MizzErotique – A Romantic Night With Mom

Mom had plans to surprise your father, she has the wine, candles, sexy lingerie. She sits to wait and when she hears the door open, she thinks it’s her hubby. To her shock it’s her son! He presents her with the knowledge he has that she had an affair and takes advantage of the situation. Mom is appalled but willingly goes along with his bribery.

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MizzErotique – Taboo Stepmom Under The Mistletoe

Your dad will be home soon and your stepmom is making sure that you have done all of your Christmas wrapping before he gets there when you go to show her the presents you guys find yourselves under the mistletoe. At first it starts off with an innocent little kiss and then it turns into a little bit more. I sensual blowjob from your hot stepmom for Christmas. What gets better than that?

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Phatassedangel69 – Bad Mommy: The Beginning

I’m a single mom and I’ve been working really hard lately on trying to get a promotion at work. I have a HUGE sales meeting this morning so you have to take the bus to school. Sometimes you wake up late and I have to take you myself but today that is absolutely NOT an option. As I’m rushing to get ready for work, I tell you how important today is for me and how your bus is going to arrive at any moment. When it’s time for you to leave I am pushing you out the door but you insist you can’t go. I start to demand that you tell me what’s going on. You’re really embarrassed but I am freaking out and yelling at you to tell me what’s wrong. You admit to me that you have a boner, and you don’t want you classmates seeing that!! You cannot get on the bus right now. We start arguing and I demand that you leave right now. I tell you to take care of it but you say that you can’t!! There’s so much anxiety in the room as I begin to panic. Mommy NEEDS you to take care of this and get on the bus!!! We are running out of time. You are embarrassed and don’t know what to do. In a frantic state of hysteria I take out your cock and start jerking you off. I tell you to hurry up and cum but you can’t! Panicked about being late to work, I take out my tits to hurry things up. You blow your load all over your mom’s chest. Pissed off, I yell at you to leave and that we can talk about this later. After work, I go into my room and start recalling the stress of my day. I’m so upset and tired. The last thing I want to do is go talk to you about what happened. I had no choice but to take care of your extremely inconvenient boner!! As I start talking to myself about what happened, I can feel myself getting turned on. My panties are getting soaked as I think about stroking my son’s cock and especially when I think about the load he blew all over my chest… ugh!!! What is wrong with me? I am such a bad mommy. I finally give in to how turned on I am and finger myself (off camera) while I talk about what happened. Why is this turning me on? I should be disgusted. I get changed out of my work clothes and get myself together to go and talk to you. I come into your room and start apologizing for what happened in the kitchen. I explain that I had no choice but to do what I did. Mommy had to get to work so that she wouldn’t lose her job! As I’m explaining what happened, I keep tripping up over my words and obviously getting flustered. You can tell I secretly liked it. So you take out your cock. I yell at you to stop but you don’t. You start stroking it for me and I clearly can’t resist. My demeanor completely changes. I ask you if you want mommy to stroke your dick again. You say yes. I give you a handjob (off camera) while talking about how crazy and wrong this is. And how good it feels… but Mommy needs more than this. I need your cock inside of me. I get on top of you and fuck you in cowgirl. Then I turn around and ride you in reverse until I start to cum. I tell you to cum for mommy over and over until you blow your load inside of me. This is our little secret now… nobody else ever has to know. Okay, honey?

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Pepperanncan – Son Takes Advantage Of Concerned Mother

Today you let me know you can’t handle your morning wood Mommy reassures you that I can handle anything & I will make sure your always satisfied Later on I have to say Son I couldn’t get any escorts but mommy knows how to deal with this I confront your father about this but the only time we have is at the end of the night when he’s just trying to unload into me I chat about you while I’m getting fucked & I wake up to you rubbing on my butt and pushing yourself into me this must be a miss understanding you can’t just come into my room like that you have to be quite your father’s right next to us we can’t be doing this all the time I’ll let you have your way with me this time you can cum inside Mommy.

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Pink Drip – Mommy Teaches You Sex Ed

I found these condoms while cleaning up your room, it’s odd since I never see you bring anyone to the house. Do you know how to use these? Here, let Mommy teach you things you can’t learn in any other class. I get you as hard as you can before sliding the condom on, wow I’ve never seen one stretched like that! How does it feel? Want to see what it’s like fucking with one on? Well mommy’s got you covered! Are you sure that you’ve never done this before?? You made me cum in record time! You get me so worked up that I yank that stupid condom off of you, silly Mommy should’ve been more careful. How could I expect you to pull out in time when it feels so good!

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Pink Drip – Filthy Family Part One: Mommy Knows

You caught me trying on your Sisters skanky clothes. I try to lie about it but it’s no use, I know about you and your sister. I heard her sneak into your room and please you. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. In fact, I stayed and listened to the entire thing and now your Father can’t please me. All it did was make me extremely jealous that my own Daughter got to you before I did. Think about it, I’m like the older more experienced version of her…and Mom needs some of that attention too! I show you mine and you show me yours, you grind your hard dick against me before sliding it in (POV Virtual Grinding) You take the holes that made you in multiple positions (fuck machine missionary, legs up and doggy style) and the best thing about fucking Mommy dearest ? You can cum inside me and your Dad will be my scapegoat. Next time you and your sister get intimate, I want you to come back and tell me every single detail!

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LinaBlackly – Mommy crawls in Bed with Son

Shhhh be careful not to wake up your sister or your father! I want to you rub your hands all over my tits and put my nipples in your mouth, then put your cock into my tight wet pussy. Don’t worry as long as we don’t tell anyone it isn’t bad. Now be a good boy and cum for mommy.

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