Morina – Mom Knows What You Need

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I always know what you need, and what you need right now is to cum. So I firmly guide you into taking out your cock and jerking off in front of me. Oh, and I also need an orgasm, so I’ll be rubbing my pussy and telling you when I’m getting close. Don’t cum until I tell you too!

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Mona Wales – Your Mom Makes You Cum In The Garden

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Your mom is gardening and you are helping her. Sort of you are horny and ask her if she can make your dick grow. you manipulate her into showing you her tits ass and pussy and then you guilt trip her into letting you cum on her tits.

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Bettie Bondage – Mutual Masturbation With Mom

Your mom texted you a couple pics, and a video. Huh, that’s not like her…whoa. That’s way not like her! Three pictures of her spreading her round ass to show a big glass plug in her hole…and a video, of her…talking, playing, touching herself. Talking about cheating on your dad? Jesus, wtf are you supposed to do now? Of course, first things first: you jerk off, cumming right on the pic and imagining her feeling your hot cum across her stretched asshole. Normally you get some post-nut clarity but…this is the exact thing you needed. Just the right material to put your sexy (and apparently highly sexual!) mom right where you want her: in front of you, touching herself, watching as you stroke your fat cock and cum to her. The video confirmed that yes, your mom is a size queen, and sick and tired of your dad’s tiny cock. Luckily, you didn’t take after him. And hearing her dirty talk dick in that video? You know it won’t take much to get her to go along. Just one look at your hard, heavy dick dripping precum for her, and she won’t be able to say no.

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Mona Wales – Mom Wants You To Fuck Her

Happy 18th birthday! As you mother I want to give you a very special present! I know you are a virgin… and I want to change that for you! I spoke with my husband and we both think that it is high time that you get laid… SO if you want to fuck me… you can fuck me.. Becaue I really Really want to fuck you. I have kind of a crush on you. and watching you grow into the beautiful sexy boy that stands in front of me has driven me crazy. I will fuck you any time any place and anywhere. I can’t wait to feel your hot young cum dripping down my thighs.

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Selena Ryan – Big Butt Mommy Cant Say No

Mommy gives her some very special hands-on sex ed lessons with her big juicy butt! Your Mommy is sweet and naive. You, her son, take advantage of your naive Mommy by gently manipulating her into several compromising situations that are guaranteed to make you cum buckets! On the first day, Mommy enters your room to find you studying. You ask for help with your Sex Ed homework and she is hesitant, after all, should you really learn about sex from your Mommy? You persist and Mommy gives in, agreeing to help you. She teaches you female anatomy using a diagram from your workbook, but you want to see the real thing. You tell Mommy it would be easier to learn if she showed you her own vagina. She is hesitant but reluctantly agrees to show you when you don’t let up. Your sweet Mommy shows you all the parts of her own anatomy and begins to turn herself on when she touches her clitoris. Mommy becomes more aroused and less reluctant to give you a hands-on lesson. You ask to take your penis out and Mommy says that’s not a good idea, but in her aroused state, she quickly changes her mind. You stroke for Mommy and ask her to turn around. She does, putting her gigantic bubble butt right in your face. You feel tingles and Mommy explains that you’re about to have your first orgasm. Deep in the throes of lust, Mommy tells you to shoot your semen all over her big juicy butt. On day two, Mommy is helping you study with flash cards but you aren’t paying attention. You’re distracted, all you can think about was the fun you had with Mommy yesterday. She tries to get you to focus, but there’s no use, you need to ejaculate again and you want Mommy to be the one to make you cum! Mommy insists that you continue your studying, but frustrated with your persistence, she gives in. Mommy rips her pantyhose to give her an assjob with her big fat buttcheeks. She knows what she’s doing with you is dirty and wrong, but even she has to admit that your penis does feel good wedged inside her cheeks. Mommy knows this is wrong, but she just can’t say no to her son. Mommy wants you to cum nice and fast so you can get back to your lesson. She uses her giant cheeks to milk your cock, you spill a gigantic load in her crack and make a huge mess of Mommy’s big butt. On the third and final day, Mommy is helping you study the final lesson in your unit: reproduction. She teaches you all about sex and contraception and even goes to teach you how to use a condom by demonstrating with a banana. You stop her and ask her to use your penis instead. She says no but you persist. Frustrated, Mommy agrees to demonstrate by putting the condom on your erection. Mommy is way too sweet and nice to say no to you. She puts the condom on your penis, quick and easy. Next you ask Mommy to practice sex with her. She is shocked, but you do already have a condom on.. Mommy says fine, but only for a minute. She rides your cock, taking your virginity and letting you feel a vagina for the very first time. It isn’t long before Mommy is moaning. She knows fucking you is wrong but she can’t help but enjoy your hard penis. You ask Mommy to take the condom off and she is shocked. What if you cum inside her? You don’t want to get Mommy pregnant, right? You don’t take no for an answer and Mommy takes the condom off and hops back on. Mommy is way too turned on now to say no to you. She rides you until you ejaculate deep inside her vagina, giving Mommy a big messy creampie!

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Ms Price – Yoga Pant MILFs JOI

You are such a naughty boy, playing with yourself while watching your Stepmom and her friend working out! Just blatantly pumping your cock right there in front of us! At first, we are appalled, but then we give you more than you bargained for! Pulling our tits out of our sports bras, ripping our yoga pants, twerking, and spreading our pussies for your jerk off pleasure! Just don’t tell Dad, OK?

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