Alex Bishop – Fucking your Hot Bimbo Mom

Your Mom spies on you jerking off to bimbo MILF porn and can’t help but play with herself while watching. Later that day you see her straightening up the house in a slutty outfit while hitting on you. She offers to help you with your boner which leads to a hot blowjob and sex.

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RheaSweet – Mommy’s Lingerie

I’m getting ready for my date tonight. I have a couple new lingerie items I want to wear under my dress. My son is so helpful for his mommy. He agrees to help me pick out the perfect piece for tonight. I slip into the bathroom to change. The door is slightly open, and he can see his mommy’s body as she changes into her lingerie pieces. I try on all five pieces of lingerie for my sweet son’s opinion. He helps me decide on the perfect piece. Oh, I can see he’s getting a little excited watching Mommy change in and out of all these revealing items. I can’t leave him like this before my date. I tell him to pull his cock out for Mommy. I help him stroke his cock, then I guide my son to the bed. I tell him to stroke his cock for Mommy. He’s getting so hard, I ask him if he would like Mommy’s mouth on his cock. Yeah? That’s a good son. I wrap my mouth around my son’s cock. I let him know it’s okay to cum on Mommy’s face. Such a good son. Hmmm, I think it would be a good idea if my son was inside of me before I go on my date. I tell my son that I think he should be inside Mommy and cum in me before I go on my date. What a good idea to have his cum inside me all night. I climb on top of my son. I can tell he has wanted to be inside Mommy for a long time. He’s very excited, and I have to tell him to slow down and not cum too fast. It feels so good to be on top of him, and I can’t help but to cum on my son. We cum at the same time. He cums so much in his Mommy, it’s dripping out of me. I can’t wait to have my son’s cum in me all night while I’m on my date.

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RheaSweet – Son Convinces Mommy

I’m finishing breakfast with my son, when I notice him looking at me intently. He wants to ask me a question but is too embarrassed. I am his mother, and he can ask me anything, no matter how embarrassing. He confesses he is having certain feelings in his private parts while around Mommy. My sweet boy is having completely normal cravings. But as his mother, those feelings are inappropriate. He is so curious and insists to know what a female body looks like. Can I show him my body? No, I can’t, it’s so inappropriate! But he is afraid if I don’t show him that I don’t love him! As his mother he needs to know I still love him. He wants to see so badly, but I can only show him a quick flash. Then we will never talk about this again. I pull up my dress and show him Mommy’s body underneath. He likes it! I must admit I’m happy to make him feel loved again. He wants to feel Mommy’s titties that used to feed him? Okay fine, but just this once. He used to suck on them anyway, so what’s the difference now, right? Now he wants to know what a pussy tastes like? No, that’s too far! Fine, just for a second. Then we’re done, and you make sure you never tell your father! I can’t believe we’re doing this. It’s fine though, right? I’m his mother. It’s best for me to teach him, right? He likes the way that Mommy tastes. Wow I can’t believe my son is actually making me cum! Now it’s only right to make my son feel good after making me feel so good. I lay back for him to be inside of Mommy. It’s going to be really hard for him to fight cumming, but I will will help guide him. He is doing so good! He wants to cum inside of Mommy. I don’t think that’s a good idea at all, but he can’t control it and cums side of his mother anyway. It’s okay, Mommy will take care of it. Let’s get cleaned up before his father walks in and sees this.

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xMannyPunani – Mommy And Son POV

Mommy is dressed in lingerie, tidying up the house, expecting your father but you show up instead. While surprised, your rising pants has mommy intrigued. I tell you I’ve always been curious what your penis looked like, and you take me by surprise & willingly show me. I promise to take great care of you while I suck my naughty step-sons penis. You ask to see my tits before you take me from behind, bent over on the couch. You’re fucking mommy’s pussy right in the doorway, making it incredibly risky at the chance of your father walking in. I turn over for a front view and you cum for mommy like the naughty boy you are. After we both cum, I come back to my senses and tell you to go clean your room.

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KikiDeez – Can Mommy Suck Your Cock

In this POV I’m a single mom who used to strip and now I’m doing Onlyfans. Well my fans now want me with a real man. The only man in my life is my son. So I go to my son to ask if he’d be the one. At first he’s a little hesitant but I remind him he’s always been there for me and needs to be here for me now to support me. I take off my robe to show him my lingerie I put on just for him. He agrees but only if he can cum in Mommy’s mouth. And if course since your helping me so much every time it’s PPV I’ll let you cum down Mommy’s throat. I give you a blow job with dirty talk and spit before you cum in my mouth. Your cock is fucking amazing! I’m so lucky to have a son like you.

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Kelle Martina – Best Friends Mum

You’ve over at your best friend’s house but he’s already left. His step-mom is there. Just you two alone. You’ve always found her attractive but once you find out that she is all alone -no husband or boyfriend – she starts hitting on you. You can’t help but get an erection and she starts to touch you all over and starts demanding your big cock inside her. You tell her it’s your first time but she’s gentle and she doesn’t care. She still wants you. Once she makes sure that you really want this she gets on top of you, sucks you off, and rides your cock until you both cum quickly. Best friend’s step-mom takes your virginity.

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Kelly Payne – Do You Like Mommys Ass

Mom is feeling a little insecure about her age and lack of attention she’s been getting from your father, so she went shopping and can’t decide which lingerie to wear for your dad… she comes into your room asking for help and she starts undressing and trying on different types of lingerie asking if you like it and what you think, does her ass look good? as she reaches the last outfit she notices how aroused you seem and eager for attention she teases you and entices you to fuck mommy from behind.

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