Kittycream – Have You Been Sniffing My Panties

Kitty has been suspicious for a while that you might have been taking her panties…. You are a naughty boy having all these fantasies so now you will stand in front of Kitty, take your trousers down and jerk off for her as your punishment!

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AmyPaige – Peeking At Mommy

Taking advantage of some time alone, I lay back on the futon in the spare badroom and begin fantasizing, letting my fingers drift on my body…hey! What are you doing there? You were supposed to be out with your friends this afternoon. Well you should knock on closed doors. Hmm, you look like you got an eyeful, I see what is going on there in your shorts. Okay, pull your cock out. Yes! Pull it out for me now. I intend to have even more fun now. Jerk your cock for me, jerk it for mommy’s big tits while I play with my wet pussy.

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Nikki Brooks – Step-Mommy’s Slutty Encouragement JOI

Your Step-Mommy isn’t here to reject you or tell you that you are crazy. It’s perfectly normal to jerk it to her and want to explore some naughty ideas. You can touch, undress, stroke your cock to and most of all play with someone that encourages this behavior. One thing that your Step-Mommy doesn’t condone is fibbing. Don’t lie to your Step-Mommy. Now be honest, have you ever thought about starting at her feet, worshipping up her legs and then getting a little closer to her pussy. You realize that you are trembling and shaking while you stroke your cock. Your fantasy is finally becoming a reality. Hearing the sounds of your Step-Mommy moaning is just what you’ve always wanted to achieve. You want it so bad, you manhandle her and shove her mouth right on your cock. You keep jerking at the thought of taking things to the next level with your Step-Mommy. Before you know it, you’re inside her with her legs over your head and showing her exactly what you are made of.

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Mama Fiona – Naked Naughty Mama Sensual JOI

Your mommy is a *very* naughty MILF. I know how turned on my son is staring at my sexy body. I know how much I turn you on babyboy. I’d love to fuck you, but tonight, I want you to stare. I want you to stare at your moms perfect naked body while I instruct you on what I’d like to see you do with that big, hott, hard dick of yours. You love that anyway don’t you hunny? I love when your precum for me, I love when you stroke that dick for your mom. I love that you stare at me all the time and I love that I can get your attention whenever I want it, just by giving you that naughty look. We know what we’re doing is naughty but we don’t care! I just know how much it turns me on to watch my son stroke his big hard dick for me. Can’t wait to see how hard you cum, baby boy…

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UrSilvia – JOI Mommy Countdown

Sexy mom saw you jerk off and wants to give you instructions, lascivious son. Listen to mommy’s sexy voice, she will tell you how to caress your penis. Mom stands over you and lifts her skirt, spanks her ass and seduces you making your cock harder .. She took off her panties and started fondling her pussy for you, look at this and squeeze your cock! Mommy needs your sperm and she will help you with her body and voice. Attention! Countdown… Mommy’s Ass for Your Cum! Oh yes, you are great son!

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Shows You How To Stroke

Have you been touching yourself? Mommy just wants to make sure you’re touching yourself properly. You deserve to feel so, so good. Here, let me show you what to do… and I know you’ll like it if mommy encourages you with her body, wouldn’t you?

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MizzAmandaMarie – Home Alone With Mommy

Mommy wants to take some time alone with you while she can. She’s so proud of how far you’ve come and how well you know how to please a woman these days. She admires your cock and strokes it for you, getting it nice and hard. Then she pulls out her tits and lets you touch them and rub your cock between them. She lays back and takes off her panties, before begging you for your cock and getting fucked by you till you cum inside.

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Penny Barber – Mom Makes You Jerk Off In The Car

I said you could have a soda after your baseball game IF you won. You are going to have to do something else if you want to earn your this cold, refreshing treat. Why don’t you unzip your pants and get your dick nice and hard for me. I will even take my tits out for inspiration. Now I want you to finish yourself off right here in the parking lot. Do you think you can make that cute cock of yours shoot before Step-Mom finishes your soda or somebody catches you stroking it in the car? Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one getting a little naked in here. I am going to give you plenty of peeks at my bare breasts, round ass, and wet pussy to help you cum before you get caught playing with yourself.

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Penny Barber – Wanking in the Woods to Moms Big Tits

I do believe you that walking with an erection is uncomfortable but we really need to catch up to the rest of the group. I am sure you don’t want your step-sister to walk back here and find out the family hike is delayed because you got a boner. Can’t you just take care of it? You can jerk off this one time without porn. You young people today really are helpless without your phones. Will it help if I show you my bare breasts? I think these big beautiful MILF tits should be more than enough to get you off. Ok fine, I will show you my thick round ass too. I don’t believe you can’t masturbate without seeing my naked pussy but I am tired of arguing. I will get naked for you but please try to cum before someone comes to see what is taking us so long.

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