Harley Sin – Mommy Loves You

Your mommy loves you so much. She just wants you to feel safe, and loved. Even though your father left us, she’s realized we can only depend on each other. You still go to bed with each other, your mommy loves the feel of you. You’re cuddling and spooning as usual when something changes. Your mommy starts rubbing your cock under the blanket. But she just wants you to feel good. She knows what will make you feel even better, and she sucks your cock. Having your cock in her mouth awakens something inside her pussy, and she needs to feel you. You take your mommy, she thought all these years she was lonely, but she was actually horny. Your mommy needs a minute, she stops. She tells you to come here, she wants to see your face. You get on top of your mommy, she tells you how beautiful you are, and how much she loves you. Your mommy just wants your cock to know how good a cunt can feel. She has the best orgasm of her life, and knows you’ll be coming back for more.

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Harley Sin – Unsuspecting Mommy

Your mommy has drank too much, she was just so happy you asked to spend time with her tonight, she got carried away at dinner. You put on the movie but she keeps noticing you touching her leg. She closes her eyes a minute, but wakes up when you put your hand up her dress. She asks you to stop but she can’t get your hand out of there, she’s drank too much. She can’t believe you are fingering her pussy, but something weird happens… she gets this tingly feeling and cums all over your fingers. She is so confused, did she just cum by her own son? She thought she was dreaming. She notices your taking off your pants, you tell her it’s her fault since her pussy is so wet already. Your mommy feels guilty for cumming so she sucks your cock. You start to get up and move towards her, she asks what you are doing now… Your mommy tells you to put your cock away, that she doesn’t want this. But since she’s not wearing any panties you slide it right in. Your mommy tells you to stop but you won’t. You notice her eyes are starting to get droopy and her breath is quickening. She tells you it’s happening again, she thinks she’s going to cum again. She tells you not to cum inside her, to pull out and cum on her cunt. You both cum at the same time, she comes to a little bit and feels very guilty now. She reaches into her pussy and shows you her creamy pussy juice.. She still can’t understand what’s happened.

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Kelly Payne – Fucking Mom In The Dryer

Moms doing some laundry, when you walk in on her. She is wearing short shorts and a tank top bending over in the dryer and you can’t resist yourself. You come up behind her and push her further inside the dryer so she can’t move or get away. Pull down her shorts and push yourself inside of her tight wet pussy. She tries to resist the pleasure and orgasms, telling you to stop, but she continues to cum all over your cock, you pull her out of the dryer and convince her to sit on top of it so you can continue fucking her, bending her over the dryer until you cum. Shes horrified you came inside her so you suggest she brings herself to orgasm so it will all cum out. She sits on top of the dryer and brings herself to a squirting orgasms, your so turned on and hard again you tell her she has to let you cum again. She gets on her knees and helps you, until you explode all over her tits.

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Emmas Secret Life – Mom Help Me And My Friends With Our Big Cocks

Custom: The idea is you’re a chemist, working on experimental viagra, you have some at home in the fridge because of reasons you don’t have to go into details with, but maybe you planned to do some off the books experiments with your husband. Either way my friends and I find it and sip it thinking it’s kool-aid or something, but with developing/still growing boys has some unexpected side effects. It makes our cocks/balls larger, don’t have to show that transformation or anything, just we turn up to you for help and you see our bulges – and it also makes us aggressive. So commentary from you would be how we’re young, your sons friends, too big , worried about your job/pregnancy Would actually like just my friends to come in first and start, and I come in after they’ve used you a bit. I lingered because I ended up sipping more before we all realized what it was and my cock/balls/everything is bigger than them. Would like a bit more of a freak out about me joining as I’m your son and could impregnate you, stuff like that.

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jaybbgirl – Mommy Takes Care Of You

How are you feeling sweetie? I brought you some tea. Oh, I hate seeing you like this. It breaks Mommy’s heart. Here, let me lay with you, try and take your mind of your fever. Umm, I have a question. It’s only because I think it’s important and I love you. It’s a little awkward. Have you been properly relieving yourself? Have you been masturbating? I know you must have no energy. Mommy would love to help. Please let me help, just let me take care of you. Mommy will make you feel good. Let me jerk your cock a little bit. I just love you so much it’s the least I can do. You can also let Mommy fuck you. It’s easier for me to ride you, and I want you to feel as great as possible. Let Mommy take care of you with her pussy and make you cum. It’ll make you feel so much better I promise.

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Nina Nightbloom – Hot Mommy Sucks Sons Cock

I overheard my son talking to his friends, he told everyone what a hot milf he has for a mother. How sexy I look when I come out of the shower and how he would suck my big tits if he would ever had the chance. He had no idea that I had heard everything and now I am calling him into my bedroom to discus the things he said about me. I am wearing a very seductive mesh print top my big natural breasts are showing in a sheer black bra and my ass is looking fine in a tight jeans. I ask him why he said all those naughty things about his mommy and warn him how people could get the wrong idea about us. As I look at his shy face I want to show him something to fantasize about more privately. I strip in front of him, this will be our very dirty secret together. I tell him he must never talk about this with anyone ever, as he promises me he will I slowly undress myself more and my mouth is craving his juicy young cock. I suck him and taste his delicious flavor into my mouth, I suck him hard and fast until I swallow all of his dirty boy cum. I am not sure what he will tell his friends about his mommy next time.

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ScarletEllie – Mommys Morning Suck And Creampie

Your mommy loves your perfect cock. She cant get enough of it. When dad and your brothers are gone for the day your mommy comes into your room and wakes you up with a blowjob. You first cum in her mouth and after she shows it to you she swallows it like a good mommy. Mommy them climbs on tip of you and fucks you so good with her tits bouncing. You Creampie Your mommy and she shows you how much you came for her. Mornings with mommy are the best.

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jaybbgirl – Making Mommy Horny

Were you spying on me sweetie? It’s okay if you were. Men have needs and I guess I do have a fairly nice body, so I understand. If Mommy is being honest…it kind of turns me on. Makes me feel wanted. Oh fuck, now I’m all turned on. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. Did it make you hard? Seeing Mommy naked. It did didn’t it. Do you want Mommy to touch your cock? Mommy wants to…I’m so horny now that I want to see, taste, and touch your cock. Come on sweetie. I love you so much, let me make you feel good.

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