Kitty_LeRoux – Mommy I Like to Fuck: Milf Taboo

Your mom has some weird charges on her credit card and you totally deny they are your doing. “Oh..okay…that’s so weird. Have you ever heard of these places??? Milf4Sale? MommyVids?” You definitely have heard of those and have secretly enjoyed a few clips off of each site on your mother’s tab. “Look sweetie, I’m not mad. I’m actually glad you pay for your porn, but…not with Mommy’s credit card.” After more talking she, herself, comes clean… “I watched the clips, I mean, I bought them didn’t I?” Oh fuck…you’re caught. “Those models look oddly like me. you know, curvy, not your age.” She makes her point by taking out her gigantic tits. See? She wonders if that’s what you need- even thought you’ve had other *girls* over before- if you need someone with more experience.” You’re shocked when she suggests a deal that she’ll give you a blowjob if you never use her card again without permission. YES PLEASE. As soon as your dick hits her lips, you’re in heaven. She’s struggling a bit, but she is determined to suck you off like the milfs in those clips!! You tell her to get sloppy and that you want to fuck her face- she loves that idea! She’s gagging and her eyes are watering. “Just ignore the tears honey, it’s hot right??” Then the bombshell- she’s so hot and bothered that she wants you to cum in her, just like the do in those clips! She wants to hit home the fact that mommy will be here for you!

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