Goddess Fiona – Handjob from Your Hot Mama

Oh hunny, you haven’t let me do this with you in a WHILE! But I have to say that I am always ecstatic to help my sweet stepson jerk his dick off. We’ve had this little routine for such a long time, you and I. But its been a few weeks now and your mom Is very VERY excited to help you out. I lay next to you and you can’t keep your eyes off of my beautiful face and sweet big natural titties as I grab the lube and start stroking your nice hard cock very sensually. I talk to you about how much I love doing this with you, and I tell you what I’m doing with your dick as I’m doing it, so that you can easily replicate your mommy’s sensual touch the next time your jerk off on your own. I let you cum all over me and kiss you goodnight. I love my sweet boy! You get me so excited hunny. I can’t wait to do this with you again!

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Bettie Bondage – Family Movie Night

Look, if you guys can’t decide on a movie, then we’ll just have to watch your brother masturbate for the family. I’ll get naked, too, wouldn’t that make you happy, honey? Watching Mommy’s naked body, the pussy you came from, while your whole family watches you stroke and ooze precum and ejaculate for us? It’s the perfect form of entertainment!

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Ellie Rowyn – Mommy Gives You a Present

I am just sooo proud of you for getting a new job and a new place. I am going to miss you though and well, I wanted to give you a present. I’ve caught you staring at my ass so many times and recently, I’ve found a certain thong in your room. And I just happen to be wearing that thong right now. It’s my favorite and your dad’s, but I can just tell him it got lost. I’ve been preparing this pair just for you for a few days now. They’re nice and fragrant and dirty just for you. I want you to take out your cock and stroke while I show them off for you. When you’re jerking off into mommy’s panties, I want you to remember how good I looked in them. Are you imagining how good they smell and taste? Doesn’t my ass look amazing in them? I take my top off and continue to tease and edge you. I slowly slide my thong off. Do you think this is a good enough present? I drop them into your lap and tell you good luck with your new job while walking away.

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VieraMayXXX – Mommy Finds Your Porn

I’m reading in my bedroom and you walk in to ask permission to go out. I explain that I need to talk to you about something I found before you leave. I found Mommy roleplay porn on your computer son. I also explain that It’s totally natural and I wouldn’t mind helping you jerk off. Mommy wants to help fulfill your fantasy’s. You start to jerk it while I strip down and show you my sexy ass. I play with myself by sliding my finger in and out of my wet pussy. I give us a cum countdown and we finish at the same time. I lean over and help you jerk out every last drop. Good boy! Mommy loves helping you cum! Let’s do this again soon! Make sure to keep it our little secret.

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Lynda Leigh – Taboo JOI

Lynda has caught you spying on her and to make things worse, you also have an erection. You shouldn’t be spying on your step mum, but Lynda has an idea that might help you. Lynda decides that some jerk off instruction is in order and you should do exactly what she says. You are also going to be getting a lot of encouragement from Lynda throughout. To start with you get to see those fantastic big tits, but it’s not long before her knickers are removed, and you get to see Lynda’s pussy.

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Lynda Leigh – Taboo Mum

Lynda knows that you have been spying on her and going through her things. That’s why you’re not surprised when you’re shown one of her dildos. It’s something that you have seen before and you get to watch while your mum uses it. There’s no touching allowed but you can watch. Lynda is talking to you throughout and starts by getting her fantastic tits out. Next, Lynda lays back on the bed and spreads her legs, giving you the perfect view of her pussy. Now she slips the cock dildo into her pussy and moans with pleasure. You also get some excellent camera angles in this very naughty video. Press play and enjoy.

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Lynda Leigh – Taboo Texts

Lynda has found out that you have been sending her dirty text messages using a hidden phone. You’ve been caught because Lynda has found the phone in your bedroom. This sort of behaviour is usually unacceptable, and although you are a naughty son, Lynda is in a mischievous mood. Turning the tables on you, Lynda wants to see your cock. No more hiding away and secretly texting, things are about to get very real. Lynda wants you to listen to her jerk off instructions and do exactly what she says. Lynda uses a dildo cock to demonstrate on, so you know what to do and you get to enjoy her big fake tits. Get ready to join a very horny Lynda that’s in a very naughty mood.

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