Kitty_LeRoux – Your Son Calls Me Mommy Too

Your mom hates your girlfriend. There’s a lot of jealousy there, but for some reason after dating for quite some time, your mother invites you and your girlfriend over for dinner. ‘Are you sure we have to go? Can’t you tell her I came down with rabies or something?’ You don’t really want to go either, and you’re surprised when your girlfriend’s tone changes. ‘Maybe this will fix the relationship or something.’ She mentions having an outfit she thinks your mother is going to love but it’s a surprise. Fast forward to the dinner and as soon as she sits down, your girlfriend unbuttons her jacket revealing her MASSIVE tits, hanging free in a crop top that says “Your Son Calls Me Mommy Too”. She winks at you and begins talking to your mother. Her hand slips its way to your pants and below the table, she starts giving you a handjob while telling your mother all about how appropriate her shirt is. She’s so hot taking control, secretly showing you her nipples and jerking you off, and telling your mom off in this sexy low-key kind of way. She starts seductively licking a strawberry and you think you’re going to lose it, until she says it….”He’s such a good boy for mommy.” You release ropes of cum at that and it ends up all over the strawberries. Your girlfriend picks one up and begins eating it, directly looking into your mother’s eyes. “They taste even better now.” You’re still hard and your girlfriend has a point to make about who your mommy really is, so she hops up on the counter. You fuck her until she can’t take it anymore and squirts, you bend her over the dinner table with her perfect ass in the air, she rides you with her massive fat mommy tits in your face. The whole time, your bitch mother is just taking embarrassing blow after embarrassing blow. Your girlfriend is doing such a good job owning you and taking care of your cock. Your “mommy” is showing her exactly who REALLY makes her son happy.

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Kitty_LeRoux – Moms Birthday Present

It’s your mom’s birthday, but you’re feeling a little down before the dinner reservation. You aren’t happy with the present you gave her. Your sweet mother stops to console you. “It’s the thought that counts sweety, I’ve told you that your whole life.” When you tell her you’d do anything to make her birthday amazing, she hears a very pleasing word. “…Anything?” she says with a glint in her eye. You’re not exactly sure what’s come over her, but it seems your offer has made her go full cougar on you. All of the sudden, your cock is out, and your sweet mother is licking it, sucking it, and fucking herself with it She has a few other ideas to make her birthday the best she’s ever had- watch her ride your cock with her curvy body, tit-fuck you with her big tits, and literally suck the cum right out of you. “Screw the dinner reservations sweety, let’s stay home.”

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Kitty_LeRoux – Birthday Party Gangbang

Your hot mom planned a very special birthday party for you this year. She didn’t divulge many details, but two of your friends could sleepover. Well, it turns out your mom is a bit old-school and thought charades and party hats were going to be entertaining. Poor thing doesn’t understand why no one is having fun after she got you all to try pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. She’d do anything for you- she even wore a dress you picked out for her. It hugs her curves and makes her look even more thick than normal. Now THAT is entertaining to you and your two friends. After failing to get the party going, you ask her if you can talk to her. “They didn’t like the hats? …I guess I should call and cancel the clown then.” She tried so hard, but you have to tell her the things she picked just aren’t what boys your age are into. She’ll do anything not to ruin your day- and actually, anything to make it perfect. “What are you boys into then?” Games. Pizza. Music…Girls. “Oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of that? I guess I was in denial that you’re growing up now. Of course you like girls now.” She wants to fix the issues and tells you to bring your friends into the room. “Do you know why you all are in here?” Your friends think they are in trouble. You have no idea what is going on. “Sometimes mommies make mistakes, and I did that today. And this cutie right here deserves the best birthday ever,” she says as she looks at you. “This is for you cutie.” What is going on? “All three of you take your pants off.” One of your friends practically rips his pants off, the other is takes his time, and you’re just in shock. She starts undressing and sucking on you one by one. “Does mommy look good sucking cock sweetie? Do all of you boys like this better than what we were doing earlier?” You watch in utter amazement as your mom gives one of your best friends his first blow job- dirty talking to him. You’ve never heard her talk like this before, but it’s like this isn’t her first time. Your friend covers your mom’s face in cum and she crawls on her knees to the second friend. “Slow down sweetie, I need you to be hard for mommy’s present to you,” she says, cum dripping down her face. She flirts with your second friend, playfully asking if he’ll cover her just like the other boy did- and he can’t hold back. “Now it’s time for the birthday boy to get his.” You’ve already seen your mom suck off your friends- could it get much better than this? She tells you to get on the bed and climbs on top of you. “It’s your special day, and your cum is special to me- so you get to cum in mommy’s pussy.” You get to fuck your hot mom and cum in her for your birthday, her tits are bouncing and she’s drenched in cum from sucking off your friends. This is absolutely the best birthday ever.

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Calling Out For Mommy – Kitty LeRoux

Guess you were being a little loud while fantasizing about your mom, because she comes running into your room thinking you were calling her name as though something was wrong. She’s shocked when she finds you, not in trouble, but totally trying to get off. After convincing you that she’s not going to tell anyone and that what you’re doing is perfectly normal for a boy your age, she realizes you might need some help. You think she’s going to give you some sort of talk, but when she sits down next to you and puts her hand on your hard cock, you know this is not the case at all. “Yes, mommy’s hand is on your cock. I interrupted your session didn’t I?” …She’s the sorry one? You’re not sure where her sympathy is coming from, but as her hot cleavage bounces as she strokes you, there’s no way in hell that you’re going to stop her. “You..wouldn’t…want to see…my tits, would you?” You’re not sure what to say but she feels your answer in your cock getting even harder in her hands. Her hands are so soft, her tits are so big, and you can’t stop staring at her lips. “Want mommy to kiss it and make it all better?” Uh, yes…yes you do. Your precum is on her lips…she’s been so willing this whole time, and the mystery is about to be solved- “When I heard you call my name, and I saw what you were doing..I got so turned on. Say mommy’s name again, please sweetie?” She makes you say it over and over again until you erupt, not once, but twice. She promises that next time, Mommy is going to show you what other soft parts she can use to get you off.

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Kitty_LeRoux – Mommy I Like to Fuck: Milf Taboo

Your mom has some weird charges on her credit card and you totally deny they are your doing. “Oh..okay…that’s so weird. Have you ever heard of these places??? Milf4Sale? MommyVids?” You definitely have heard of those and have secretly enjoyed a few clips off of each site on your mother’s tab. “Look sweetie, I’m not mad. I’m actually glad you pay for your porn, but…not with Mommy’s credit card.” After more talking she, herself, comes clean… “I watched the clips, I mean, I bought them didn’t I?” Oh fuck…you’re caught. “Those models look oddly like me. you know, curvy, not your age.” She makes her point by taking out her gigantic tits. See? She wonders if that’s what you need- even thought you’ve had other *girls* over before- if you need someone with more experience.” You’re shocked when she suggests a deal that she’ll give you a blowjob if you never use her card again without permission. YES PLEASE. As soon as your dick hits her lips, you’re in heaven. She’s struggling a bit, but she is determined to suck you off like the milfs in those clips!! You tell her to get sloppy and that you want to fuck her face- she loves that idea! She’s gagging and her eyes are watering. “Just ignore the tears honey, it’s hot right??” Then the bombshell- she’s so hot and bothered that she wants you to cum in her, just like the do in those clips! She wants to hit home the fact that mommy will be here for you!

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