Lexi Luna – Johnny Gets His Way And Fucks His Mom

I had just heard my Dad leave so I know it was just me and my Mom in the house, I quickly find her. I just wanna have a talk, I tell her I know we are alone and I have been having these urges. Every time I see my Mom I get all excited and I start to have these thoughts, I know they are wrong but I can not help myself she is just so hot. I tell Lexi I had enough and I need to act on my thoughts, Lexi is blown away but I do not care, I push her over and go to town. She isn’t gonna stop me I am gonna get what I need, at first, my Mom was pushing me away but after a while, I can tell she liked. I was just about to cum when I heard the door open, OH FUCK IT’S DAD!

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Lexi Luna – Mother and Sons Late Night Conversation

What are you still doing up?.. I can’t sleep either… My date was terrible, and I really wanted to get laid too… Relax, we’re both adults, it’s okay to talk about it. Your Mom gets horny just like everybody else… Can I ask you a question? You think I’m pretty right? I should be able to get a good looking guy… I need to find someone like you, handsome, young, someone who actually listens….
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Lexi Luna – Mothers Home Remedy

Good morning baby. Are you feeling any better? You feel a little cooler, that’s good… I can’t stop thinking about what we did yesterday… I’m sorry we were interrupted by your Father coming home. But we don’t have to worry about that now because he’ll be at work all day.. If it’s okay with you son, I’d like to try again… I just want you to feel better baby, and I think you might be able to make Mommy feel better too…
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