Sloansmoans – Your Daddy Made Me Do It

Watch as your mommy comes to tuck you in one night. She kisses you on the lips and tells you that she needs to tell you something. (The conversation lasts about 7 minutes) She begins by telling you that her and daddy have a very adventurous sex life and that she likes to do whatever daddy tells her to do. She really shouldn’t be telling you this, but as her and daddy were having sex the other night he asked if she would ever want to do things to you, their son. She was horny at the time so she said she would. Right before daddy made her cum, he told her that she needed to seduce you. She agreed because she was so horny. After she came she felt bad and guilty because she didn’t think she could ever do anything with you. But as time went on she started getting really turned on at the idea of being with you. She starts kissing you, passionately, like lovers do. She asks to see your cock and she can’t believe how big it is. She starts touching it begins to get so, so turned on. She kisses you over and over again. She then tells you that she wants to try more with you. She says that maybe she wants to do what daddy asked of her. She stars sucking your cock and is so horny for you that she apologizes but says that she wants you to make love to her. She gets on her back and guides you into her pussy and as you start fucking her she gets more and more turned on for you. She can’t take how good it feels. She tells you she’s about to cum and notices that you are too. She asks you to cum inside her. She begs you to breed her. She cums with you and kisses you sweetly afterwards. She then tells you that you can’t tell daddy that you came inside her because that wasn’t supposed to happen. She doesn’t care though, she hopes that you made her pregnant…

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Sloansmoans – Mommy Rewards Hardwork

Watch as mommy waits for you to get back from your long, hard work day. She’s so proud of you for working so hard that she wants to reward you and help you relax. She strips out of her skimpy outfit and and teases you by gliding her hands all over herself. She tells you that you can have all of her… she then surprises you by giving you yummy blowjob because you’re such a good boy…

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Sloansmoans – Gold Digging Stepmom Wifes You Up

Story begins after I’ve finally finished divorcing your father after he stepped down CEO of his company passing it on to you, his son. Since I had nowhere to go after being put out by your father, you invited me to stay with you. I visit you in your bedroom and watch you get horny for me. I tell you that I’ve seen your porn history and you kink is to give up control to dominant women. That’s why you’re with me, after all. I remind you how tomorrow is our wedding day and begin to have my way with you. I make you cum 4 times. I start by giving you a handjob with lots of dirty talking about all the dead beats I’ve left broke and homeless. I tell you about my old secret and how we used to cuckold all the time. The excitement has you prematurely ejaculating. I’m not finished with you. I then move on to a blowjob. I tease you and edge you mercilessly and tell you how sexy it would be if you came deep inside my throat… which you do… eventually. I can’t help but want more so I give you a titty fuck and handjob combinations. I playfully admit that I’ve been with loads of guys and seen all kinds of dicks. Somehow, all the cock I’ve taken turns you on… The more I talk, the harder and bigger you get. This drives me wild and you love it too. So much so that you cum as I’m tittyfucking you. Lastly, I mount you. My big tits swing in your face as I whisper about what a slut I am. I tell you that your future wide is not the innocent flirt you thought I was. I beg for your cum deep inside my pussy. I want you to creampie me and impregnate me. I ride you so hard and fast and when you’re close to cumming I change my mind and hop so you spunk all over yourself. I laugh and tease you. It’s so easy to manipulate my step son and soon to be husband…

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Sloansmoans – Step-Mommy Confessions

Watch as your step-mom talks about a high school graduation party she threw for you and your friends. She recalls how she had a little too much “fun” and started dancing slutty with you all. She talks about how she eventually made each of you embarrassingly jizz your pants.

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Nixlynka – Son Fucks Moms Best Friends Mom

Friend’s son finds out she’s an escort and books her for the night. She has no interest in fucking her friend’s son, but eventually confines in him telling him she needs he money. He proceeds to tell her how much he enjoys her body and finds her hot which excites her and makes her reconsider due to his attention. They get the work down and proceed to have fun, she makes comments about his age and how she wants to give him an experience with a mature woman. She places a condom on his dick to get ready before the night after sucking his dick. His dick is small but its ok, she still uses her big ass to make him cum. Proceeding onward they fuck and maybe there will be a round 2.

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Sloansmoans – Let Mommy Drain You

Watch as your mommy comes into your room to tuck you in for the night. I give you a kiss goodnight but my lips linger longer than they should. I look at you and tell you that I shouldn’t be sharing this with, but the reason I haven’t been with anyone else since your father left is because I only get turned on by naughty things… taboo things… I’ve waited as long as I can but I can’t help it anymore because you’re so handsome and I need you so badly. I give you more kisses and tell you that I love you and ask if you want to try something with me… I slowly start to stroke your cock as I kiss you more. I can’t believe I’m touching my own son’s dick but it’s turning me on so much. I start to suck your cock for a bit until I confess to you that I want to fuck you. I tell you that I want your cum deep inside me and that I want you to impregnate me. I start riding you and enjoy every second of it. It’s so wrong and forbidden and that makes me so, so horny. I then tell you that I want you to be a big boy and fuck me. I get on my back and ask you to fuck mommy. You fuck me and I kiss you throughout, until I’m going to cum all over your cock. We cum together and I tell you that I’m so happy you made me pregnant. Afterwards, I tell you that I want to marry you and that we should go somewhere that no one knows we’re mother and son…

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Cassandra Cain – BJ from StepMom

Step mom is in your room picking up after you since you don’t do it when she asks and while doing your bed she decides to take a peek at your computer to see what you’ve been up to. Mommy has discovered your porn and her dirty panties. She decides to have a sit down with you while your dad is away. She gives you a bit of playful humiliation and after seeing you get hard she decides to give you a hand. She slowly strips while stroking your hard cock. You’re not allowed to touch, only stepmom will touch. She grabs her tits and gets horny after seeing how hot you are for her and decides she wants a taste and gives you a nice wet blowjob. Be a good boy and blow that load for mommy.

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