Kelly Payne – Manipulative Son Tricks Mom

You call your mom and ask if she’ll help with your last-minute school photography project. When she shows up you hand her one outfit at a time… Lingerie… Mom is taken back, and asks why you’d want her to help you with a project like this. Wont people find it odd if you take photos of your own mother in such risqué clothing. You ask her nicely, plead with her, you really need her help… the lingerie continues to get more and more risqué… and your mom hesitates but does as you ask. After the last outfit, she asks where her clothes are… as you’ve hidden them… and tell her you’ll look and offer her a glass of wine. With well… an incredibly special ingredient. Something to make your mom feel really really good, and a lot less hesitant. After she naps for a minute you pull her clothes, rub her feet, legs and eventually pull her into you and start fucking her. She can’t resist and the pleasure is overwhelming… she moans out in pleasure. After you cum inside her, she struggles to comprehend exactly what’s happening and lays back down for another nap…

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Kelly Payne – Teaching My Sweet Boy Release Age Play

Mommy is cleaning up your room when you get home from school, and notices you don’t seem yourself. What’s wrong my sweet boy? You know you can always tell mommy anything. You confess to getting in trouble today at school for playing with your peepee in the bathroom. Mommy suggests she teaches you how to relieve yourself, but also suggests you do it before school and before bed time to avoid getting a stiffy at school. Mommy tells you she’s sorry she wasn’t able to give you a release this morning as you were both in a hurry and running late, she knows how much you enjoy your bubble baths in the mornings. Mommy tells you shes going to show you how, since you are growing and getting to be a big boy now. Mommy gets your peepee hard and slowly starts showing you how to relieve yourself. And as a special treat since your getting older now, mommy takes out her boobies for you to enjoy as well. Soon you’ll be old enough to enjoy even more exciting things with mommy, but not quite yet sweet pea.

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Kelly Payne – It’s Okay Let Mommy Help You

Mommy walks in on you… trying to masturbate… you’ve been in your room awhile now and mom’s trying to hurry you up or you’ll be late for school. She offers to help, you hesitate a little.. saying thats to weird, and your my mom! but mommy calms you and explains its perfectly okay for her to teach you how to stroke your cock, she did give birth to you after all… well… things start escalating quite quickly and before you know it your stroking your cock to your moms tits, ass, and watching her make herself squirt. She lays down and tells you to fuck her, and you enjoy your first time with mommy.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Teaches Sons Virgin Friends

Mommy allows you to have another blankover, this time with two of your closest friends. You’ve shared details about your previous blankovers with your new friend and decide to help mom clean up around the house in hopes of receiving a very special reward. One friend offers to help your mom with the dishes as you and your other friend continue to clean up around the house. Mom notices as he helps with the dishes he keeps checking her out, and then notices his boner. She talks to him about it for a little before offering to help him out. She kneels and starts stroking his hard peepee, sucking him, and telling him to stroke himself while playing with her tits, stopping right before he cums and telling him to finish the dishes and shell finish him later. She goes into her sons room and finds your other friend making the bed. She seduces him, asking him if he’s being good… or naughty thinking about all the naughty things from the previous blankovers. (Bunkbed troublemakers 1&2) She climbs up the bed and starts rubbing his hard peepee… playing with herself and then climbing on top of him and riding him until hes about to cum, stopping just before and again telling him to finish up what hes doing and shell take care of him later. A few hours later… she walks in with all the boys laying in the bunk beds and starts to tease and seduce them, striping down slowly to nothing… and then one by one fucking them and letting them cum deep inside her.

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Kelly Payne – Bunkedbed Trouble Makers 2 Fun With Mommy

Sleepover number two, and you and your friend are eagerly waiting for mommy to come and wake them up. Little does she know… not that she’s surprised you boys are expecting another super special and intimate morning wake up from mrs. payne. Mommy catches on pretty quickly what you two are up to, and she starts with your friend, climbing on top and rubbing his already hard peepee. She remembers last time how she promised something more…. and she pulls up her skirt and starts riding you, slowly pulling out her tits as she fucks your friend (POV friend) after you cum inside her she climbs down and asks her sweet baby boy if he’s jealous and how you would like to enjoy mommy. Mommy lays down and you climb on top and fuck her hard. watching your moms big tits bounce as you enjoy her wet cum filled pussy. You boys are so naughty. After she makes you cum, she tells you to get ready… we’re going to the beach! fun!

