Mama Fiona – When Mom Hears You Fucking

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I am just doing some chores around the house when yet AGAIN, I hear your girlfriend moaning and panting loudly from your bedroom. I try to ignore it for a bit, but curiosity gets the best of me and I quietly lean against your door to hear what the commotion is all about. To my surprise, your very vocal girlfriend is calling you, my son, “DADDY” while you fuck her! I am shocked and intrigued by this! MY son, being called DADDY while pounding his GF!?!??! Wow. I hardly know what to think and I find myself getting sort of turned on by this whole ordeal. Later that day, your gf is in the shower and I start giving you grief for her being loud. I don’t care, I’m just curious. Then I reveal to you that my best friend had just told me about she has been getting very intimate with her son! Flashback to our phone call – she gives me alllllll the steamy details of her and her son while I become aroused and even start touching myself during the conversation! (Long convo on the phone with my friend!) The whole thing is incredibly arousing to me and I soon find out that its arousing to you too. I start to make a move on you. We start heavy petting and kissing in the living room – even though your girlfriend is in the shower! You tell me you’ve wanted me for so long and upon hearing this, I just can’t wait to get my hands on you…. I suck your beautiful dick and give you a handjob, you finger me, eat me… touch your mother and suck on my nipples. I give you the best pussy job of your life and you tell me you want to fuck me. I can’t resist so I drag you to my bedroom where we make tender mom son love!!!! I can’t believe this has finally happened but boy I am glad it did and I’d LOVE to do it again… hopefully your girlfriend won’t find out!

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Bettie Bondage – Knocked Up Mommy Needs Your Cock

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“Look, honey, you got me in this mess. You need to help me, okay?” Your mother is splayed on her bed, her pregnant tummy peeking from her camisole, her pussy wet beneath her panties. Ever since you asked her to teach you about the birds and bees, and you came inside her, she’s been so horny for you! You just want to go hang out with your friends but she just wants you home, with your cock buried in her preggo pussy. I mean, it does feel amazing, and she looks so sexy, her breasts so full and her tummy, too, and the way she makes you jizz deep inside her does make you cum harder than you ever have before…well, I guess it is ok to stay home with mommy this weekend…

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Bettie Bondage – Caught With Sis By Mom

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You and your sister have always been close, but even you didn’t expect where things went. You tried to avoid it, avoid her, after the first time, but you both just want it so bad. You both want it so bad, and so often, that you maybe made some stupid choices. Like fooling around when mom was at home. You couldn’t help yourselves! And, well, you got caught. There was no pretending it was anything other than exactly what it was, and you tried to tell mom it was fine, it was consensual and you’re being mature about it, but she was upset. Really upset. And she kept saying she knew exactly what it was like? You think maybe there’s something more here, and after being honest with her, you convince her to tell you everything. She confesses that she and her brother did something similar, at the same age. You can’t believe what you’re hearing, but moreover, you can’t believe how hot you find it. Thinking about your mom doing something like that has you rock hard, but you hide it well, and ask her to tell you about it. Y’know, so you’ll understand just how wrong it all is. You listen closely, your cock throbbing in your boxers, as your mother explains the details of how she started fucking her brother. Of course, you can tell she’s getting turned on, too, touching her neck, crossing her legs tight, breathing heavy as she recounts the first time her brother slid his hard cock into her virgin pussy. You take your cock out, not sure if its going to go over well, but she doesn’t object. “This is wrong,” she says, as you press your cock against her, mimicking the story she tells, pressing all the way into your mother’s pussy while she gasps, moans, and begs for more.

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Mama Fiona – My Son’s Filthy Secret

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You are my sun and we have a great relationship. Very friendly and open, very close and lighthearted. One day I ask you to give me a footrub, to which you happily oblige. I had no idea that not only do you have a “thing” for me, my legs and feet, you also have QUITE a thing for pantyhose. Hardcore. You are clearly aroused by this footrub and I decide to snoop in your room, leading to uncovering a myriad of secret little kinks you’ve been keeping! Needless to say I am EXTREMELY turned on by this and can’t help pleasuring myself in your room. I do think you need to be scolded, however. So I scold you and encourage you to confess your little secret to me. You are tight lipped until I start masturbating in front of you and decide to have my way with you right then and there. That’ll teach you a lesson not to take my things or lie to your mother! You could have just ASKED me hunny…. Maybe your m a ma is a little kinkier than you thought… next thing you know I might be begging for you to impregnate me!

