jaybbgirl – In Mommys Bed

There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you. What are you doing in Mommy’s bed? Is everything alright? You can tell Mommy anything. I will always love you no matter what. I understand if you don’t want to talk about it. I just want to let you know how much I love you and that my goal in life is to make sure you’re happy. That’s all I want. So even if you won’t tell me what’s wrong, I want to help. Can Mommy give you a hug? Hugs can help a lot. Oh. Nothing… It’s perfectly normal to umm get an erection. Totally natural. Do, do you want Mommy to help with that? It’s the least I can do, plus it’ll make you feel better about what ever it is that’s bothering you. I promise. Here, let Mommy touch your cock.

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Taboo Girl – Mom Trains Son To Make Her His Cum Slut

You overhear your mom being dominated by your dad in sex. You take a peek and watch as your mom is being fucked. I notice and keep dirty talking while looking at you. After your dad cums he tells me to go take care of you. To which I gladly obey. I come into your room to seduce you and train you how to dominate me and make me your cum slut.

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TexasBlaze – Young Boys Visit MILF Madam

The brothel was slow, so I sent my girls home. And then in walks in a group of young boys, VERY young boys. Hopefully, they are all 18. They are more than happy to play with this mommy pussy one by one. The madam becomes such a hot mess as a night goes on with all the fucking and sucking. Bring back more boys next time, please!

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Brea Rose – Mom Takes Sons Virginity

I am doing a charity cam stream to earn as much money as possible, I know I need to put on a really good show to earn lots of money for charity. So I have my son with me who is a virgin, he is very submissive and will do as he is told, I have dressed him up and I cuff his hands and attach his collar to mine. I encourage you to tip me and ask you what you want to see us do together, the guys say they want to see me fuck him, but I tell them they must tip me a lot to do that, but they do it, these guys must love giving to charity! I put a condom on my son and he fucks me for all the guys to see, but they want to see me fuck him without the condom, and they know i’m willing to do anything to earn as much money as possible for charity. So I take his condom off and tell him its perfectly fine, as i encourage him to fuck his mommy until he cums, who knows, maybe he will even get me pregnant!

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CherryPussy1 – Make Your Mommy Pregnant Again

OMG! I just born a brother to my sexy adult son and do you know what I want to do next? I want to become pregnant again! I want to take all sperm from my sons huge balls and feel his gorgeous dick inside my mommy pussy every second of my life!

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Taboo Girl – Son Blackmails Mom

Mom Deserves To Be Punished I was watching you naked in the shower and masturbated to you unknowingly, or so I thought. You noticed, sneakily recorded it and used it to punish me.

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MizzErotique – Mommy is your Breeding Girlfriend

Mommy wants to be your girlfriend and notices how into school girls you are. She comes to you and propositions you. She wants to be your girl. You can breed her anytime you want and she wants your cum now. She sucks and fucks you and begs for your seed.

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Taboo Girl – Mom and Sons Fucked Up Relationship

Mommy and Son have a very intimate fucked up relationship. People are noticing and talking, but we don’t care- they’re just jealous. Mom comes home to Son waiting for me. I saved up all my pee for you and I’m so happy to see you! I dirty talk, strip tease and then get you to come to the bathroom with me for our favorites! First, I pee all over you (oh there’s so much, so I turn around bend over and watch as I do more on you), then I warm up my pussy just the way we like it until I can’t take it anymore and demand your cock. We fuck and I cum hard and squirt all over your cock. I lick you clean and give you a blowjob until you cum in my mouth. Everyone thinks we have a fucked up mom and son relationship, but it’s just the way we like it!

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Taboo Girl – Mom and Son Cuckold Dad

It’s my birthday and you forget again. It’s not that you don’t love me, you are just so busy and away for work a lot. We don’t have sex much anymore- your sex life has become your hand and I am left horny and desperate at the peak of my sexuality. Since it’s my birthday I should get the gift that I want most. I convince you it’ll be good for our marriage and make us all happy again. I need a man at his peak to fuck me while you watch and jerk off to your wife being satisfied by another man. But not just any man, I have had my eye on our son and now that he’s 18 it’s my chance. You reluctantly agree to my demands. I change into sexy black lace lingerie and son walks in-that’s how I planned it. I seduce him as you sit in the corner and watch. After a successful seduction, I demand that son get his cock in me and fuck me. He has a big gorgeous cock at it’s prime, unlike your measly little thing! You watch as I get satisfied and orgasm hard. But you still need a release. I make you come on you knees by the bed and eat all of your son’s cum dripping out of my pussy. It makes me so horny and I cum again squirting and queefing into your mouth.

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