sloansmoans – Conditioned by Mommy

Watch as your mother comes up to you in lingerie while you’re getting ready for a date. Mommy loves seeing her handsome boy all dressed up. She knows you’re excited for your date but, hmm… why are you hard already? Did you just get hard for your mother? She begins to tease you with her body asking if it was mommy’s big boobs, or mother’s big round ass that gave you an erection. She tells you that you can go out on as many dates as you like but you’ll only be thinking of her, your mommy. She’ll be making sure of this by having you fuck your mother, NOW. She gets on top of you and keeps talking about how much she loves you and how much she knows you’ve been wanting to fuck mommy. She tells you that she wants your cum. Mother wants you to cum for her right before your date. You cum quick for mommy and she tells you that from this moment on your cock and your cum are only hers…

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sloansmoans – Nanny Gets Blackmailed

Watch as your “nanny” comes rushing in from a storm. You weren’t expecting her, you were expecting your parents. She tells you that they got caught in the storm and need to stay at a hotel so they called her to rush over to you. As she’s explaining this she doesn’t realize that her white t-shirt is soaked and you can see her perfect tits and nipples through her top. She goes on about how she’s there to take care of you and that she’ll be staying the night and having fun with you. She asks you for a hug and she presses her breasts against you unknowingly. Once she takes a step back she looks down and realizes that her shirt is see-through. She’s so embarrassed! She crosses her arms and apologizes profusely. She tells you that she really should shower and get her clothes dry. She tells you she’ll be quick… Your nanny comes in from her shower only wearing a towel. She’s a bit frustrated because it seems that her clothes went missing. She asks you if you hid them from her and you deny it, even though you absolutely did. She keeps asking you to tell her where they are until she stops and smiles and realizes what is happening. She asks if seeing her nipples made you want to see more. You are at the age where you’re starting to become interested in girls, after all. She tells you that it’s very naughty but she’ll make a deal with you. She’ll show you her naked body if you promise to give her back her clothes. You promise. She’s the first woman you’ll be seeing naked and this excites her. She takes her towel off and poses for you in many different ways. She’s so caught up in her posing that she doesn’t notice you’re taking photos of her. She tells you to stop! She shouts at you to delete them! She explains how having photos of her on your phone could get her into big trouble. She pleads with you to delete them but you don’t. Instead, you want to make another deal. She tells you that she’s not going to agree but that’s when you say you’re going to send the photos to your friends right now if she doesn’t let you keep the photos AND masturbate in front of you. She’s shocked that you know what that is! She pleads with you further until she can’t believe she’s going to agree to your new terms. She then spreads her legs in front of you and shows you how women masturbate. She’s so embarrassed to be masturbating in front of the boy she nanny’s. But then she starts to become really turned on and she can’t believe that she’s into this. She’s so horny that when you start taking more photos of her masturbating she half heartedly tells you not to. And when you take your cock out to jerk off she tries to tell you not to but gets distracted by her own pleasure and your big cock. She can’t believe how big it is and she can’t stop staring at it! She then starts to encourage you to stroke for her. This sets her over the edge and she cums really hard for you. Once her orgasm subsides she says “fuck it” and gets on her knees in front of you. She grabs hold of your cock with both hands and begins to jerk you off herself. You can’t believe what’s happening, but you love it. She dirty talks about her big tits bouncing and how naughty she and you are. She tells you to take photos of her so you can blackmail her later because she doesn’t know why, but this is turning her on so much. She keeps jerking your cock and tells you that it’s okay to cum wherever you want to. You can’t help yourself so you cum all over her pretty face. She’s takes your cum like the naughty nanny she is and tells you that she wants your cum to dry on her face as a reminder of how naughty you are. She then tells you that you must promise to keep this a secret otherwise she won’t be able to be your nanny anymore. Don’t you have the best nanny ever?

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Sydney Harwin – The Free Use Mommy Club

You are browsing mommy porn online one day, when you come across a strange website. You press “ENTER” and see that you’ve stumbled across a kind of special secret society. You quickly learn that this online group does more than just offer mommy porn videos. Before you know it, you are scrolling through endless REAL taboo vids! You notice that all the moms seem to be enjoying sex with their biological sons… REALLY enjoying it. You decide to take advantage of the “contact us” page to ask some questions about the authenticity of the movies in front of you, but before you can send your message, you have to fill out your contact details. You don’t really want to leave your mobile number (you want to remain anonymous) but you feel there’s no harm, plus, you feel this is all actually quite interesting! Almost straight away you get a phone call from a woman, who wants to know all about your mommy fetish. You don’t know why, but you open up to her about your most secret, filthy fantasies you have about your own mother. “What if I told you,” she said, “that if you paid me $5,000, I could make your real, biological mommy want to fuck you?”… You ask her how, and she replies- “We don’t release that sort of information. Now, do you wanna join the club or not?”…

