Katy AnnXO – Mommy Magic Age Regression

Mommy is sad that her boy is all grow up and dosnt need her anymore. She recalls when i was younger how i used to be a naughty boy and spied on her while she was changing clothes and that i stole her bras. Mommy misses those days, when mommy was all i needed and i loved mommy more than anything. Mommy tells me that she used to breastfeed me all the time and that i used to sle ep with mommy at night. Mommy has found a way to make me her baby boy and she wants to try it out. She snaps her fingers and im younger. Mommy is so happy that i works and starts to use baby talk when she talks to me. She asks if im hungry and shows me her boobs and teases me with them before she lets me suck on them while telling me what a naughty boy i am. Mommy can start to show of her amazing body more and tell how lucky i am to have such a hot mommy. Labatec Would love it if mommy could do some close up on her face, ass and tits in the vid especially while she tells me to suck on her tits. Make me suck your tits a couple of times after the first and tell me what mommy will do now that im her boy again.

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Download Katy AnnXO - Mommy Magic Age Regression.mp4
Download Katy AnnXO - Mommy Magic Age Regression.mp4

Katy AnnXO – Mommy Son Jerk Off Instructional

I see that your turning into such a handsome young man. Mommy wants to make sure you know how to jerk that joy stick just right! Dressed in a sheer lingerie nighty that show case my massive mounds I start to talk you about masturbation. I get out my tits to make sure you reach maximum chub. I even bring a dildo so I can show how I want you to be stroking your cock. After our lesson I masturbate with my dildo so your cock is extra hard and you can bust a huge load for mommy.

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Katy AnnXO – Cumming In Your Mommys Panties

You are my son and you are a pantie thief! You didn’t think I was going to notice or find out about you stealing panties! WRONG! You left a pair of my panties on your bed room floor with a huge load of cum in the crotch! I confront you about your pantie stealing ways! Your punishment is that you have to stand in front of me and jerk off in front of me.

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