Lexi Dollface – Seducing My Reluctant Son

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I come into your room and take a seat on the bed, hoping we could have a little chat. I wanted to check in and see how you’re doing, I know we have been so isolated this past year. I confess I really miss going on dates and it’s been awhile since I’ve had my needs met..do you know what Mommy is trying to say? I can see from the look on your face you’re embarrassed to be talking to your step-mom about this subject but I reassure you it’s ok and you’re mature enough. I really need your help to satisfy my desires and I won’t take no for an answer young man.

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Lexi Dollface – Ultimate Taboo Sex with My Son

Ever since we found each other online- you looking for your birth mother and me looking for my birth son- we knew there was a chance we could be related. When we met face to face there was an undeniable instant connection and attraction between us. We started to become intimate but deep down felt like we should take a DNA test to find out if we are truly family. The results are here but I can’t bring myself to open the envelope. These results could change everything between us. Before we find out if I’m your Mom, I want one more fuck. Please hunny, I need to feel you inside me. Fuck Mommy!

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Lexi Dollface – Fucking My Sons Best Friend

It’s my son’s birthday and we are having a party at the house with all his friends. I’m getting tired so I excuse myself from the party and head to bed. When I walk into my bedroom I get a huge surprise-my son’s best friend is jerking off in my bed! He’s always been flirtatious and wants me to help him out. I tell him how inappropriate this is, but he is persistent and I eventually give in to sucking his cock. I know how turned on he is for older women, and I start getting horny as I give him a blowjob. I hop on his cock and ride him, making him promise not to tell anyone about this. I turn around and fuck him reverse cowgirl and just as we cum together, my son walks in and catches us!

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