Kenna Valentina – My Sons Special Birthday Gift

Honey! I can’t believe we’re at a bar and you’re of age to drink with me!! Now we can go out and have some fun together! I can’t tell you how much time flies. You are so handsome and grown up. It’s such a proud day for me. You have made me proud every single day of your life. Finish your drink and maybe we go somewhere else after this. Oh you are NOT too tired! Don’t pull that with me! It’s your birthday! Your 21st birthday! You can’t let me out last you. We’re going to have some fun tonight. Well, cheers. Lets go to the next place after this, ok?

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Taboo Mom Natasha – Nooner With Mom

“Home visiting from college mom is about to fix you some lunch, but you can tell she is a little “tense”. Dad isnt around to take care of her…And she is acting funny. Bending over showing her ass…Talking differently…You cant help but get a boner… Its throbbing… She notices! Next thing you know you are throwing mom up on the counter and drilling her hard….She comes almost instantly. As she catches her breathe and realizes what just happened… She is begging you not to tell or ever do this again…It is just too taboo for a mom and son!!!”

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Housewifeswag – Stepmom Tit Fuck

You have this bad habit of just barging into my room instead of knocking so of course you were bound to catch me at an inappropriate time. Your dad is out of town and you come to me because you need… what? Money? Honestly it’s time for you to get a job. Excuse me! Stop looking at my boobs. That’s completely inappropriate! I am your step mom. You’ll leave if I let you fuck my tits? Whatever. Let’s just get it over with.

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Xev Bellringer – MILF Nextdoor Needs Your Cream

It’s good to see you again! Wow, you are looking so fit. Um, oh yes I was wondering if I could borrow some cream. So I hear your birthday is coming up, are you going to do anything with your girlfriend? She broke up with you?? How can that be…you’re so handsome.How long has it been since you had sex? Well, it’s just…you’re incredibly hard. It’s because of me, isn’t it? Look, I didn’t come over here dressed like this just for cream, well…not that kind of cream. There’s a reason I’ve been washing my car in my tiny bikini lately…I saw you watching me, Kevin. Don’t deny it, you want me.I want you too, let me…OH MY GOD, you’re huge! So much bigger than my husband. I need you in my mouth mmm, oh God I don’t even know how to handle you. I’m getting wetter, please fuck me right over this counter top, and…no condom.

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Bea York – Naughty Night At Your Aunts House

Yay! You finally get to hang out at your favourite aunt’s house. We’re going to have so much fun! I have board gam… Hey! Are you checking me out? It’s fine. I kinda like it. I let you tit fuck me, suck you off, let you fuck me from behind, ride you, and then finally use my Hitachi to cum while you continue to fuck me in missionary.

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Goddess Fiona – Fucking Your Aunt For Xmas

Oh HUNNY! Look at you all grown up this year! I’ve been waiting for this party for weeks because I have SUCH a good present for you. You’re finally juuuuust about old enough (your age rhymes with trix-teeen) to take our sneaky little spicy relationship to the next level… I’ll let you guess what that means. All I know sweetheart, is that you’re packing. Like really packing – and I would love some of that big younger dick for Christmas. Think we can get away with it during this party??? Come on nephew – show your really hott aunt what you got!

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Jayne Cobb – Mean Aunt Makes You Cum Too quick

You walk in and catch your hot Aunt working, she’s a sexy cam model, doing a show for one of her regular’s. She notices you, and of course, gets annoyed that you’re interrupting her while she works and your annoying presence pissed her off and her customer leaves. Since you’re there and so clearly have a boner, desperate for her to perform for you, she gives you your first blow job.

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Housewifeswag – Mommys Christmas Present

You’re home from college and you still haven’t told me what you want for Christmas! I need to know. Me? Oh, sweetie, I don’t need anything. You being home for Christmas is all I want. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of redecorating your room so you can have my bed and I’ll go rest on the couch. I know you had a long trip so go get a nice, hot shower and when you’re back, you can get some rest in my bed and I’ll leave. All set? Good. Okay, well… I’ll be out on the couch if you need anything. There are more blankets if you need them. By the way… while I’m here… I did accidentally come across something on your laptop while you were in the shower. You left it open so I just glanced at it and I saw… mom and step mom porn? Were you watching that? Are you into that? Oh… well… um… it’s probably my fault, to be honest. I… know that I dress more promiscuously than most the moms you know. I’m really open sexually. This isn’t your fault at all. Later I wake you up by climbing on top of you. Look, I’ve been thinking… all I *really* want for Christmas is you, son. I know you’ve looked at my huge boobs. Would you like to see them? Mommy loves to tease you. Now if at any point you feel uncomfortable or want to stop just let mommy know.

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