Kinkyexecutive – Let Momma Kiss It

Mom has just got home from working a long day, and requests a shoulder rub from son (you) to unwind and relax after a hard shift. And it seems that the shift isn’t the only hard thing!! And after getting a relaxing shoulder rub, Momma decides to act out on her naughty desires and seduces son to a striptease, and gets your cock out to play with it!! You do not resist, even though you know it’s wrong, you allow her to seduce you, and take advantage of your young hormones!

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Kinkyexecutive – Naughty Mother And Willing Horny Son Taboo

Son has come home from the Navy on break, and has taken his Mom out dancing and partying. Flirting and slow dancing and consuming adult bevarages with Mother, who you’ve had a “thing” for, but never acted out on any of it…. YET. You get home, and after a brief conversation in the kitchen, mom proceeds to go to the bedroom to get more comfortable, where she begins to replay the night over in her head, thinking about how turned on she got being close to you, dancing. It seems that Mom has been having the same thoughts, but up until now has been to afraid to actually act on her passions as well. Meanwhile, you are also thinking about the night and realize you have a huge boner thinking about it, so because of the cocktails, you get the courage up to go to Mom’s bedroom, where she sees you at her door and invites you in. She then admits to you how she feels and begins to coax you to engage in “heavy petting” with her, touching your hard cock, admiring it, and then giving you a blow job to your DELIGHT. She then masturbates for/with you, encouraging you to cum with her, and ultimately do what you’ve always dreamed of, FUCK her.

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