Mona Wales – Mom Wants You To Fuck Her

Happy 18th birthday! As you mother I want to give you a very special present! I know you are a virgin… and I want to change that for you! I spoke with my husband and we both think that it is high time that you get laid… SO if you want to fuck me… you can fuck me.. Becaue I really Really want to fuck you. I have kind of a crush on you. and watching you grow into the beautiful sexy boy that stands in front of me has driven me crazy. I will fuck you any time any place and anywhere. I can’t wait to feel your hot young cum dripping down my thighs.

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NicoleBelle – Mommy Teaches You About SexEd

I am helping my son with his homework, which turns out to be sex-ed. I start talking about the female body and eventually think the best way would be a “hands on” approach. I start getting naked and showing him my body. Show him my breasts and tell him that he used to suck on them as a littleboy. Then show him my pussy and tell him it’s where he was born from. I can tell this turns him on and I ask him to get naked since I haven’t seen him naked in a long time…

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Mona Wales – Friends Hot Mom Fucks For Graduating

Your friends hot mom is so grateful for your friendship to her son… she wants to say thank you for graduating from school and keeping her son out of trouble. She has always thought you were cute and is now going to fuck you and make you a man.

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RheaSweet – Mommy Shows Son

I knew the day would come when my son would get old enough for curiosity to set in. Curiosity of the female body and even wondering about his own. I waited patiently for my son to get older and watched as he started looking down mommy’s shirt or trying to sneak peeks at things he might be interested in. I was thrilled when I knew it was time to have a passionate talk to my son about his curiosity. My son joins me in the bedroom and sits on the bed next to me. I tell him how I’ve noticed his glances and think he is ready for mommy to show him what he has been wanting to see.

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NicoleBelle – Lose Your Virginity To Ur Mommy

My son has returned from college for the break, and I could tell that something was bothering him. The next two days he was in and out of the house and did not reply to any of my questions, or his fathers on what was going on. I decide to go to my son’s bedroom, after some coaxing on my end he finally comes clean about what’s been bothering him: his dick is “TOO BIG for the girls at school and that he is still a virgin.”I don’t believe him and I ask him to show me his cock. And “WOW THAT THING IS ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!” I am stunned by the sight of his cock! And I start to feel some things and crave for his cock. He asks me what do I think of his cock and if I could help him.. One thing leads to another and before I know it i am helping him…sucking his cock in the beginning before becoming a full passionate sex scene… His father returns from work hears noises in his son’s bedroom and stands at the door, watching as their son is fucking his mother. He can’t believe it but is enjoying what he is seeing, but he lets his irresistible naughty wife enjoy that massive cock. And it seems that this will not be the last time either..

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