Sloansmoans – Mommy Finds Out

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I’m cleaning your room one day and I find your journal… little do I know what I’m about to read. Countless sick fantasies written about bondage, and gang bangs, and impregnation. And what is even more repulsive is that they all involve ME. You watch me get used by all your friends and you always finish me off with a creampie. I’m sickened by this and I can’t believe you could possibly have those thoughts about me. I’m angry and upset and I start to get a headache as I scold you. You hand me a pill and… next thing I know I wake up naked, with my arms tied over my head. I struggle and beg and plead with you to untie me but my cries are no use. You use me, fuck me, make me beg for your cum and by the end I’m exhausted and worn out. But now… I’m yours. Days later I prove to you that mommy is all yours now by writing my own sick fantasy and by seducing you into fucking me again. I ask to be tied up and call you my dirty boy. My body is all for you now and I prove it by turning into a cum-begging mommy…

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Mona Wales – Waking Your Mom Up To Fuck Her

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I love fucking my son too much to let the little things… like your and my husband being in the bed next to me to stop me from servicing your hard cock… You cant go to bed with an erection that big anyway and what kind of mother would I be if i just let you rub it out on your own and stain your sheets. Let mommy suck your cock, fuck you and even let you cum in her ass. I told you I would fuck you anytime and anywhere… let me prove how much i love you.

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Mona Wales – Fucking Your Mom

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Your Pop is out of town, but your mother still has needs. She is used to getting fucked all of the time… and she is losing her mind without a big hard dick inside of her. So your stepmom asked her husband if she could fuck you instead… and he agreed.. so do you want to fuck your hot mom or what? because she is dying and desperate to get a dick in her.. .she sucks you dry and then rides your cock until she cums all over your dick. She then licks her cum off your cock and jerks you off on her tits.

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BellaBates – Son, Breed Mommy

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You have come to visit home from university. In the morning you come to the bathroom at the same time as I am naked on the toilet, but I tell you that you are free to take care of your morning activities. I notice that you are bothered by something. I ask you and you tell me about your girl problems. I know you are still a virgin and have no experience with women. As we talk, I notice that you are starting to take an interest in my naked body. I say you can come take a closer look… In the bathroom, you did something to mom that I want to pay you back at night. Fortunately, you were still awake.

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BellaBates – Free Use Mommy’s Pussy

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It’s always available, you can use it whenever you want, anytime: Mom’s pussy. And you use it so much that your mom’s pussy is always full of your warm cum, it leaks all the time from her pussy. Well.. Mothers never get tired of satisfying their sons ’needs.

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BellaBates – Movie Night With Mommy

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You watch a movie with your mom, it’s one of her favorite movies. In the middle of the movie, your mom starts rubbing herself. You’re a little confused and she tells that she can’t resist touching herself because the certain scene in the movie always makes her so horny. She can do nothing about it, she just feels an irresistible desire to touch herself. She strokes her pussy throughout the scene. She shows you how wet she got. You can see how her jeans have a wet spot. She sees that you too are horny because your cock is hard in your pants. She thinks the movie got you horny too (really your cock is hard after seeing a wet spot). She suggests something to you because she really wants something inside her, she can’t resist her lusts. You end up fucking her doggystyle on the couch and shoot big cum on her face.

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