re such a goodboy to follow my instructions, and now you know what Mommy looks like when she cums!

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Oh Travis, come watch your mommy work out! Like seeing my boobs bounce? OMG you have a boner!! I’ll pretend I don’t see that while I squat. Okay how about mommy helps you workout Travis! Here let mommy help, its good for my triceps. Real cum shot on my bra!

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