Kelly Payne – Teacher Inspires Bad Students

You and your two trouble making friends have been sent to your teachers home for a private tutoring lesson so you do not fail the class. She sits you all down and tells you exactly what she expects from each of you and briefly steps away. When she comes back she notices your guilty faces and giggles, and then she finds the notes you have been passing around. Sexual doodles of you boys fucking your teacher… she’s discussed and upset and has you break for lunch. When she comes back she notices you staring at her tits… which gives her an idea. She unbuttons her top exposes her cleavage and tells you three if you can pass these tests she’ll do everything you drew in the notes. She steps away while you three take the test and returns to grade them… To her absolute shock… you all passed. She admits she didn’t think you guys would pass and offers you all higher grades or no homework for the rest of the year… but you boys insists she follows through. She reluctantly removes her clothes and comes into her sons room. She starts by sucking all your cocks, getting more and more aroused and turned on as she does. Then asking who’s going to fuck her first. You all take turns fucking your teacher and she even has two of you fuck her at the same time shoving both your cocks into her pussy while sucking off your friend. You all fuck her and watch her bring herself to squirting orgasms and then finish all over your teachers face. Naughty boys.

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Kelly Payne – Loving on Mommys Tits

Mommy wants to snuggle the same way you used to when you were smaller. You agree and snuggle close to mommy tits, she has you nurse from her, lick her nipples and play with her breasts. She gets easily aroused and starts wanting a little more and more… She covers her nipples in her cum for you to taste, she goes down on you and asks you to fuck mommy while you suck on her nipples. She brings herself to multiple squirting orgasms and covers her nipples for you to lick.

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Kelly Payne – Sons Friends Gang Bang Your Mom

Your having a spend the night with your three friends, your mom comes in and asks if you boys need anything. She’s a bit restless and seems,… overly friendly? Dad calls her over and asks if she’s taken her medication yet, oops. She forgot and runs to grab it and take one. But she’s run out. You over hear the conversation your parents are having and join the conversation in the other room. Mom swears she’ll be fine, but you and your dad think its best they go pick up your medication. Mom says goodbye to you and your dad and goes to check on your friends. She admits she has a heightened sex drive and has to take medication to keep herself in line and if they feel uncomfortable to just let her know, she’ll be in her room if they need anything. Mom lays down restlessly in her bed, repeating to herself.. i will not fuck my sons friends, trying to calm down and talk herself out of a gang bang with your friends she brings herself to a squirting orgasm and ponders, if no one knows… it wouldn’t matter… She enters your room wearing a sexy red lingerie gown and starts seducing your friends, they resist at first but your mom has her ways… striping and teasing them and enticing them to follow her into her room. Which they do. (POV son’s friends) She sucks their cocks, and lets them take turns fucking her in various positions, spit roasting her, and eventually DPing her, bringing her to multiple orgasms, she’s interrupted a few times with calls from her husband but she continues to have your friends fuck her during the calls, and playing it off as if everything is fine. Your friends cover her in their cum just in time, she’s able to sneak into the shower just before her son and husband arrive home.

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Kelly Payne – Lonely and Horny Mom

You are sitting at the table eating breakfast when your stepmom comes in ranting about how she cannot find her phone. She is clearly in a bad mood and you do your best to ignore her. She tells you she is late and when you tell her its already 9am she flips out. Telling you how its your fault she is late, you keep bringing home all those bimbo sluts over in the middle of the night and she cannot get any naps with all the moaning going on. She threatens to tell your father if you do not stop, and storms out of the room. The next day she is on the phone with your dad excited for him to finally be home and take her out, but he tells her he is not coming home until next weekend and ends the call quite quickly. That evening she is trying to nap but cannot, because you’re clearly fucking another one of your skanks, the moaning drives her crazy. The next day she is taking a nap in her underwear on the sofa, maybe on purpose? You notice right away and check her out while she naps. She wakes up and notices you watching her, she has been frustrated and so horny lately she starts putting her hand in her underwear and playing with herself. Your kind of shocked and not sure how to respond, resistant at first… she is your stepmom. Your easily persuaded as she strokes your cock, sucks you and lays down and invites you to fill her with your cum. You fuck her in multiple positions right there on the sofa until you fill her pussy with your cum, and then she tells you how you wont be inviting over any more of your little skanks, because you’ll be fucking her instead… and if you refuse she’ll tell your father what we did.

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Kelly Payne – Unexpected Punishment

Mom comes to check on you after her and dad had just been out on a date and left you home alone. She comes into your room and sees you trying to hide under the blanket, slightly embarrassed. She is not exactly sure what she just walked in on, but it becomes quite obvious as she notices your dirty napkins. Mom is pissed. You know the house rules, you know mom and dads’ rules. Nothing sexual should be happening in this house until you are married. Mom is so upset she starts scolding you and tells you how lucky you are she found you and not dad. She tells you to lay down. Your very confused but she is so upset you do as your told. Mom pulls back on your blanket and exposes your extremely hard cock, she angrily grabs it and starts stroking it, still telling you how disappointed she is. And that she is going to show you just how unready you are for such things. She strokes your cock, rides you, fucks you, sucks you, telling you not to cum. You better not cum! Women like to be pleased and if you think your ready to be such a pervert than mom is going to teach you how to do it right just like she taught your father. When she finally allows you to cum, she makes you cum inside her and as she gets dressed, she tells you that her and your dad have been trying for another chilld but it has not happened, so if you think your ready to procreate than you may as well help out the family. She confirms with you sternly…. We do not need to tell dad about this do we? No. She leaves the room still seemingly upset with you, did your mom just use you for your cum?

