Kelly Payne – Moms Cuckold Punishment

Mom’s in her room reading and you come in with a friend, she asks what you want and who’s your new friend. Hesitant at first, you share your intentions. You and mom share special times together, and you thought id be fun to include your friend. Though you haven’t quite thought this through… as Mom reminds you the rules. Your not supposed to tell anyone about your special time with mom, and you definitely should have talked to her before assuming she’d just fuck you and your friend. Mom decides as a punishment she’ll fuck your friend while you watch. Your punishment is to only enjoy and use your hand (POV son’s viewpoint). Mommy teases you while she strokes, sucks, fucks and enjoys your friends cock. Eventually wanting both you and your friend to cum for mommy, she encourages your friend to cum deep inside her. Afterwards offering to fuck you both, as long as you both stay silent, and are respectful.

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Kelly Payne – Checking Out Moms Tattoos

Starts with son (POV) spying in on mommy enjoying daddy’s cock. After dad leaves that afternoon for his business trip son comes into moms room and starts asking her about her tattoos. Mom shows off a few but lets her son know some of her tattoos are for dad’s eyes only. you continue to push and ask mommy to show you all her tattoos, mom hesitates at first but eventually decides your just curious and shows off a few more of her tattoos even removing her dress. Mom notices your boner and pauses… you continue to push… saying you’d like to see all her tattoos, even the small heart near her pussy… you ask if you can see it up close… and then pull mom in close, pull out your cock and shove it inside her before she can even protest the idea. (Virtual Sex no dildo shown) She instantly starts cumming on your cock. Once you reach orgasm you cum inside of her and mom starts to realize what she just did with her own son.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Fucks Her Sons Bully

Mommy Kelly has made a deal with her son’s school bully, you’ve agreed to leave her son alone as long as she agrees to fuck you whenever you want. You heard through friends it’s her son’s birthday today and she’s having a party for her son. You call and invite yourself, and tell her to wear something revealing and sexy. She tells you no, so you remind her of all the messed up things you could easily start doing to her son. She agrees and when you arrive she even shows you she’s not wearing any panties underneath her skirt. When it’s time to sit down to eat, her son and parents join you both at the table. You decide it’s a great opportunity to shove your fingers deep inside her pussy and bring her to orgasm right in front of her son and guests. She tries her best to maintain a calm and normal state but struggles. As guests make their way into the room near the kitchen you tell her to get under the table and suck your cock. She does as you say but you nearly get caught. Afterwards you tell her you want to fuck her right there in the kitchen with all the guests nearby. (POV VS with Dildo) She reluctantly pulls up her skirt and climbs onto your hard cock. again so close to getting caught you tell her to bend over and fuck her hard and deep from behind while her ass bounces up and down on your cock, covering your cock in her cum. You stop and tell her to finish you off on her knees… you want to cum on her face. You drench her in your cum, completely covering her face, tits, and clothes. Leaving her alone to figure out how to discreetly make it to the bathroom to clean herself up.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Strips For Your Best Friend

You call your mom letting her know you completely forgot to plan your best friend’s bachelor party. Mom suggests just taking him to a bar. You ask her if she’ll strip for him. Mom’s thrown off a bit… yes she used to strip but that was years ago and isn’t it kind of weird to have your mom strip for your friend? You tell her he’s always had a crush on her and ask her please. She agrees and gets ready telling you to let yourself in when you get there and put him in her room and she’ll take care of the rest. She is dressed to impress! Wearing her sexy high heels, cat ears and sexy black lingerie. She turns on some music and slowly starts teasing and stripping. At the end of the song she asks if you would like a lap dance. She continues to tease you and rub on your hard cock through your pants. You suggest a little more… maybe a happy ending. She laughs, thinking your joking. Aroused and feeling incredibly sexy and desirable she easily gives in and starts sucking your cock. (VS BJ switching into Dildo POV BJ) She continues to enjoy your hard cock and then pushes it between her tits and lets you titty fuck her for awhile. Your friends mom gets so aroused she can’t take it any longer, she needs to feel your cock deep inside her wet pussy. (Virtual Sex POV switching into Dildo POV) Your both about to cum when her son, your best friend walks in the room. She tries to find words as she was so close to orgasm, and you simply shove your cock back in her. She pulls away a moment as she notices her son’s boner and her own son implies he wants to play as well. Taken back a bit, she pauses and considers this… until finally giving in as you and her son convince her. You continue to fuck her white she sucks her sons cock, then watch her get fucked by her son while you stroke your own cock. He cums inside her and now it’s your turn. you pull her back towards you and start fucking her again watching her tits bounce as she cums all over your cock. After you fill her pussy with more cum she pulls away and brings herself to a massive squirting orgasm. After a moment of ecstasy, she starts to come down from her orgasmic high and it dawns on her what she just did…

