Korina Kova – A Xmas With Mommy: Peeping Desires

I am a single mom and its the busy Christmas season, I arrive home from spin class and tell you to hurry and get ready for dinner, as I jump in the shower I catch you peeping through the door recording me, I do not have tine to fully discipline you because we are already late for that dinner event, I manage to forget about the incident but as I am getting ready for my office Christmas party I catch you in the closet peeping on me again as I am changing, again I yell at you but I have to run off to the party without talking to you about this behaviour, when I arrive home from the party I assume you are in bed I’m all dressed up sexy and start texting a married man I have been fucking but when I see he can not come over I open a bottle of wine and start searching google for help on the internet with these peeping urges my son is having, I find a forum and start a conversation with what I think is another mother going through the same issues with her son, we talk back and forth and they convince me it is best to let my son explore his urges with me, so I pore the rest of my wine and enter your room, I see you close your computer but I tell you to move over so we can cuddle I tell you to get close and I am starting to rub your chest, my nipples are pooping out and you start to get hard, I tell you its not your fault and I shouldn’t have come in your bed in lingerie, but I start to rub your cock and give you a hand job, then I am onto of you grinding your cock over the blankets, I start to moan and I tell you not to be scared and use my body to explore, I ask you to get on top of me and the blankets start slipping, oh no omg your cock slipped inside me, we can’t stop because we are both so horny and I end up humming all over your cock, I get on top but tell you one important thing, I am not on birth control but I am ridding so fast that you just cum deep inside me, I tell you not to panic and to go clean yourself up, I shout to you that I am just going to use your computer to ask something online… I open the computer to find the forum page open and it all comes to me, you pretended to be another concerned mother giving me advice and tricked me into fucking you.

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Korina Kova – A Loving Domination: Mom And Son Story

I arrive home after a long day and my feet are tired and sore, tonight I want to train my son to be the ultimate boy, run mommy a bath and do exactly what I say, get on your knees and worship my thighs and feet, I instruct you to suck and kiss my feet, now I am ready to give you your reward, I change into luxury lingerie and show you the toys I have for your ass, I want my boys ass pink and stinging, now let me train your ass, good boys get a reward….now your cock is in between my thighs you will have the privilege of fucking my thighs, good boy….now taste and eat mommys ass, mmmmmmmm good boy…now I will let you release all over my stomach and thighs, I love my good boy so much.

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Korina Kova – My Brave Boy Viking Tale

We are vikings and it’s the first summer since your father passed away in battle and we need to raid the forest to prepare for the winter, I want my boy to lead the way, as we enter a dense area where it is known for good hunting I hear something, it’s the enemies and they spot us, I tell you to run, they gain on us and as I am kneeling behind a rock pile you declare that you will fight, I beg you to be careful and you fight them all off but you are injured in the battle and I come to help you home, as I nurse you back to health you awake to find me in my bra and some fur over you, my boy is so brave and I need to repay you for saving my life, mommys strong brave boy is now the man of the house.

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Korina Kova – Robo Mom Family Services Modifications

I am your mom and your father left a long time ago leaving tension between us and as we are in the kitchen I am too distracted with texting my friend, you mention that you signed me up for step family services, I laugh and don’t take much note telling you that I meditate at yoga and I don’t need whatever it is that you signed me up for, just then I get a phone call and ignore you as you leave, while on the phone I get a knock at the door, no one is there and its just a white box, I open the box to reveal a beautiful necklace with a curious stone, once inside I can not resist trying it on with my hottest dress, as I am admiring it I don’t notice the noises its making until its too late, I can’t get it off and I am in a panic when a jolt comes over my body and I am frozen, my mind is taken over and I stand up straight while blank, I open my eyes and the mental domination complete, mommybot on route to step family service laboratory, I wake up in a dark room and calling out for help, as I look around I see all the equipment and when I notice the huge machine above my head its too late, a beam shots me in my forehead and I am taken over again, a week later the lab tech is working on modifying my body and enhancing my tits, ass, pussy, and lips and programs my brain to be the perfect fuckbot. The next day you come home to hear me humming in the kitchen, confused on where I have been for the last few weeks you don’t get a chance to ask me, I am cooking and baking and cleaning, and I greet you with a kiss and hug while telling you to sit down while I serve you, I sit beside you when you tell me you are going to take a nap “yes darling I want ultimate pleasure for my boy” you go to your room so confused. When you wake up I am on your bed with my head down, my eyes open and a downloading sound happens, I tell you that I am here to please you, and I start to look for the source of my boys stress, mommy found it, its in between your legs and mommy is designed to take care of it, I suck, fuck, and blow your mind with my new body and synthetic pussy, you cum all over me and I deposit Into my system, what a good boy.

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Korina Kova – Military Visit: Mom Son

You are my son and as I am about to leave to meet my friends for lunch when I see out the front window and I am shocked to see my son arriving, you are home to visit from the Military a month early and wanted to surprise me, we talk for a minute on the couch when I tell you that your father isn’t home this week and it will be just you and me mom and son, I lean over to grab your the remote to watch TV when you see up my dress and you quickly tell me you want to go to your room to relax, I come in to collect your laundry when I knock you don’t answer, I come in and hear you in the shower, I move the computer and notice a website pulled up, I look closer and I am disgusted to find porn titled “Mom and Son” I flick it on and continue to be distraught about what I have found, I hear you finishing your shower so I quickly grab the laundry basket and out the computer back, I then am in my room and I am putting lingerie on while thinking to myself about how I am thinking of giving my son this fantasy, I want to make my son happy and I always want those surprise visits from my boy, I return to your room in white lingerie and contront you about what you were watching, I confess that I want to take care of you and then I crawl towards your cock and pull it out, I suck your cock and start asking you if this is what you really want, do you want to fuck mommy? I lay back and beg you to fuck me, all positions POV this is my best taboo to date so hope you guys love it.

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