Jane Cane – Mom And Son Fuck For Survival

Mom has been having a really hard time. The power has been turned off because she couldn’t pay the bill. It’s winter time and their camper is freezing. Wade tells his mom that basic survival training says to take off their clothes and use one another’s body heat to get warm. As they snuggle together, Wade’s cock gets rock hard. At first, he is embarrassed, but he also knows that sex is a great way to generate heat. He tells his mom this who is so desperate to get warm that she actually agrees to have sex with her own son! They fuck until mom begs her son to shoot his warm, creamy load all over her ass.

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Dinkybum – Cum Fast For Mommy

I know you’ve been having some trouble recently with the girls you’ve been seeing. You can’t cum? I think you need some practice with someone you already know. Slide your cock into mommy’s tight warm pussy. You’re doing such a good job, I can tell how excited you are already. Are you going to cum for me, already ? See? All it takes is some motherly guidance! What a good boy!

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Paintedrose – Mom Is Sons Cum Whore

Son checks in with Mom when she get’s home late about where she was and he then accuses her of being more than his football Team’s ‘Team Mom’. She denies it at first but, then admits it. Son says he won’t tell Dad but she has to be only his cum slut now. She declines at first but, then submits to his wishes. He shows her his big dick and she sucks in and then he comes in her. She is worried about pregnancy and they agree if she gets pregnant, they will pretend it’s Dad’s baby.

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PaintedRose – Mom Loves Son – Jerk You Off

Son is a good boy who loves to cuddle with Mommy and talk about their love. He gets hard down there and wants to touch Mommy’s breasts so she lets him and then she jerks his little cock for him.

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Paintedrose – Son Seduces Mommy To Be Her Fuck Buddy

Mommy comes back a little tipsy. Her son is waiting for her with a stiff one. Mommy complains she can’t find a man to play with and he offers…it’s so wrong but he’s gonna make it right! She rides his cock and he fucks her and cums inside!

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Paintedrose – Mommys Boy Mows Her Lawn

Mommy’s Son Mows Her Lawn. Deserves Reward. He’s trying to troubleshoot the issues with the lawnmower and the wheelbarrow and mommy gives him a reward for being such a good man of the house while dads gone.

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Jane Cane – Son Won’t Let Mom Reject Him

Son is failing school. Mom is sick of his bad attitude and new friends. She takes away his car keys and hides them in order to teach him a lesson, but he has an even bigger lesson to teach his mom. If she is going to ground him and not let him leave the house, he is going to take something from her too. He shoves his cock in her mouth, then her pussy, holding her down and fucking her until he cums all over her stomach.

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