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Kelly Payne – Bath Time With Mom

Mommy Kelly is taking a bath with you as she usually does, and mommy notices her little boys penis is hard. Mommy takes advantage of your hard on, and tells you how it’s perfectly normally for little boys to be excited by their mommys. Mommy Kelly suggests letting mommy make her sweet boy feel really good, and as shy as you are mommy notices your excited but nervous, so she suggests you nurse from her to relax and calm the nerves. After enjoying mommys sweet and warm breast milk, mommy tells her little boy to stand up because mommy wants to make you feel SO good. Mommy Talks to you while she sucks your little cock, (POV DILDO) until she gets so arroused and asks you to make mommy feel good to. Mommy guides your little cock inside her while your on top and you fuck your mommy hard till you cum.

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Download Kelly Payne - Bath Time With Mom.mp4
Download Kelly Payne - Bath Time With Mom.mp4

Kelly Payne – Mom Ruins Your Bet

Mommy is concerned, you haven’t fucked her in nearly two weeks. She sits down with you and asks why. You confess to making a bet with your friends, no cumming for an entire month. Mom is not amused and is kind of pissed. She tries again after another week of having to make herself cum, but again you decline, you really want to finish out and win your bet. Becoming even more sexually frustrated mom decides shes going to make you cum, she playfully comes into your room wearing incredibly sexy lingerie and says she only wanted to show you her new outfit, teasing you and talking dirty. Mom knows exactly how to get you going, but you still resist. She asks you to at least let her tuck you in for bed… once you lay down mom climbs on top of you and starts grinding against your boner. You try your best to resist but mom pushes you down and demands your cock. Becoming more dominate by the lack of sexual pleasure mommy is demanding and dominate telling you exactly what your going to do and when. She pulls off your pants and shoves your hard cock deep inside her pussy, after fucking you for awhile she notices your trying desperately not to cum. She knows how much you love when she sucks her cum off your cock and starts sucking your throbbing hard cock (POV Dildo) She then climbs back on top of you and rides you bending forward with her tits in your face begging for your cum. You can’t resist any longer and cum deep inside your moms wet pussy. But mommy doesn’t stop riding you, she’s paying you back for making that bet with some post orgasm play, riding you and then stroking you cock even as it starts to go limp, telling you not to ever make such a stupid bet ever again. Your going to fuck mommy when she wants, mommy needs your cock!

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Download Kelly Payne - Mom Ruins Your Bet.mp4

Kelly Payne – Kinky Step Mom Takes Your Innocence

Your stepmom sits you down for a one-on-one talk about what happen the other day, when she walked in on you jerking off. She explains its nothing to be embarrassed by and its quite natural for a boy your age, nearly a teen. She continues to playfully talk about catching you enjoying yourself sharing you have a nice cock. You share you seen a naughty photo of her on dad’s phone, she mimics the photo and entices you. Teasing you. Shy, confused and embarrassed your unsure as to how to respond. Your stepmom encourages you to follow into her room for some fun if you’d like, or you could go jerk off again alone. You follow into her room where she undresses and asks if you know what a vibrator is, she lets you watch her play with herself for a bit and then tells you to take out your cock. Mommy wants your cock nice and hard for her wet pussy. After teasing and playing a bit mommy invites you to climb on top of her and ride her until you explode inside of her encouraging you to cum deep inside mommy’s pussy.