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Kelly Payne – Confessing to Mom

Mom is relaxing after a long day, and notices you staring at her… You tell her you want to talk and confess you weren’t planning on going to your friends tonight you were actually planning on going to your girlfriends. Mom seems confused as why you wouldn’t just tell her, she doesn’t care. You then start to confess a little more… and more.. Mom tries her best to react with empathy and … love. She’s not judging… just… taking it all in… she’s shocked to find out your a virgin and have only kissed a girl. She’s even more shocked that you want your own mom to help you out as you seem to only get hard when your around your mom? She agrees to help you, but not fuck you. She undresses and masturbates bringing herself to many orgasms… pausing and encouraging you to stroke yourself… she refrains from looking at you…. at first, and doesn’t notice how close to her you’ve gotten… you can’t help yourself… you pull her in despite her disapproval in her voice… and shove yourself deep inside of her… you both are overwhelmed by pleasure and continue to enjoy one another until you explode inside of her… hopefully you didn’t just get your mom pregnant.

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Mama Fiona – Easily Persuaded

I’m your mom and I’m just getting ready for work when I turn around and notice you jerking off! You have been eyeing me for a long time and decided to finally make your bold move. You flatter and compliment me, ask me for a handjob, and it doesn’t take much for me to oblige, maybe just a small deal with you. I know it makes me a naughty mama but realistically, i’d do anything for my son!

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silverxomunat – Impregnate Your Mommy

While you’re going to bed I ask if I can lay with you tonight. Mommy is so lonely. I start talking with you about what Mommy likes and I love taboo. I start kissing you and ask you to suck Mommy’s huge tits as I give you a hand job. I guide you on top of me and tell you how to thrust. Mommy loves your cock inside of her. Mommy wants you to impregnate her. Blow your huge load inside Mommy.

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ImMeganLive – Immoral Mom Missed You So Much

You are coming back from a boat trip, your dad is away on a work trip, I am wearing white stockings hidden behind see trough leggings and I am wearing sport sneakers at home. As soon as I see you, I start saying how much I missed you and your touch and that I was a naughty wife and mom. I go on the bed and I remove my shoes and showing you my ass in leggings and spank it. Then turning towards you and touching my pussy through it. As you take off my leggings and shoes, I rest my feet on your dick. I tell you that while you and your dad were away, I fucked few of your friends. I tell you how they fucked me, how I dressed in stockings for them and that I wear now were their favourite one, how they touched me, bred me, creampied my pussy, how they wanted to make me pregnant. And I say all these while giving you a footjob. Then you have had enough you spread my legs and the fuck begins. As I moan and scream how bad I want and missed your cock. That I wanted you so bad. That I am your whore and love being one. That I want your cum inside me. I want you to breed me. I want you to get me pregnant, to put a kiddo in my belly. You cum inside me (Cum visible) and I tell you that I loves you and that I am your whore mom.

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Tara Tainton – If You Could Have Anything for Your Birthday Anything at All

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now, your dad and I have lots of fun stuff planned for you, of course. And… what would you like for breakfast? I can cook you up something, bring it to you in bed? And… dare I ask… if you could have ANYTHING for your birthday, what would it be? Because your dad and I might’ve already…. What’s that? Last night? Dad and I last night, in the kitchen? Why, I don’t remember anything that… OH. You… you heard us? YOU SAW? And you want… well, we were just playing, it was all a big joke. Yes, I was his “secretary” and he was the “boss.” ha haa And… that’s what you want for your birthday? Well, I guess I can dress up for you… and then we can just go down to breakfast, right? What a strange request… No? No, you want… you want… more?

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KathiaNobili – Hot Tube and Hot Sex with Your Mom

Your mom has a really hard day at work…she always loves to come home to her boy…and even today she is happy to see you…but she needs now a little HER TIME!!! She would just love to enjoy her self in hot tube…alone! But it’s like you didn’t heard that detail ALONE!!! You’re much faster then her and already sitting in that hot water…and yes…mom gets surprise to see you IN!!! But you both know…how to relax the BEST WAY!!! Hot water and HOT SEX with her boy it’s way to relax and forget all the work stress! So give your mommy the best shoot you have!!!

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