Tara Tainton – Goodnight My Darling #3

Just as I hoped to have a little time to myself… and lo and behold, YOU, my darling, just couldn’t get to sleep after I already took the time to tuck you in! What am I going to do with you? Well… you KNOW I’m going to indulge you. AGAIN. You KNOW I’m going to tell you a wonderful bedtime story, one of your favorites. And you know it’s going to be a big different, a bit surprising, just like all the others, every time I tell them. So, come here and snuggle with me, and we’ll take all your worries—and tension—away…

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Tara Tainton – I Promise We’ll Do It Again

My husband and I were… about to “have some fun.” But… then everything changed. Everything went… TERRIBLY WRONG. Or… right?? He left – my husband left! Probably part of the game, must’ve been, leaving me, hands bound, in the bedroom. Vulnerable but turned on. Anxious but excited. And then… I thought it was my husband but… MY STEPSON WALKED IN. The look on his face. To see his mother that way, in such a predicament. Dressed in such a way. And there wasn’t a thing I could do. Nor could I the entire time that… Well, I’ll never know if things might have been different, if I could have somehow prevented it, said something differently, changed directions. But, that was the moment that everything changed. The relationship between my stepson and I will never be the same again.

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Tara Tainton – Goodnight My Darling 2

Once Upon a Time… well, it’s time for another special bedtime story, my darling. This is another of your most favorite. I’ll leave the title as a surprise, so you don’t get TOO excited at bedtime, because you’re supposed to be SLEEPING! hee hee hee So, promise me you’ll RELAX, lay still, not wriggle around, and…. keep your hands off your cock, okay? Good, boy. Now, let me tell you the story of dirty, slutty, young and nubile… and of course I’ll let you touch and feel throughout the story! That’s the fun part!!!

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Mindi Mink – Breakup Cure For My Son

Mindi Mink is you sexy mother and you walk into her room to find her laying on her bed.Hey, whats wrong? She asks thoughtfully. You tell her your girlfriend just broke up with you and that youre really sad.She starts running down a list of things that could make you feel better but nothing seems to suffice. Well what can I do to make you feel better? Wait, what!? You want me to strip down and masturbate for you!? She is in disbelief that you could ask her that and starts trying to figure out how you could even think that. You finally convince her to use her toys that youve known about all along.She slowly undresses and pulls out her toys.She strokes her pussy for you to watch.She wants you to stroke your cock while she plays with herself. She pulls out her vibrator and glass toys and starts fucking herself with them until she cums for you. She gives you a kiss and tells you not to tell your father. Now go clean up like a good little boy.

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Penny Barber – You Always Knew Mom Was Hot

After a long day of doing housework I need to relax. I look so grubby with my hair under a kerchief, wearing dirty overalls. But when I put down my feather duster and start stripping out of my work clothes, you get a different view of your mom. You realize that I’m actually really sexy. Who knew that I wore a thong under my clothes? Your compliments have me blushing and soon I’m putting on lingerie, jewelry, and even a little lipstick. Do you really think that I’m attractive? It’s been so long since a man looked at me this way that I can’t help getting on my knees and letting you know just how much I appreciate my son’s attention and praise, sucking your cock and leaving my lipstick stains all over your shaft, urging you to cum in my mouth and let me know that you really do think that your Mom is sexy. I think I’ll start dressing sexier around the house–just for you, sweetheart.

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Penny Barber – Practice For Prom With Mom

I’m clearly jealous of your prom date. I can’t help it, though! You’ve always been my guy. Our mom-son bond is…well, it’s indescribable! I’d do absolutely anything for you. Anything. And I can tell that you’re nervous. Just tell me what it is and I’ll help you! You’re concerned about tomorrow? It is your one shot to have a really amazing prom. Would it help if I coached you a little? There are so many things that I could tell you: How to get her bra off. How to use a condom. And if you were to need, say, as flask, I would be willing to help you out. So long as you do something for me in return. Anyway, you don’t want to have to tell her that you’re a virgin, do you? Again, I would do anything to make you happy, my darling son.

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Penny Barber – Mommies Sex Addiction

I’ve noticed you’ve been jerking off a lot recently. I’m worried that sex addiction might run in the family. Maybe we could be here for each other? Although, talking about it and seeing my son’s raging hard on in his pants is making Mommy pretty horny. I feel like I just have to stick this glass butt plug in my ass and vibe my clit until I cum. Do you want to masturbate with Mommy? This could be a solution to our problem: we can just masturbate together to deal with our sex addiction. God, I can’t think straight. Look, let’s just do it this one time, then we can decide if we want to do it again and again and again.

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Mommy Will Give You Everything – Bettie Bondage

You’ve been planning on moving out for a while now. Your mother has always been very attached – it only worsened when your father passed away, but now it’s time to move on. She’s been so sad, and even angry sometimes, but your girlfriend tells you that she’ll get over it. Today, you come home from work and your mother is sitting on the couch. She wants to talk. She tells you that she knows you want to move out and have your own place, to give your relationship the attention it deserves. “But, honey,” she says, looking nervous, “I want to be the one to give you everything. Everything you need.” She can’t be saying what you think she is, right? Is your own mother suggesting that she could be your…girlfriend?? “I know what I’m saying. I’m not joking. I’m being serious. I mean this. If you agree to say, I can give you everything. Everything,” she says, pulling down her dress. Your mother is wearing red and black lacy lingerie, thigh high stockings…and she’s teasing you. Her body is gorgeous, and you can’t help but get hard. She notices, crawling over you, pressing her breasts against you, touching your cock. It’s no use pretending, you know that. And as the excitement mounts, as your mother straddles you, her wetness quivering over the head of your cock, you know you’ll do anything to have this. To have her.

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Brea Rose – A Gift From Your Aunt

It’s your 18th birthday and I need your help with picking out an outfit for me to wear for your party. I try on some revealing dresses and then some lingerie and ask for your opinion. I can see it’s making your cock hard so I tell you to start stroking it while you watch me. I then offer you a helping hand and stroke your cock and give you a blow job until you cum in my mouth, don’t tell your mom about this!

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Ellie Idol – Halloween Cock Blocked By Mom

Jerk Off Instruction, Lingerie, MILF, POV, Taboo, JOI
You’re all dressed for Halloween when your mom comes down the stairs carrying your bear pjs. Aren’t you helping pass out candy this year; the usual tradition? You’re on your way to a party. She knows what happens at Halloween parties: UNPROTECTED SEX. Mom doesn’t want you impregnating some slut while you’re under her roof! She demands you jerk off to get it out of your system or else you won’t be allowed to go. Mom doesn’t CARE if you aren’t horny. In fact, she’s going to help. She undoes her pj buttons to reveal sexy lingerie. She instructs you to touch her breasts and pussy to help with getting an erection. You can’t help but like what you see…you are a man and your mother IS hot… You tug your cock furiously until you blow your cum. Maybe you’ll stay in and pass out candy with mom after all. What a momma’s boy you are.

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