Lanie Love – Mom’s Room

You don’t know yet, but your hot mom is watching you jerk off to her panties through the door crack. You know it’s wrong, but you can’t help it, plus if she doesn’t know, who cares? So you thought… She calls you into her room, she looks amazing in her black dress and heels. You can’t believe your eyes, but she beings to tease you a little bit, swaying back and forth showing her sexy body, bending over, coming up to kiss you, “were you jerking off to me in there?”. You’re so hard for your mom and she KNOWS! She strips and gets on her knees to please you, her everything. You end up fucking in many positions all over your mom’s room. You’re the luckiest son and there’s no way you’ll go back to just jerking to her panties.

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Lanie Love – You’re Doing it Wrong

I had just gotten home from brunch with my girlfriends when found my son in his room jerking off. He’s so cute, but he was doing it SO wrong. Of course he stopped right when I walked in. “Oh honey,” I said “you’re doing it all wrong, didn’t your father teach you how to do this right?” Of course he didn’t, he’s not good for anything. My son looked at me with his beautiful eyes and I just could not resist. And might I add that he has an AMAZING cock, oh my.
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Lanie Love – Mommy wants younger cock

It’s been such a long day and I can’t think of anything better to do than to cum. I start to touch then finger myself when suddenly my son comes in and I’m a little flustered. Of course I stop and apologize, but then I get to thinking something I’ve been pondering for a while. “Come here my baby, I have a proposition. I know you hear your father and I having sex all the time, and honestly, I’ve been craving a younger hotter version of him and well, here you are”.
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Lanie Love – Mom I’d Love to Fuck

“Hey honey! I just got my hair done and a new dress, do you like it?” Your mom begins to model her beautiful new sundress and high heels. She looks so sexy the way the dress hugs her curves all the right way. You must hold back your thoughts as you feel your dick swelling in your pants.
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Lanie Love – Cum for mommy

I’m doing some spring cleaning when I turn around so see my son watching me. I’m filled with excitement which is soon crushed because I see a glimpse of sadness on his face. My poor baby, I love him so much and I can’t see him down like this. “What’s wrong baby? Can Mommy help?” He complains to be how his girlfriend cheated on him and wants to break up. I new she was bad news from the start. Of all the women he’s been with, I know he can do better. Who knows better than me, right?
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