Joslyn Jane – Stepson Catches Mom Cheating On Dad

My stepson walks in on me sending sexy photos to my boyfriend. He promises not to tell my husband if I fuck him. I start sucking his dick and then he fucks me doggy style. I ride his cock and then he fucks me over the countertop, in the kitchen. He finishes on my face.

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Joslyn Jane – Mom Tit Worship

Your father is away on business and you were suspended from school for getting into a fight with your classmates about my breasts. It was supposed to be out little secret that I breast fed til you were older and I’m very embarrassed that you teacher and student now know! I’m going to make your worship my tits and pussy while you jack off for your mother. I talk filthy to you and make you cum a huge load.

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Download Joslyn Jane - Mom Tit Worship.mp4

Joslyn Jane – Mommy Teaches Son A Lesson

OfficerJane – Mommy Teaches Son A Lesson
POV, Blowjob, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo
I can’t believe what I’m seeing! I just walked in on my son masturbating with my favorite red panties! I decide to teach my son a lesson by sucking his cock. I take my huge tits out and give my son exactly what his perverted mind wants! I give a nice, gentle blowjob and rub my red panties all over his cock! Watch me blow my son!

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Joslyn Jane in Mom is Always Horny

Scene One: New Medication
Joslyn has been getting some pretty bad headaches lately, and her doctor has prescribed her some new medication! Luke and Joslyn are in the kitchen one morning when Luke decides to read the list of side effects from the medication. He tells his wife that sleep-walking and increased libido may happen to her, but he’ll just make sure he keeps his eye on her! Joslyn takes a pill and walks off. Their son, Johnny, walks in to the kitchen and Luke offers him a glass of orange juice. While he is sitting at the kitchen counter drinking his juice, his mom walks up to him and starts to suck his dick behind his dad’s back! Luke starts warning Johnny about the side effects from his mom’s medication, without realizing that Joslyn is currently on her knees in front of him! Joslyn keeps sucking on her son’s cock and balls, all because of the side effects from her medication. “Your cock is so much bigger than your father’s!” she exclaims. Johnny asks her to pull her big tits out and titty fuck him, and she does what she is told to do. Johnny tells his mom that he is close to cumming and he wants to cum in her mouth! Joslyn puts her son’s cock back in her mouth and she sucks his cock until he cums down her throat. She swallows every last drop… “You promise not to tell dad?” he asks. “Of course I promise! I don’t want us both to get in trouble!” she exclaims.

Scene Two: Undercover Lover
Joslyn and Johnny are watching some T.V on the couch one afternoon. “So, are we going to talk about what happened the other day?” Joslyn asks her son. He tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about that ever again! “I took another one of my migraine pills and I am super horny again!” she exclaims. She puts a blanket over both of their legs, and she starts to jerk her son’s cock under the blanket. Joslyn’s husband, Luke, walks in to the room and sits down on the couch with them! He asks them if they want any snacks or soda and he gets up to walk to the kitchen. Joslyn starts to suck her son’s cock, until her husband walks back in to the room. Then she goes back to jerking her son’s cock off under the blanket, when Luke sits back down next to them. Luke tells them that he has to work the midnight shift tonight so he will watch the movie another day. When he leaves the room, Joslyn turns to her son and says “I think you should fuck me now!” Johnny starts to suck his mom’s nipples while she keeps jerking his cock. “So, are you going to fuck me or are you going to make me beg?” she asks her son. She bends over in the doggystyle position and Johnny sticks his cock in her pussy. She then goes to lie down on her side while her son fucks her. Her big tits bounce up and down with every thrust. Then she gets on top of her son and she rides his cock while begging for his cum! She tells him that he can creampie her. “Give your mother that cum!” she moans. They lie down in the missionary position and kiss each other while Johnny cums inside of his mother…

Scene Three: Sleep Walking
Johnny is napping in his bed when his mom walks in and pulls his cock out from under his pajama pants. She starts to suck his cock, which makes Johnny wake up! “Mom! What are you doing?!” he asks her. She tells him that she took her migraine medication again and she is super horny but her husband never fucks her! She gets in to the doggystyle position and begs “Come on Johnny! Stick it in before your father wakes up!” He sticks his cock in his mother’s pussy, because she told him she would let him sleep afterwards if he would just fuck her quickly now. “Kiss me,” he tells his mother, while he fucks her. She flips over on to her back so her son can fuck her in the missionary position next. “Johnny, your cock feels so good! I love the way you fuck me!” she moans. “I love the way your titties bounce when I fuck you!” he tells her. When he gets close to cumming, he pulls his cock out and he jerks his cock off in to her mouth and on her face. “I’m gonna go get cleaned up before your father wakes up!” she tells him, as her son’s cum drips down her chin…

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Joslyn Jane – Sensual Massage Of My Sons Best Friend Part 5

My son’s best friend and teammate has really done a number on his hip adductors (groin)! He keeps coming over every day before practice to have me work on it with my hands, but he’s still complaining of pain and discomfort. The last time he came over, I gave him a blowjob so I wouldn’t be late for my next client. I’m nervous about what he’s going to ask me during this session, but I have an inkling this is going to escalate! We start the massage off like we normally do, except he uses our little secret against me to have sex with me! I sit on top of him and bounce my big fat ass on his young cock. Then, he bends me over the massage table and he finishes inside of me.

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Joslyn Jane – Me And Mom Get Caught Fucking By My Dad

I was about to leave when my mom Joslyn came into my room looking really nice, it was her and my Dad’s date night. Of course, my Dad canceled on Joslyn again, she was really looking forward to some alone time with him. I can tell she had a special night planned for him, now she wants to get back at my Dad. Joslyn starts to rub on my leg then the next thing I know her huge tits are out and she is sucking my huge cock. I can barely believe this is happening, I can tell she really wants to feel my huge dick in her tight pussy. As I am fucking her in my room, I can see the door start to open…. OH FUCK IT’S MY DAD!

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Joslyn Jane – Can You Help Me Stretch Out

Mom really needed my help with getting stretched out, and I was more than happy to help! I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass and thong sticking out. Her hot yoga pants showed off every curve on her mature body! She grabs my hands and cups them around her big tits!! I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t wait to feel her warm lips wrapped around my dick. She sucks me off and rides my thick cock until I blow my load all over her face!

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