Harley Sin – Mom Wants To Get Caught

My son is almost home from school and my new boyfriend wants to fool around. He keeps grabbing at my pussy, ass and tits. But I have some chores I have to do, so I keep telling him no. He doesn’t buy it though, he knows I’m interested. Every time my son is almost home from school, he wants to fuck. He keeps on me, so I finally agree. But quickly, since I know he’s on his way home. He tells me I should call him while we’re fucking. I can’t believe what he wants me to do! It’s so bad, but I secretly like it. So I call my son, while my boyfriend has me pressed up against the counter with his cock inside me. My son keeps asking why I’m out of breath, I make up excuses. We chat about day to day things, but it’s getting harder to concentrate on what he’s saying to me. He asks me if we can watch a movie when he gets home. I agree, but that I have something to finish up so he can start without me. We get dressed just in time for him to walk in the door. I find my boyfriend, in my sons room! I can’t believe it. He wants to fuck me, in my very own sons bed. He is VERY convincing. He grabs me and puts his hands up my dress. I’m still so wet from him fucking me in the kitchen, it doesn’t take much convincing. As his huge cock slides inside me, I keep looking over, thinking my son might walk in. I know my boyfriend wants him to. To see his own mother, with another mans cock balls deep inside her cunt. I know my boyfriend loves the taboo risky nature of what we’re doing, so I keep talking dirty to him. Telling him about my son catching us, seeing his mothers wet cunt. I’m so close to cumming now, but I really don’t want my son to hear us, so I cover my mouth. We both cum and I slowly ease his cock out. I can’t believe what we just did. Fucking in my own sons bed. I think my son knows something is up, but he just hasn’t confronted me yet.

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Harley Sin – Mom Sells Out For Sons Bully

Mom is desperate for the bullying to stop. She asks you to meet her in private, she doesn’t want her son knowing. She tells you she’ll do anything to make the bullying stop, just tell her and she’ll make sure it happens. When you tells her what you want, she’s shocked. What do you think she is? A hot MILF looking too fuck. She gets up to leave but you stops her. You says you’ll ramp it up, and you want her to suck your cock. She can just tell, this one always gets what he wants. She agrees, but she promises she’s not going to enjoy it. She starts sucking your cock. You tell her to take more in her mouth, she says no, she’ll do what she wants. She finally does, and it’s the best blow job you’ve ever got. She tells you of course, she’s a much more experienced woman. You tell her she’s probably getting wet. She denies it. Her mouth feels so good, you decide you want her pussy. She denies you, tells you no fucking way. But you’re so persistent, she finally agrees. She takes her panties off but not her dress. You don’t get to see all of her. As soon as you enter her, something changes. She’s moaning slightly. Bouncing back to meet your strokes. You grab her hips and start fucking her doggy style. Her pussy IS GETTING WET. You knew it. She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her. She’s now begging for your cock. She says she’ll make you a deal, you can keep bullying her son, as long as you cone back and fuck her, anytime she wants. Her own son’s bully, making her cum. She has to have that cock again. She’ll do ANYTHING. You can put it wherever you want, bring your friends to share her, ANYTHING. She’s in a trance, for your dick. She cums harder than she ever has. She’s dick high. What a slut.

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Harley Sin – Cum On Mommy’s Face

Mommys been waiting for you all day. She wants your cum. She needs your cum. Won’t you cum all over her face? She has a surprise for you. She takes off her dirty panties, she knows how much you love them. She holds them up while she sucks you, so you can smell them. Your mommy jerks you and sucks your cock. She begs you to cum. She calls herself a slut and whore. You’re mommy needs it. She can feel your cock getting harder, so she knows its coming. You cum a huge load all over her face and tits. Its dripping everywhere. Your mommy gets so turned on, she rubs it all over her face and tits. She milks the rest of it out with her mouth, lets it run down her tongue onto her body. She fucking loves her boys cum.

