Kendra Kennedy – MILF Gets You To Stroke For Her

While attending a pool party at your best friend’s house you get a little TOO excited seeing all the girls in their tiny bikinis. You quickly excuse yourself and head inside the house to “relieve” yourself. You quickly pull out your cock and begin to stroke while in a back spare bedroom. As you are getting closer your best friend’s mom walks in! You are embarrassed and try to hide what you were doing. But.. she knows She’s seen it before. And without any hesitation she tells you it’s ok and encourages you to bring your hard cock back out. You’re confused but are easily persuaded. She begins to tell you how to stroke it and where to touch yourself. All while moaning and touching herself. Before you know it she’s taking off her bikini top AND bottoms…

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Kendra Kennedy – Mommy finds photos

Come sit down son.. I found your phone and went through it. And I’ll be honest, I found some disturbing things in there. You have pictures of Mommy getting dressed and unaware of the camera or you being there. Explain…
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Kendra Kennedy – Cumming to Mommy’s Friend

You’ve just arrived home from school to find your Mom’s HOT friend wearing nothing but a skin tight, sexy short dress, high heels and sheer pantyhose. Your young cock is INSTANTLY aroused. I tell you your mom has left to run a few errands and proceed to come on to you. You’ve never done anything like this before, you’re both scared and excited!
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Kendra Kennedy – Friends mom drunk and horny

You’ve been invited over by your friend’s Mom to clean the pool. After discovering her in something VERY revealing and drunk, her flirty comments start to get out of hand. You start to feel both excited and scared. After all, you’re just a young man, still a virgin but have had the biggest crush on her for years! Will you tell her she’s being inappropriate, or take advantage of the situation?
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