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Download Kelly Payne - Kinky Step Mom Takes Your Innocence.mp4
Download Kelly Payne - Kinky Step Mom Takes Your Innocence.mp4

Kelly Payne – Girlfriends Mommy Fetish Surprise

Last week you confided in your girlfriend a “special” story between you and your mom. You were camping with your mom alone and you saw her undress from her nightgown, she dropped something and as she bent over you reached out and grabbed her ass, you couldn’t resist. Your mom talked to you about it and it ultimately led to a one-night thing where you fucked your own mom. You confessed to your GF to still having a strong mommy fetish and asked if she’d be interested in roleplay, she doesn’t respond the way you hoped and let it go. Video starts with your girlfriend’s hands over your eyes, she has a big surprise for you she’s extremely excited about. She’s done her best to recreate that camping trip and tells you she wants to fulfill your fantasy. She’s even borrowed the same exact nightgown & panty set your mom wore that night. She starts off teasing you, repeating back small details of that night reassuring you that tonight mommy desires your cock and wants you to fill all of mommy’s holes. She has you stroke your cock while she brings herself to a squirting orgasm, not being able to take anymore teasing you have to have mommy you pull her close and fuck her deep and hard, Cumming deep inside her. You tell her you want her to play with her pussy and cum out your jizz, excusing yourself for a moment and returning with “your moms vibrator” hesitant at first… wondering why you have your moms vibrator but so aroused in the moment she takes your moms vibrator and brings herself to orgasm. Telling her which setting to use, the one that was your moms favorite. Both aroused you pull her close again bending her over and shoving your cock deep into her ass, as she continues with the dirty taboo talk. Finishing in her ass, you again hand her the vibrator and insist she again bring herself to orgasm. Insisting after she now allow you to fill mommy’s mouth with your cum.

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Download Kelly Payne - Girlfriends Mommy Fetish Surprise.mp4
Download Kelly Payne - Girlfriends Mommy Fetish Surprise.mp4

Kelly Payne – Everything Will Be Ok Mommy Roleplay

Mommy Kelly is comforting you, your fearful of all the madness happening around you. The illness spreading around the world and fearful of the mandatory quarantine. Mommy reassures you everything is going to be okay, we’re safe, loved and have everything we need right where we are. You and mommy together and Mommy’s milk. The perfect medicine to keep us healthy and safe during these stressful times. Mommy talks softly and sweetly as she takes out her engorged breasts and slowly starts milking them. Sharing with you the importance to drain them and keep filling your belly full of mommy’s sweet and warm breast milk. The more you and mommy enjoy her breast milk the more they fill with milk. Mommy continues to uplift you by sharing her milk with you, enjoying some herself and playfully playing in her milk as she sprays breastmilk all over herself and you.

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Download Kelly Payne - Everything Will Be Ok Mommy Roleplay.mp4
Download Kelly Payne - Everything Will Be Ok Mommy Roleplay.mp4

Kelly Payne – Jealous Mommy Age Play

Mommy confronts you about that little playmate of yours at the park the other day. She saw you playing with her and having a fun time. Mommy makes sure you understand your all mommy’s, she made you, and you’re supposed to make mommy happy. You wouldn’t ever hurt mommy. Your mommy’s little boy and always will be. Mommy invites you for some special mom and son time, and mommy rubs your pee pee while your nurse from her tits. After making your pee pee feel good and giving your little peter some kisses, mommy invites you to put your little pee pee inside mommy just like last time. Mommy reminds you where to put your little pee pee, and you and mommy enjoy one another.

File Size : 252.15 MB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:12:25