Chloeblossom – Only Mommy Can Help

You go to find your mom who is in her favourite hobby room applying oil, you sneak up on her and slightly startle her. It is early in the morning and you have a raging hard on, you ask her if she can help you. She is reluctant at first and says how dad is in the shower and can’t you do something else to fix your horniness? You say only she can fix it. She says she will only give you a hand job, but no sex. You begin discussing about dad and how most of the time he gets off and your mom doesn’t, how she is used to taking care of others and not receiving anything in return. You love your mom and want to care for her. You offer to fuck her to help her out and she is reluctant. She is getting turned on from giving you a hand job, and asks you to suck on her big breasts. Then she backs off to calm down, she asks if you would eat her out. Then she decides, okay, fine, we can have sex, but only if I am on top. You are NOT allowed to cum inside though, as she is very fertile and dad only uses condoms with her. She rides your cock so well and she has a big orgasm on top, covering her mouth as to be quiet since dad is still in the shower. The sound of her moans sends you over board and you end up unleashing a huge load inside of her. She is startled and tells you how she told you not to cum inside of her, you said you couldn’t help it as she was so hot moaning. She shoos you away to get cleaned up before dad comes in and finds the two of you.

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Chloeblossom – JOI Prudish Mom Becomes Sons Fuck Doll

While doing some weekend cleaning, his prudish mom stumbles upon a hard drive you he hidden under his bed. The HD is full of mother son taboo videos. And worst of all… there is a file containing candid pics of his mother in various daily activities! He has been infatuated with his mom’s tits and legs for as long as he can remember. This sexual obsession with his mother has grown so consuming, he can hardly imagine cumming for anyone but her… even now as she sternly lectures you, her heaving cleavage and shapely strong legs pulls your attention away from her words. This is your only chance… to finally have mommy… to take mommy. You hand her a mysterious amulet and speak a strange incantation. There’s a flash of bright light…mommy… changed. It worked! Her personality and physical appearance have drastically changed. Her huge tits are practically bursting out of sexy lingerie, her thick, bare, shiny, shapely legs are accessorized with stilettos. You feel your cock swell with pleasure… seeing your mother’s bare, smooth tits, legs and pussy for the first time. And that look in her dark, mascaraed eyes, a deep yearning, a ravenous sexual hunger for her son. Mommy finally wanted YOU… and she wastes no time seducing her boy with very dirty words. Mommy actually transformed into the sultry, mindless, cock-craving slut of your fantasies as she masturbates and uses a dildo in front of you providing plenty of JOI as she explodes with a loud orgasm. She continues on fucking her pussy with a dildo and cums a second time, while giving you more JOI, you then erupt with copious amounts of cum all over your mommy’s sexy legs. Mommy purrs, “I love cumming in front of my son. I’m a hot, slutty cunt. I live for him to get turned on by my body.” A bright flash of light… mommy is changed back to her old self and completely mortified by what just happen!

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JackieSynn – Secrets At The Sleepover 2

Jackie has a new round of young boys staying the night at her house with her son. They don’t know her son’s naughty little secret though, Jackie helps him cum every night using her big juicy tits! Jackie teases the boys and tells some nasty stories about her days as a teen having sleepovers. All of her filthy stories make their big boy boners absolutely throb and they can’t help but to take them out and start stroking them. Mommy makes her son lick up all of their cum loads, sucking each of them dry as she tells dirtier and dirtier stories. After mummy’s boy has swallowed all of those loads, it’s his turn to bust all over Mom‘s fat foxy tits! Sleepovers at Mrs Synn’s house are the best!

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JackieSynn – Mom Is Getting Ready To Get Pregnant Again

You walk in on your mother changing, she’s getting dressed up to go out tonight because she finally is going to get some cock! Mommy has been aching to get pregnant for years, and tonight she’s going out to make sure that happens. You get curious and start asking her what it was like to be pregnant. Mummy gives you the details, letting you know how sensitive and hard her nipples got, her pussy flooded with every day making her masturbate like crazy. Masturbating mommy through her whole pregnancy, you really wanna fuck mummy and get her pregnant yourself but mum says that’s wrong. Instead she lets you watch her make herself cum in front of you while you jerk your dick. Come while you watch mommy cum, you know when she gets home tonight her pussy is going to be flooded with spunk!

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JackieSynn – Its Wrong To Cum On Your Aunt

You’ve been such a helpful boy for aunt Jackie today, you’ve completed all your chores and now she’s going to let you have a special treat! She knows what a horny young man you are and how your mother has blocked all the porn from your computer at home, so Jackie is going to let you have a wank while you use her computer. You see your sexy BBW aunt in a see-through red robe and your cock instantly stiffens. You don’t want to wank to porn, you want to wank over your aunt! Aunt Jackie says it’s wrong, but sees how desperate you are, your balls are absolutely swollen! Aunt Jackie teases you with her big tits, and her big fat ass. She reminds you how wrong it is to be doing this with your aunt, but you must hurry and cum quickly, your mother will be here any minute! You’re right on the verge of finishing, and aunt Jackie has no rag to catch your cum in… Looks like she’ll have to swallow it to hide the evidence! It’s wrong to come down your aunt’s throat, but it feels oh so right.

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JackieSynn – Teaching Mom To Twerk

It’s your graduation party and Mom seems to be having a lot of fun! Perhaps too much. Mum comes into the room that you and four of your best mates are hanging out in. You saw her dancing earlier and decide you should teach her some moves, mum has heard of twerking but she’s never done it before. When she bends over she’s a bit embarrassed, she forgot to wear panties under her tiny little dress. Mum starts bouncing her big fat white ass up and down slowly, nervously and a bit unsure… but your friends encourage her to keep going! Mom’s dress slips up over her big fat ass, you and your friends are absolutely loving it. Soon mum gets into it to and starts really bouncing her big fat booty, exposing her pretty pink ass hole and pussy to you and all your friends. Mum sees how hard it gets you and decides to tell you all to jerk your big teen cocks for her. Soon you and your friends are all going to make mummy a booty bouncing cum slut!

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JackieSynn – Jerking Off To Moms Snoring Ass

Mum is snoring in bed, you walking to see her huge fat around ass exposed completely. You immediately pull out your big boy cock and start jerking it while mummy moves around and snores. When Mom finally awakens she sees you standing there with your dick out, to your surprise she is excited by it and wants you to blow on her ass. Mum bends over and encourages you to shoot that load all over her fat milf ass!

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