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Kelly Payne – Blackmailing Mom Gets Orgasmic

Mommy is getting ready for a sexy night out with Dad. You decided it would be a great opportunity to show mom what you found the other day… You try to get your moms attention as she nags you to leave her alone… you insist. She finally agrees and follows you to your room where you hand her your phone. Which is a porn video of mommy from a few years ago… She tries to deny its her, do you tell her there’s more and insist she take another look… No denying it… She admits it but so what… You ask if dad knows. Of course, he doesn’t! Seeing that you hit a nerve you decide that you got her right where you want her… willing to do just about anything to keep your mouth shut. You tell her you want her… she’s caught off guard… she notices your boner. Somewhere between upset and shock she attempts to scold you, plead with you… then accept she is going to have to do what your asking… Even the dirty taboo talk your telling her to repeat… First you have her show you how bendy she is… then you have her bring herself to a squirting orgasm, which she clearly enjoys before snapping out of pleasure and back in reality. Eventually she agrees to suck your cock, which leads to a sexy titty fucking… where mom is turned on by seeing you explode jizz all over her tits, she climbs on top of your sensitive cock and rides you limp, until you get hard again… wanting you to cum inside her this time. Caught up in pleasure… enjoying your cock so much as she moans out in blissful pleasure. You cum inside her…. And mom realizes your father is going to be home any minute. You hold on to her and continue to thrust your sensitive cock inside her, she finally pleads with you to stop. Reminding you to delete those videos as she exits your room quickly before your father gets home.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Ruins Another Bet

Mommy comes into your room to check on her favorite little man, who’s been hiding out in his room a lot lately… Mom comes in to try to see what’s going on, and finds out you made another one of those stupid bets! 30 days no sex… you only have a few hours to go and you will be ready for mommy. But mom is not happy, nor amused and when you ask her for some water, she gets a naughty idea. Adding something extra special to your water, you wake up tied to your bed. Mommy dressed in sexy white lingerie on top of you letting you know she does not appreciate your silly bets and unfortunately it looks like your going to miss out on winning another. Mommy sucks your cock right up until your ready to explode… and stops. Leaving you wanting more and wanting her to stop all at the same time, only 6hrs left to win the bet. Mommy then shoves your throbbing hard cock between her tits and brings you to another close orgasm before stopping just before you cum. Letting you know this is your punishment for regretting mommy when she was wanting your cock so badly, all those nights you didn’t even so much as grab her ass like she’s used to. Mommy reassures you not to worry, climbs on top of your cock and rides you, and flips around knowing you love watching her ass bounce up and down on your cock… until you cum deep inside her. But mommy is not done with you just yet… she continues to ride your cock shoving your sensitive cock to not only stay hard but also cum again… After you cum a second time mom reminds you of your punishment leaving you tied to the bed while she enjoys a shower… but don’t worry, mommy’s coming back to make you cum one more time before untying you from the bed.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Wants it in Her Ass

Mom comes into you sisters’ room, expecting to find your sister… and catches you doing something… odd. Mom ask’s why you’re in your sisters’ room and what your hiding behind your back. You show her a handful of your sisters’ underwear and try to convince her you were doing laundry, when she doesn’t buy it… you admit you’ve been sniffing your sister’s underwear. Completely shocked, mortified, concerned… not entirely sure how to feel your mom sits down besides you and tries to understand why? This is taboo. It is wrong. She is having a difficult time wrapping her head around what she just saw. You talk her into smelling your sister’s underwear. It is arousing, exciting… She hesitates and lectures you more on how wrong this truly is… and then tries sniffing the panties with you. She admits eventually it is quite arousing but… it is still wrong. Then she notices your boner. She is feeling incredibly overwhelmed and unsure as to the appropriate way to respond to this situation you have put her in. You have her touch your cock… which eventually leads to mom stroking your cock, and then playing with herself and having you sniff her panties. All while going back and forth in her mind… what is morally right and what is feeling so pleasurable. Eventually mommy cannot resist, and the pleasure takes over… she tells you to smell her pussy and asshole. She want’s her son’s cock even if it is wrong, and she wants it in her ass. Fuck mommy’s asshole and fill her with your cum.

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Kelly Payne – BunkedBed Trouble Makers get it From Mom

Mommy Kelly comes into your room to wake you and your friend up, but neither of you are budging… Frustrated she continues to try to get you boys up but it isn’t working… Mommy has a better idea. Starting with your friend. She climbs on top of the bunked bed & on top of your friend. He wakes up and finds your mom straddling him and reaching for his peepee, which is hard. Mommy Kelly explains that he’s a special friend… and she’s going to help him wake up the way she sometimes wakes up her son when he wont wake up.. there’s only one rule, it’s our little secret. Mommy gives your friend a handjob & blowjob and let him cum in her mouth. She then tells him if he’s a really good boy maybe on the next sleepover she’ll let him stick his peepee inside of her. Mommy then climbs down and starts talking to you. Your not jealous are you? Of course your mommy’s sweet boy, and you get something extra special… Mommy strokes and sucks your cock while she talks to you a bit, and then tells you to climb on top of her and put your hard peepee inside her. Fucking mommy until you make a nice cummy inside of mommy.

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Kelly Payne – Just a One Time Thing Mommy RolePlay

Mommy tries to figure out why her sweet boy is feeling down, apparently you found out the girl you thought was your girlfriend is… well, “hanging out” with your best friend to. Even worse you were suppose to fuck her today. Wait what? moms a bit taken back but the over share… but still tries her best to comfort you in her usually loving and playful manner. But you have another idea… how about mommy does what his girlfriend was suppose to do? Again mom is taken back… but she is a reasonable mom, and has promised to give you what you ask within reason, and when she says no she always has good reason and explains it to you… except every excuse she has you explain how it is okay and nothing wrong with it and she hasn’t given any good reason to say no… eventually she gives in and you both enjoy a playful naughty fun time together like no other.

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