Kenna Valentina – My Sons Special Birthday Gift

Honey! I can’t believe we’re at a bar and you’re of age to drink with me!! Now we can go out and have some fun together! I can’t tell you how much time flies. You are so handsome and grown up. It’s such a proud day for me. You have made me proud every single day of your life. Finish your drink and maybe we go somewhere else after this. Oh you are NOT too tired! Don’t pull that with me! It’s your birthday! Your 21st birthday! You can’t let me out last you. We’re going to have some fun tonight. Well, cheers. Lets go to the next place after this, ok?

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Kenna Valentina – Youre Mommys Only Hope For Another Baby

Hi.. I hope you don’t mind that I’m coming into your room. Just have nobody else to talk to about this. So, your Step-Dad and I, we want to have another baby. You know, a sibling for you. I know you’re pretty much grown up, but I just want to do it all over again. And I see how perfect you turned out, and I just want to do it again. But, we’ve been to doctors and your step-father, he can’t produce semen to impregnate anymore. But I really want another one.. So.. I’m really hoping you can help me out?.. I mean, you have his DNA so it doesn’t even matter. It’s practically the same. Right? I mean, I feel like it’s the same.. You’ve grown up so much and I’m not ready to let you go. And I want a little step-brother or step-sister for you. And I feel like you would be perfect to do that for me. Are you willing? I really hope so.. You’re my last hope..

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You Can Only Cum In Mommy – Kenna Valentina

Good, you’re still up. I know you’ve had a long day. Your girlfriend was over for quite sometime, and I feel like we need to have a little.. chat. I know you two are engaging in sexual activity.. and that’s fine.. but what worries me is I checked every trash can in the whole house and I didn’t find any used condoms or condom wrappers.. Just in case you’re not quite sure how to use it, I’m going to show you how to use a condom properly. I brought something in to demonstrate on for you. Mommy doesn’t mind if you want to have sex with other girls.. but you can only keep your semen in the family. It’s precious. And it’s only for me.

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Kenna Valentina – Mommy Wants To Watch You Finish

Hi Honey. You were watching me sunbath again- You don’t have to deny it, I saw you peeping.. I know I’ve talked to you about this before, but I feel like at this point.. if you want to watch me, you can. I know it’s hard to resist- you love watching your mommy sunbath. But it’s ok, I don’t mind. And I know sometimes you touch yourself when you’re watching me because you leave a mess and you don’t realize it.. But now might be the time where we take things to the next level instead of you watching me when you think I’m not aware. I’m giving you permission to indulge in whatever desires you feel when you watch me. Ok? It’s ok. Don’t be embarrassed. This is totally natural and normal.. Now, since I came in before you had the chance.. I’d like you to finish for me.

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Kenna Valentina – Your Friends Mom Wants To See How Much Youve Grown

When you stop by your friend Jake’s house to see if he’s home, you find his hot mom laying out by the pool in a bikini, wet from just getting out of the pool. You can’t help but admire her body, starring at her from the door, you need to get a closer look. You scan her body up and down, looking at her perfect feet, legs, and amazing boobs. You go back inside and sit on the couch where she comes in to find you. Always happy to see you, she sits on the couch next to you telling you her house is basically your second house and she feels a maternal connection to you. She’s seen the way you’ve looked at her for years now, and she’s completely ok with it. She goes on to tell you that she feels the same about you. She mentions that you know Jake works late, and she gets the feeling you came just to see her. She moves closer to you on the couch, and you can tell by the look in her eyes that she has wanted this to happen for a while now. She tries to hold back her temptation for you, but she has to see exactly how much you’ve grown.

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Kenna Valentina – Dads Girlfriend Only Wants You

Hi hot stuff. Sorry if I’m interrupting anything, but if I were, I wouldn’t mind. You might think it’s weird that I’m in your room right now, considering I’m dating your father, but I need to get something off my chest. I was at your soccer game a few weeks ago, and I saw you on the field and you play so well… You’re just.. SO. SEXY. I couldn’t resist.. I looked around and saw a man cheering very loud for you. I could tell that was your dad and I knew he was my in. I happened to be there for.. other reasons.. but you are what caught my eye. So I started flirting with your dad, going on a few dates, spending the night. You have to admit, you noticed all the times I look at you. I undress you with my eyes. I basically fuck you everyday. You know that, right? I don’t give a sh*t about your father! I”m ONLY here for you, and I want you. I want to devour your sexy fucking body..

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Kenna Valentina – Busty mom jerk off instructions for son in lingerie

Busty mom Kenna wearing a very sexy lace bra & garter belt with black sheer stockings. She’s going to teach her precious son how to jerk off today… I think mom’s jealous because you’re starting to befriend girls at school & maybe even start having a girlfriend… but she doesn’t like that one bit & she’s going to show you that your sweet loving mother can be everything you need! She has a bottle of lotion that she squirts into her palm so she can rub it on your big cock. She shows you lots of different stroking techniques & how to cup your balls & stroke the entire shaft, play with your swollen head that’s dripping with precum. She talks softly and sexy to you, wanting to see her son cum his big load all over her big bouncy boobs, coaxing a nice big fat load out of you!! She wants to show you that it’s ok to confide in mommie instead of a young girl that doesn’t know anything about sex! Mom knows best.
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Kenna Valentina – Mother Kenna jerk off instruction

Sexy MILF Kenna Valentina plays your mom in this jerk off encouragement clip. You are spying on her changing in her room while she tries on tops, trying to catch glimpses of her huge natural tits & beautiful nipples. She sees you spying and tells U to come in. She knows that you & your friends have been spying on her & asks U if you’ve ever jerked off thinking about her. She’s a young mom, having you while she was still young herself, always taking care of her body. She wants to see how you jack off and maybe give you some pointers to make sure you’re getting the most out of your masturbation sessions. Excellent jerk off instructions to follow. She wants u to cum on her tits & cleavage, enjoying seeing her SON milk his dick!
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Kenna Valentina – Taboo mom son jerk off panty fetish encouragement

Kenna Valentina is your mom again in this taboo jerk off instructions & encouragement clip. Your’e spying on your mom in her bed, getting a nice upskirt when she busts you & tells you it’s ok to jerk off to mommie dearest now that you’ve shared so much, well with her touching your big boy cock & all the last time, plus cumming on her tits.
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Kenna Valentina – Mother son JOI with big boobs jiggling taboo

Sexy big boobed MILF Kenna Valentina is your sexy single mother & she’s getting ready for a hot date tonight in the bathroom. She doesn’t see her sweet son in the shower as she’s doing her makeup & she bends right over for a nice upskirt shot! Mom Kenna spots you & knows you’re a dirty Continue to download »