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Rae Knight XXX – Sharing A Hotel Room With Mommy

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It’s so difficult when we travel, hotel rooms vary and sometimes we must share a bed. Climb into bed honey, mommy will be there in a moment, I am just trying to find my panties! Give mommy a goodnight kiss and climb into bed. Oh dear……is my round, juicy ass giving you an erection? I can feel your hardness right through your jockies. Here, mommy will slip off the panties. Put your young, hard cock in mommy’s ass crack. You will never fall resting now. Your penis is way too hard. Here, take everything off and get close to me. I can feel your hard penis my goodness. Let me masturbate you. That will help it go down and then we can rest. Does mommy’s hand feel good? I bet it does. Let me get totally naked. Look at mommy’s massive tits while I stroke you. Where would you like to cum? On my face? Tits? You’re going to ejaculate. That’s good…..look at my tits and spray them honey!

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Rae Knight XXX – Mom Will Help You Study For Sex Ed Exam

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You have been studying for 3 days and nights in the office and mommy is getting concerned you haven’t taken a break. So Mommy brings you a snack to give you a break and asks what in the world your have been studying so hard for. You hesitate and tell her not to worry, that you are fine. She insists….asking you to show her your laptop, maybe she can assist you with your studies. You tell her no…that you are doing fine and need no help. She keeps insisting and now is getting annoyed that you wont show her your laptop. Finally, you lie, and tell her you are studying for a sex ed exam. She tells you that she is very good in that subject!!! What chapter are you on? She pulls your laptop from you and now you are exposed!!!!! She looks at your laptop and sees that you have been watching taboo porn for 3 days straight!!!!!! Shocked!!! Is this what you have been doing???? Is this how you see your mom??? You try to deny it but the computer doesn’t lie!!! She sees everything! Clearly mom and son’s going at it…..You tell her that she is your mom and that is not how you see her. But she tells you that she has to look like a mom and act like one…but you didn’t know her back in her youthful days!!! Does mommy have to show you??? I still have it!!!!! Come in my bedroom….daddy isn’t home….let me show you just how much mommy still has it going on!!! You go into her bedroom….your cock is already stiff and now your real fantasy is about to come true….mommy starts stripping….slowly exposing her huge tits and amazing ass in her full back satin panties.. You had no idea you mommy had such a hot body…but now is your chance…daddy isn’t home….mommy doesn’t like fucking him anyway…..she needs a young, hard cock that is full of cum!!!You love the fact that mommy wants you….she begs for you to stick it in….bareback…..leaving your seed deep inside her ovulating womb…..she wants to crawl into bed later with daddy , but with your seed swirling around deep inside.

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Rae Knight XXX – Mommy’s Mouth Feels So Good

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I’m on the phone with your best friend’s mom. We are chatting about how she and her son have not only given him a blowjob, but they have had unprotected sex! I am in awe and a little suspicious because you have given me a dozen red roses and there is no occasion for them! I tell her about the roses and she suspects that you want to have the same sexual experiences as she and her own son. I am amazed and quite curious just how it would feel with you. I hang up when I hear you coming home from his house. I sit down with you and thank you for the red roses and ask what’s the occasion. I tell you that I know what your friend has done with his own mom. You begin getting quite aroused just hearing me say that. I put my hand on your crotch and can feel how hard you are. I tell you that I am quite horny and curious how it would be and I want you to unzip your pants and let mommy start with a blowjob, just like your friend and his mom!

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Rae Knight XXX – Mom Will Give Your Achy Muscles A Rub

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Your muscles are so tense and tight. You must have slept wrong last night. Mommy does this all day long so just lay on my table and relax. Mommy has lots of experience in loosening up these tight, sore muscles. I’m going to move the blanket now. Just focus on the music playing and let your mind drift off. Mommy will be massaging your thighs now. Don’t worry, I am professional honey but I need to move the blanket and rub your inner thigh. Ummm….sweetie I think I accidentally aroused you…..You have a tent going on. It’s ok. It happens. Oh dear, it’s getting harder. Let mommy rub it, maybe that will help it go down. Ummm…..I guess mommy will have to take care of that muscle too!!! This table can hold both of us….don’t worry!!!!

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Rae Knight XXX – My Pervy Little Boy

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You made a tiny peep hole in the bathroom door to spy on mommy while she was showering. You are a naughty little boy and should be getting ready for school but mommy’s hot body makes you want to touch your privates before school. Mommy didn’t notice for awhile but then saw your eyeball through the peephole and demanded to know why you were spying!!! “You should be getting ready for school, not spying on me while I am in the shower!!!!” “Now look what you have done!!! You can’t go to school with that erection honey. ” “Mommy needs to use my special method to relieve that little boner and fast!!!” “We only have 10 minutes and mommy knows your special private parts all too well.” “You are going to have to start doing this yourself!!” “Mommy can’t keep touching you down there!”…Ok …”Now pull your undies off and look at mommy’s huge tits…I know what will make you squirt and fast!!!!!”

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