Thelochnesscumslut – Long Mommy JOI

I know you think you’ve been sneaky and that mommy won’t notice you staring at me whenever you get a chance, but I see you, I see you all the time. I’ve also heard you, late at night, jerking off and moaning for mommy! Well, I think it’s time that mommy did something about it! I want you to stroke for me while I strip down and start to show you all the sexy things mommy likes to wear under her clothes. Maybe Mommy will even let you see her breasts without anything covering them while you stroke and edge! Mommy knows you want to edge and follow along all of my instructions!

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Carmita Bonita – Mommy Jerk Off Instuction Cum Countdown

Mommy knows how to take care of you best. I want to show you how to stroke your cock. I want you to take your time and gaze at mommy’s beautiful curvy body. I stroke this dildo up and down showing you the pace I want you at. Finally finishing off with a cum countdown from 10. You were such a good boy and deserve a view of mommy’s tight holes.

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Lourdes Noir – Mommy Helps Empty Your Balls

You are going on a date tonight and you are excited. If things go well you hope to “seal the deal.” You haven’t had sex before and your Mom knows it. Most young men would be embarrassed to have that conversation about sex with their mom but your mom is so cool. All your friends want to bang her. You are surprised when she comes into your room and tell you she thinks you need to have an orgasm before you meet her to make sure you last longer should be have sex.and lucky you, she’s willing to use herself as stroke material, and she’s even willing to instruct you. Man, your mom is the best.

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ScarletEllie – Son Catch Mom Fucking Brother And Joins

The premise is mom is trying on old lingerie and Im feeling sexy. My youngest son comes in and catches me in my bedroom. I know its wrong but I like the way my son looks at me in the underwear. I can tell he’s getting hard as I dance and seduce him. I let him pull out his big cock and even let him chose a dildo to fuck myself with. I show him all the dildos i have . He choses the one that best resembles his own. Before long of mommy fucking herself you must fuck her. Mommy bends over and he sticks his huge cock inside her. You fuck her so good. Then all of a sudden your older brother catches both and wants to join in. Mommy loves his thick cock too. AS she fucks him the other jerks off . They both cum , one getting blown and the other watching. I know all my die hard taboo babes are gonna love this one.

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Nicole Nabors – Mommy Wakes You Up

Mommy wakes you up and to her surprise you have morning wood. She asks you if you wanna take care of it before breakfast. She shows you her big tits while you stroke your cock for her. She takes them out and plays with them for you because she knows you like that. She wants to help you cum faster so she climbs on top to milk your cock inside her. She begs you to cum inside the hole you came from. Ending in a creampie.

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Anna Noelle – Mommy Son Roleplay JOI

You know I’d do anything for you…let me do this? I know my sweet boy is growing up, and I want to help make his transition as smooth as possible. Mommy knows best.

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ScarletEllie – Jealous Mommy Wants Be Your Girlfriend

You have a new girlfriend and mommy is so jealous ! Mommy is going to convince you to be her boyfriend. She loves you more than that whore you call a girlfriend anyways. She wants to satisfy you.

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LilRedVelvet – Mom Encouragment JOI

Your moms a milf and knows it. she overheard you and your friends talking about how hot she is and it got her so horny. she worships your cock and gives you a joi until you cum.

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Viera May – Step Mom Gives You JOI Circumcision

In this video I play your new step mom! You walk in on me cleaning! I was fixing my undies and get so embarrassed that my new son saw my ass! I feel a lot better when I realize you don’t mind at all! You even seem to have enjoyed it a little! I tell you to go test out the clean bathroom! I think that your just going pee but I get worried when it starts to take you awhile! I knock on the bathroom door but you don’t answer! I decide to walk in and check on you! Son! No! What are you doing? You shouldn’t be jerking off to your moms body! Gross! I rush off! I think about it and realize that maybe you need some help with your dick! I guess I don’t mind! We just have to keep this our little secret from your father! You pull out your uncircumcised dick! Gross! I should have known you aren’t circumcised! Your father wasn’t when we met! I made him get the procedure done! Let me call my friend that did it for him! She could do yours too! I call and invite my doctor friend over! She explains that I need to get you prepared for the circumcision! I have to drain your balls so I tell you to start jerking off! I give you JOI! You finally cum for the last time in your nasty extra skin! Now let’s go cut that all off! You lay down and get circumcised! Wow! Your dick looks so much better! Now I can play with your dick next time instead of just giving you JOI! Good boy! Remember don’t tell your father about this!

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Viera May – Submissive Mom Gives Son JOI

Son don’t be embarrassed but I found something naughty in your bedroom! My red thong! Now do you need to tell mommy anything? Your horny! Well that’s normal David! You can ask mommy anytime you need help with a situation like that! Let me help you now! Go ahead and pull out that dick! Good boy! Now jerk that big dick for me! I strip out of my blue lingerie and slip into the red thong you love so much! I start to finger myself! Jerk it faster baby! I tell you I will do anything you want! You ask me to be your piggy slut and oink! I have no problem doing whatever you ask! Yes son! Oink! Oink! Oink! Cum on mommy’s slut face! You jerk that dick and cover me! It’s all over my face! Good boy! I need to go clean myself up! Don’t tell daddy about this!

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