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Harley Sin – Mother and Son Reunited

It’s the first time we’ve met. I gave you up for adoption when you were a baby and you’ve finally reached out to meet. I notice we have a connection right away, we even have our tea the same. I promise that I will make up for all our time lost. I kept the pictures of when I was pregnant with you, I always keep them on my bed side table so I can look at them every night. I’m very emotional looking at your old photo’s, remembering what it felt like to grow you inside my body. There is something you want to tell me but you’re hesitant. I want you to know that I would do anything for you, you just need to ask. You tell me you want to be inside me again, I’m confused but then I realize what you mean. I just want you to feel loved, so I agree. I get undressed and you get on top of me. I love you so much, I want to feel your hard cock inside my pussy. I beg you to put it inside me, and fuck me. I tell you that mommy is going to take care of you now, that I wished I could have given this to you a long time ago. You fuck me so good, I love your beautiful cock so much, I want you to fill me up with all your cream. I’m begging for you while we both cum.

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Harley Sin – Mommy Loves You

Your mommy loves you so much. She just wants you to feel safe, and loved. Even though your father left us, she’s realized we can only depend on each other. You still go to bed with each other, your mommy loves the feel of you. You’re cuddling and spooning as usual when something changes. Your mommy starts rubbing your cock under the blanket. But she just wants you to feel good. She knows what will make you feel even better, and she sucks your cock. Having your cock in her mouth awakens something inside her pussy, and she needs to feel you. You take your mommy, she thought all these years she was lonely, but she was actually horny. Your mommy needs a minute, she stops. She tells you to come here, she wants to see your face. You get on top of your mommy, she tells you how beautiful you are, and how much she loves you. Your mommy just wants your cock to know how good a cunt can feel. She has the best orgasm of her life, and knows you’ll be coming back for more.

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Harley Sin – Unsuspecting Mommy

Your mommy has drank too much, she was just so happy you asked to spend time with her tonight, she got carried away at dinner. You put on the movie but she keeps noticing you touching her leg. She closes her eyes a minute, but wakes up when you put your hand up her dress. She asks you to stop but she can’t get your hand out of there, she’s drank too much. She can’t believe you are fingering her pussy, but something weird happens… she gets this tingly feeling and cums all over your fingers. She is so confused, did she just cum by her own son? She thought she was dreaming. She notices your taking off your pants, you tell her it’s her fault since her pussy is so wet already. Your mommy feels guilty for cumming so she sucks your cock. You start to get up and move towards her, she asks what you are doing now… Your mommy tells you to put your cock away, that she doesn’t want this. But since she’s not wearing any panties you slide it right in. Your mommy tells you to stop but you won’t. You notice her eyes are starting to get droopy and her breath is quickening. She tells you it’s happening again, she thinks she’s going to cum again. She tells you not to cum inside her, to pull out and cum on her cunt. You both cum at the same time, she comes to a little bit and feels very guilty now. She reaches into her pussy and shows you her creamy pussy juice.. She still can’t understand what’s happened.

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jaybbgirl – Mommy Takes Care Of You

How are you feeling sweetie? I brought you some tea. Oh, I hate seeing you like this. It breaks Mommy’s heart. Here, let me lay with you, try and take your mind of your fever. Umm, I have a question. It’s only because I think it’s important and I love you. It’s a little awkward. Have you been properly relieving yourself? Have you been masturbating? I know you must have no energy. Mommy would love to help. Please let me help, just let me take care of you. Mommy will make you feel good. Let me jerk your cock a little bit. I just love you so much it’s the least I can do. You can also let Mommy fuck you. It’s easier for me to ride you, and I want you to feel as great as possible. Let Mommy take care of you with her pussy and make you cum. It’ll make you feel so much better I promise.

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jaybbgirl – Making Mommy Horny

Were you spying on me sweetie? It’s okay if you were. Men have needs and I guess I do have a fairly nice body, so I understand. If Mommy is being honest…it kind of turns me on. Makes me feel wanted. Oh fuck, now I’m all turned on. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. Did it make you hard? Seeing Mommy naked. It did didn’t it. Do you want Mommy to touch your cock? Mommy wants to…I’m so horny now that I want to see, taste, and touch your cock. Come on sweetie. I love you so much, let me make you feel good.

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