Joslyn James – Stepmom need your help today

I am so used to your dad choosing all aspects of my wardrobe that I feel lost without him here right now. It may seem strange but I need your help getting myself dressed. I must look sexy and presentable for dinner with your dad tonight. Do you think you can help me get ready? Having to wear this boot cast isn’t the easiest thing to get around. I am so glad you don’t mind seeing me naked and are willing to help me. You are such a good stepson.
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Joslyn James – Stroke session with a tattooed milf

Your parents are splitting up and you have to share a bedroom with your buddy. His sexy mom is more than pleased to welcome you into her home and she wants to make it perfectly clear that you are welcome. Will you show her what is in your pants? She just wants to see it. When you show her your dick, she determines that you should stroke it while she strips down for you. She even promises to clean up your mess after your stroke session! Your mommy fantasy is about to be fulfilled. Continue to download »

Joslyn James – Jacking it with my friends hot mom

Your ping pong game is pretty bad, but you are rather distracted by your partner. It is your friend’s sexy mom Joslyn and you have had a crush on her for years. Now that you are finally alone with her, you are hopeful that you might get to know her a little better. You have to promise not to tell her son about whatever happens and you agree to her terms. Joslyn knows that you have been staring at her big tits for a while and she sees your dick beginning to get hard.
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