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Kelly Payne – Extra Special Birthday Mommy Taboo

Mom agrees to your birthday gift, you ask to see your mom naked once a day for one week. Mom is resistant but is also thankful you are not asking for the latest video game console and agrees to your request. She enters your room wearing only a towel and is rather nervous and not excited by this idea at all. She drops the towel and exposes herself, you ask her to turn around, to wiggle her ass for you. She refuses grabs her towel and leaves. The next day you come into the bathroom while your mom is showering, you ask her to allow you to watch as she showers. She resists a little but pulls back the shower curtain and finishes her shower, asking you about your plans for the day. When she finishes her shower, she asks you to hand her a towel, but you refuse, wanting a nice close-up view of moms dripping wet body. Other days include watching her get dressed for work and then flashing you under her dress, one days she is cleaning the floor and you ask her to undress and finish her cleaning nude. After the days pass, mom comes into your room and surprises you with a confession. She misses you asking her to undress for you. She confesses how fun it was for her, and she really started enjoying herself. She lifts her sweater exposing her tits and tells you that she would like to continue this arrangement and you can ask her whenever you would like to undress if no one is home. You of course agree, and the next day your mom is again in your room asking if now a good time would be. She is craving that release, and she undresses for you and twerks and shakes her ass for you as you had asked the first day. Eventually all this sexual tension builds to high, and your mom reaches for your cock… she asks if it is okay. Making sure you want this to. She strokes your cock, sucks your cock, rides your cock, lets you fuck her missionary and doggy and you explode deep inside her. Afterwards she briefly speaks to you about your younger brother, and before she can finish her sentence you admit you have been telling him about what has been happening and he wants to be apart of it as well but is to shy to ask. So, the next day mom decides to surprise him, coming into his room casually but completely naked talking to him about the plans for the day.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Gets Naughty with Son and Dog

Mom was on her way to the gym when she realized she forgot to let the dog out,, she calls her friend and lets her know she’ll be late. She drops her keys and realizes she’s got a hole in her leggings. When the dog sneaks up behind her and starts licking her, shes startled and makes him stop. But after thinking about it bends back over again and starts really enjoying herself, so much so she loses track of time. before she knows it her son comes home in the middle of one of her orgasms. She knows she’s caught and doesn’t explain herself well. She notices your boner and tells you what a weirdo you are and lets both just hurry up and forget about this. but you want to watch and talk mom into letting you. which ends up turning into lots of naughty and inappropriate fun between you and mom and the family pet.

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Kelly Payne – Son Catches Mommy Cheating

You come home early from school and hear moaning coming from your parents room, you go to their door and listen… and slowly crack the door open little by little. It’s your mom but… that is definitely not Dad!? Intrigued you stay and watch, becoming more and more aroused by what your watching, risking getting caught by pushing the door further open to get a better view. Your mom is so distracted by pleasure neither her or this mystery man even notices you spying on them. Even after he finishes you stay by the door… listening, wondering who this man could be. You hide breifly as you hear your mom telling this stranger to leave through the back door since you and her husband will be home soon. And then it happens, she notices you standing by the door, she plays dumb not entirely sure what you just saw, invites you in to chat. You admit to her you saw everything, accuse her of cheating and she becomes defensive and angry. Hearing dad open the front door… she panics and begs you to not tell your dad. She runs to the kitchen to greet your father and you follow behind her joining her at the table…. Deciding you have all the leverage you need to convince your mom to do practically anything, your cock is still hard and throbbing… you know your moms still in the same lingerie under her robe… you reach under the table to touch her … she resists and reacts disapprovingly but you again, push your hand under the table… shes helpless … either she does as your wanting or your going to tell dad. Lucky for you dad has to go back to work, and after he leaves you rush off to your parents bedroom ready and eager to convince your mom to give you exactly what you saw. She decides to please you and give you want you want as long as you promise not to tell dad, she tells you about the man and shows you how wet she is. She bends over and invites you to fuck her…

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Kelly Payne – Dog Cleans Mom and Sons Cum

Mommy is relaxing at home browsing on her phone and notices you watching her. She asks what’s up? And you tell her you want to show her something… it’s the old video he said he’s delete of mommy with the dog. She’s upset and asks why you didn’t get rid of it… you tell her you want to watch. She refuses but you keep pushing her, we’ve already done it and you tell her you really want to watch. Eventually with some pressure from you and your recorded video she caves and decides to let you watch the dog lick her pussy. You then push her to bend over and let you watch the dog fuck you, she again resists but eventually gives in to what your asking. After the dog finishes your so turned on you pull your mom close and fuck her hard until you give her a huge creampie… You tell her you want to watch the dog lick your cum from her pussy… she resists again but again she gives in, and you watch as the dog licks your cum from your moms pussy.

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Kelly Payne – Time for your Milking Sweet Boy Latex

Mommy comes into your room and see’s your ready for your nightly bedtime ritual, where mommy puts on her latex gloves, grabs some lube and milks her sweet good boy. Mommy loves milking her sweet boy, and knows how much you love how her latex gloved hands feel wrapped around your hard cock, stroking you, encouraging you to enjoy and cum for mommy, covering mommys latex gloved hand in all your sticky cum.

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