EnglishPrincess – Morning JOI From Your Friends Hot Mom

Good morning sweetheart, I didn’t know you’d stayed over, you want some coffee, tea…..or me? You’ve always had a thing for older women, now your friends hot mom is telling you how to wank while you’re sat at the breakfast bar-it’s like one of those MILF pornos you love. Listen to my sexy British voice tease your hot load out of you until you can’t help yourself and have to spunk!

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Ellabell22 – Have You Been A Good Boy? Cum For Mommy

Mommy is ready to take what’s mine… every drop of your cum. Watch my tits bounce while I stroke your thick, throbbing cock, cooing about what a good boy you’ve been for Mommy. You know what I want, cum all over Mommy’s hands so I can lick it up and suck it off my fingers.

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ScarlettBelle – Drain Your Balls For Mommys Bras

Mommy caught you jerking off to her bras while you were supposed to be doing chores and she knows what to do with a horny, distracted boy like you. Mommy has to completely drain you by making you cum twice to her big bras. I model my sexy lace bras and push up bras for you, stroke your cock until you cum in my bra, then show off some more bras to get you hard again. Finally, mommy rides you POV style and drains you completely in her pussy.

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Thelochnesscumslut – Long Mommy JOI

I know you think you’ve been sneaky and that mommy won’t notice you staring at me whenever you get a chance, but I see you, I see you all the time. I’ve also heard you, late at night, jerking off and moaning for mommy! Well, I think it’s time that mommy did something about it! I want you to stroke for me while I strip down and start to show you all the sexy things mommy likes to wear under her clothes. Maybe Mommy will even let you see her breasts without anything covering them while you stroke and edge! Mommy knows you want to edge and follow along all of my instructions!

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Kelly Payne – Manipulative Son Tricks Mom

You call your mom and ask if she’ll help with your last-minute school photography project. When she shows up you hand her one outfit at a time… Lingerie… Mom is taken back, and asks why you’d want her to help you with a project like this. Wont people find it odd if you take photos of your own mother in such risqué clothing. You ask her nicely, plead with her, you really need her help… the lingerie continues to get more and more risqué… and your mom hesitates but does as you ask. After the last outfit, she asks where her clothes are… as you’ve hidden them… and tell her you’ll look and offer her a glass of wine. With well… an incredibly special ingredient. Something to make your mom feel really really good, and a lot less hesitant. After she naps for a minute you pull her clothes, rub her feet, legs and eventually pull her into you and start fucking her. She can’t resist and the pleasure is overwhelming… she moans out in pleasure. After you cum inside her, she struggles to comprehend exactly what’s happening and lays back down for another nap…

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ScarlettBelle – Mommy’s New Bras

Mommy just did a lot of shopping and wants your opinion on her new clothes. But to your surprise, all of the clothes she bought are bras and matching panties! Mommy shows off several new sets, before noticing that you’re getting VERY excited. She strokes your hard cock until you cum, but she’s not done yet. There’s still more bras to try on, and your balls aren’t fully drained. Mommy might have to get on top and ride you to fully drain you!

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Dinkybum – Mommy Suck And Fuck

Mommy is craving someone’s touch, her date just cancelled on her and she’s feeling lonely. And what a waste, she’s already all dressed up. Do you think you could help her? Watch me as I strip out of my sheer dress and show off my perfect body in silky white lingerie. I realise my baby boy is exactly who I need to make me feel good! Put your cock in my mouth and let me get you hard. Gagging and drooling all over your dick, I beg you to fuck mommy! You fuck me in missionary HARD as I moan for you. Let’s cum together, good boy!

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Brittany Andrews – Stepson Seduction

Daddy is Away, so Mommy Needs to Play with Her Naughty Stepson! We Won’t Tell Anyone What We Do, it’ll be Our Little Secret! Take Out your Cock and Let Mommy Have a Taste and then Get Ready to Fuck Me Like the Slut You Are!

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Siena Rose – Stepmom Blows You

I’m you step-mother and I just came home from work . I see you jerking off so I come in and close the door behind me because I am overwhelmed with lust for your big cock. I tell you that your cock is way bigger than your father’s and that I REALLY want it in my mouth. I come over to the foot of your bed and slowly strip to my lingerie, talking dirty to you. I climb up on the bed and you let me stroke, worship and suck your cock. I’m so hungry for your load-suddenly my cell phone rings and I pick up the call – its your father. But I make sure I keep your cock in my hand and I talk sweetly to him before hanging up. I can’t wait to get you back in my mouth – I suck you until I make you cum all over my tits and in my greedy mouth, I don’t want to waste a drop of your big, hot load. After all, I’ve never had a cock this big nor have I seen so much cum!

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JocelynBaker – Mommy Is My Valentine

You just got home from class and as you’re walking in the door you hear your mother call out. She wants you to come in to the bedroom, and has a surprise for you? Weird, but okay. You walk in her room and realize she must think your dad is home – because she’s wearing nothing but a crotch less bodysuit and sheer robe while having wine. Before you can speak, she realizes that she made a mistake and texts your dad. Immediately she’s annoyed at his response, looks like he’s gotta work late and on Valentine’s Day of all days. You’re about to head out of the room when your mom asks if you can help her finish the expensive bottle of wine she bought. You don’t really have any plans for the evening and you could always use a glass, so you stay with her. You’re a bit nervous at the idea of getting tipsy with your mom in lingerie but you know she’ll be alone if you leave. She picks up on you being uncomfortable, and when you tell her it’s because of the lingerie she giggles while simultaneously slipping the robe off and exposing her giant, saggy breasts. WOW! You look away, out of respect for your Mother. But, she wants you to look. Mommy wants you to know that your father never takes care of her tits and she loves them being sucked on. You know you should probably leave, but you’ve fantasized about your moms tits since you first learned to jerk off. She puts them in your face and you suck on her little pink nipple, taking turns between each breast. Her moaning is getting you so excited you can’t control your hard on throbbing in your jeans. She sees that you’re excited and begs to touch it. Just for a second, she says. You do want to make Mommy happy, don’t you? You lay down on the bed and Mommy gets on her knees, stroking and playing with your dick before slipping it in her mouth and deep throating you. She confesses that sucking cock gets her pussy wet, and begins playing with herself in front of you. Mommy needs to be fucked by your thick veiny cock, and you can’t disobey her! She lies down on the bed and you get a perfect view of her bouncing titties as you slip your cock inside her. She’s SO tight, you never would have imagined it could feel this good. You’re using all of your control not to cum in her immediately, and she starts grinding her hips against you encouraging you to go as deep as you can. Once your balls deep and thrusting, she begs you to cum in her. She’s on birth control, besides if you did get her pregnant, she would tell your father it’s his. Hearing your Mom tell you to cum in her is too much and you shoot a hot load of spunk right inside her wet hole. She’s so happy, she wants to show you just how sloppy you made her. She squats down and you watch your cum rush out of her, all wet and used. You still haven’t realized what you’ve done when she asks you to cuddle her and go one more time, before your father gets home.

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