Faerylovely – Curious Boy Meets Milky Milf

I’m outside squirting my milk and plying with my boobs. It feels so good. I hear someone in the bushes. Why are you spying on me lil boy? Oh you curious about my milk. I invite him into my bedroom. I tell him he can try my milk if I can try his. I’ll show you what I main, but first we have to make your little dick nice and hard. I lick and suck your your cock. I squeeze my milk on it and tell you to stroke it while I get my panties off. I ride your dick while squirting my milk.

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BabyBrewer – Mommy Son Breastfeeding Turned Taboo

The video begins with mommy sitting down with you at the breakfast table. She has been wearing just a robe all day and night. The whole family is there except for your daddy who is working out of town. You are in a wheelchair too, and she notices that you seem sad and frustrated lately. After breakfast, she decides to call for a sex worker or escort for you, but they decline after hearing that the mom is setting it up and that it is for someone in a wheelchair. She gives up. Later that evening, you can’t go to bed on your own, so you join mommy in bed while she has her back turned breastfeeding your sibling. She notices you feeling awkward so she teases that you might want breastfed by your mother too! Then she turns around and offers her breast to you! Things go from loving and innocent to naughty very quickly as you start humping her and she tries to fight you off… but then you cum. She can’t seem to rest afterwards and calls her friend to vent. She checks on you… and before she knows it, her son is fucking his mommy! She calls her friend for help and describes what happened in detail.

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KSWifey – Mommys Special Place

Your Mommy loves you and wants to keep you protected. Earlier, while you were away at school, Mommy went through your computer, specifically your internet history and what she found made her unhappy. A good boy like you shouldn’t be looking at naughty porn. She realizes that she must confront you regarding your behavior as well as that maybe it is time for a conversation and education on sex. Are you paying attention?

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Kelly Payne – Loving on Mommys Tits

Mommy wants to snuggle the same way you used to when you were smaller. You agree and snuggle close to mommy tits, she has you nurse from her, lick her nipples and play with her breasts. She gets easily aroused and starts wanting a little more and more… She covers her nipples in her cum for you to taste, she goes down on you and asks you to fuck mommy while you suck on her nipples. She brings herself to multiple squirting orgasms and covers her nipples for you to lick.

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Kelly Payne – Bed And Bathtime Fun With Mommy

Mommy and you are enjoying a relaxing bath, daddy’s getting ready for work and is going to leave any minute. But you and mommy are having fun, playing, laughing, cleaning, touching, and a little more… mommy starts stroking your peepee getting you nice and hard before climbing on your lap and letting you enjoy mommys pussy. Dad comes in to say goodbye, almost catching you but luckily mommy makes it seem very casual. After he leaves she continues to let you enjoy mommys pussy. even bending over and letting you enjoy her from behind. After you make cummies in mommy, she gets you a towel & gets you ready for school. At bedtime when mommy comes in to check on you, your not in bed…. you want to cummies inside mommy again before bedtime. OKay sweet boy, mommy asks you how you want to fuck her and you tell her you want to suck on her boobies while you enjoy mommy. She lays down and milks herself for you as you fuck mommy and enjoy sucking the milk from her big bouncing tits.

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Syndica – Cozy Mommy Feed And Fuck

Hey baby lets get cozy, my breasts are full of so much yummy milk for you it pours out when i squeeze, cozy up to my breasts enjoy your fill, fuck mommies perfect soft wet pussy, you cum in me and your hot cum pours out of my pussy.

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Kelly Payne – Cum For Mommy Sweet Boy

Mommy woke up in quite a frisky mood, she is enjoying her usual cup of coffee but she’s completely naked. She is excited your awake, before you get ready for school, she wants you to give mommy pleasure. After all she is such a good mommy, always taking care of all your wants and needs, and that brings you pleasure doesn’t it sweet boy? Oh, you’re such a good boy… such a sweet good boy. Mommy explains exactly how to pleasure mommy. Starting by taking off your jammies. Mommy then tells you to make a “come here” motion with your fingers and shows you how to make mommy feel really good. Mommy then tells you to clean up the mess, just like if we spilt some chocolate and inside of wiping it clean, we are going to lick it clean because it’s to yummy to waste. Mommy has you lick up all her cum, while squeezing her tits letting some milk spray out, before having you put your hard peepee inside of her. Its okay baby, mommy explains what it feels like to cum and you fill mommy’s pussy with all your yummy cum.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommys Milk Accident

Mommy is just chatting away to you without realising her milk has leaked through her top leaving giant wet patches! You try not to look, but you can’t help but stare, and when mommy notices she is mortified and embarrassed! …She also notices that lil erection in your pants sticking up. Your mommy loves you so much she just has to do something to help her boy out

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Kelly Payne – Bath Time With Mom

Mommy Kelly is taking a bath with you as she usually does, and mommy notices her little boys penis is hard. Mommy takes advantage of your hard on, and tells you how it’s perfectly normally for little boys to be excited by their mommys. Mommy Kelly suggests letting mommy make her sweet boy feel really good, and as shy as you are mommy notices your excited but nervous, so she suggests you nurse from her to relax and calm the nerves. After enjoying mommys sweet and warm breast milk, mommy tells her little boy to stand up because mommy wants to make you feel SO good. Mommy Talks to you while she sucks your little cock, (POV DILDO) until she gets so arroused and asks you to make mommy feel good to. Mommy guides your little cock inside her while your on top and you fuck your mommy hard till you cum.

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Download Kelly Payne - Bath Time With Mom.mp4

Kelly Payne – Everything Will Be Ok Mommy Roleplay

Mommy Kelly is comforting you, your fearful of all the madness happening around you. The illness spreading around the world and fearful of the mandatory quarantine. Mommy reassures you everything is going to be okay, we’re safe, loved and have everything we need right where we are. You and mommy together and Mommy’s milk. The perfect medicine to keep us healthy and safe during these stressful times. Mommy talks softly and sweetly as she takes out her engorged breasts and slowly starts milking them. Sharing with you the importance to drain them and keep filling your belly full of mommy’s sweet and warm breast milk. The more you and mommy enjoy her breast milk the more they fill with milk. Mommy continues to uplift you by sharing her milk with you, enjoying some herself and playfully playing in her milk as she sprays breastmilk all over herself and you.

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Download Kelly Payne - Everything Will Be Ok Mommy Roleplay.mp4