Little Puck – Milf Fuck Stepson and Son

You are your stepmom have been sneaking around behind your father’s back for quite some time…her horny MILF libido constantly has your cock at attention and the taboo fucking around only makes the sex that much raunchier and FUCKED UP. Your balls deep cumming in your stepmommy, her fat breasts bouncing as you pound her when HER SON walks in!! Neither of you can stop you’re too far gone so your stepbro sees EVERYTHING.

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Little Puck – Mommy Loves Her Boy

Sweetie, I know it’s early but ur father just left for work and I wanted us to have some special mommy/son time. U look a little flushed? Do u have a fever? Oh no you’re just not used to seeing mommy getting ready for work, I usually have more on but I was just in a hurry to spend time with u. U don’t mind do u? Ur not too old to hang out with your mom? U used to see me like this all the time, but now ur growing up and breasts must be a big deal for u huh? U checking out all the girls at school? The teachers? I bet you like older woman don’t u… there’s nothing wrong with that! It just means ur very mature. Ohh, I didn’t even notice I was on top of you. U don’t mind how mommy’s sitting, do u? I just want to be close to my boy. What if I stroke you like this? You like that? Good boy. Mommy likes when u behave. You don’t think it’s weird your mommy is holding your fat dick in her hand do you? Do you like when I call it cock or dick or penis? What does my sweet baby boy want his mommy to call his huge fat monster? What do the other boys call it? They must see it in the locker room right? You must be like a huge daddy to them. Mmm my baby boy is my daddy now. You wanna be mommy’s daddy, sweetie? Wanna see if you can make mommy squeal?? How do you even walk around with this thing? You must be constantly hard too, you’re just at that age you know? Everyone must know you’re packing…that big bulge just out and getting all the girls panties wet…i bet you some of your female teachers have to take their lunch break in the teachers bathroom so they can release all their pent up horniness…tell me who are the ones that stare at your crotch too long? Or don’t I might get jealous…tho it is my right i’m your mom and you belong to me not any other whore. Whenever you have an erection at school or soccer practice you call me…you need release and I need to be there for you as a mom. From now i’m making sure you have a good hard cum before you go to school so your cock doesn’t ache all day walking around what that big fat penis hanging out in those tight jeans. God all your pants must be so tight on you I was wondering why you’ve been growing out of your clothes so fast. And after your father knocks out from his long hard day…we’ll have a big nasty hard fuck to put you right to bed, angel.

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Freaky Mommy Fantasy – Little Puck

Mommy comes to wake you up for school with a mimosa in her hand, wearing some sexy lingerie and you can see the faintest traces of lipstick writing on her tummy and the backs of her thighs…she notices you have a huge stiffy and gives you a big smile. “You’ve been such a good boy around the house lately, don’t you think Mommy should help you with your chores.” She convinces you that it’s okay for her to trace her fingers along your cock, daddy isn’t home, there’s no one around, and she wants to help you. Your dick quivers and grows larger as she begins to stroke you, telling you she just wants what’s best for you and that she’ll give you everything you need. She giggles and exclaims that she has something to do just the trick! She returns with some pills your dad has been slipping her…crazy sexy pills that get her all hot and horny, that make her breasts swell up…she admits that you might have to help her with her swollen tits just as she’s helping you with your swollen prick. The pills make her get all worked up and even hornier than she already was for you…she gets on her knees and begins to suck you all sloppy and giggly and moaning…her eyes keep crossing like she’s some weird anime girl all mindfucked by how amazingly fucked up it is to be sucking her hot son’s cock! She gets sloppier and louder and crazier as she sucks and strokes you til she’s begging for your huge load and you can’t help but release an epic fucking nut in her mouth…and then again on her face!

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Download Little Puck - Freaky Mommy Fantasy.mp4

Naughty Auntie Gangbang – Little Puck

Fuck, what I have made you into! You’re such a bad boy…bad like me, we’re definitely the black sheep of the family. Wow, ok, so you’re demanding my pussy right away? You’re such a needy nephew aren’t you?! But I’ll give it up for you good boy, you deserve it. Oh, you wanna punish me for being a bad auntie? You’re right I’m such a naughty lil slut, do whatever you want with me.” You write Fuck Toy and Cum Slut on your aunt’s body to prep her for what’s to come….you have big plans for her slutty fuckholes tonight…you tell her you’ve brought over a bunch of your high school friends and you’re gonna pimp her out for cash to save up for a car. She protests at first but she can’t help but touch herself at the thought and she wants to please you desperately…she craves your dick above all else and if it’ll make you hard to see her used and pimped out to your friends…then she’ll do anything to make you happy. She takes the first cock POV doggystyle and lets the filthy fucked up dirty talk spew out of her mouth for you and all the horny boys you brought over. Then she mounts the second boy, riding him and moaning loud until another guy cums all over her tits while she’s bouncing on cock. The thick cumshot gets her dripping wet and she cums so hard! All the guys shower her in tips and it makes her so horny to be used like this! She wants to save up enough money so you can get a car and drive over to her house and fuck her whenever you want! She gets on her knees and strokes off two cocks on both sides of her while sucking on your nephew dick (POV), she begs for her your cum and you shoot a huge load all over her glasses, giving her a nasty fat facial. But your aunt isn’t full of cum yet, she needs more! She mounts another guy, a virgin, in reverse cowgirl and takes his virgin cock with her fat ass bouncing in his face. She talks so dirty and cums so hard while another guy shoots his load all over ass!

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Download Little Puck - Naughty Auntie Gangbang.mp4

Little Puck – Be A Good Boy For Mommy

You wake up to see your mother in bed next to you smiling..she didn’t want to wake you up but she couldn’t help herself she just had to ask you a question that kept her up all night. “Do you…find Mommy…attractive? You can be honest, baby, Daddy isn’t here…would u fuck me if I wasn’t your mother? Awww really? Oh, don’t be embarrassed sweetie! I love that u said that! It makes me feel soo good…” your mother starts eyefucking you as she fingers her pussy thru her skirt…she decides it’s time to educate you about a grown woman’s body…don’t be scared. “I saw you check me out when my nipple slipped out of my bikini yesterday…you stared at me…” your mother pulls out her breasts and reaches out for your cock, putting you at ease and reassuring you that everything’s gonna be okay. You mount Mommy and she guides you through every step, wetting her fingers and gripping your cock, stroking you inside of her until you’re on your own sliding in and out of Mommy’s warm, wet hole. She encourages you along as she tells you how fast or slow she wants it, making sure you don’t erupt inside of Mommy before she’s through with you. God you’re such a good boy! Mommy’s got you, okay?! When you’re close to bursting she gives you a countdown so you can both cum together! She moans so loud as you make Mommy cum!! she kisses you and shows you her wet pussy that you just filled with your young hot cum. “I’m so proud of you baby boy!!”

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Download Little Puck - Be A Good Boy For Mommy.mp4

Little Puck – Mommy Marvel Bangs Peter Parker

Captain Marvel catches you with the reality stone on the battlefield & decides to take you on a quick pit stop to recover from the fight….what follows is an extremely sexy hours-long fuckfest that leaves you and Mommy Marvel completely drained! You fuck her in a million different positions, getting more aggressive with her pussy with each one. Soon the student will become the master!!

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Little Puck – Mommy Needs A Creampie Sweetie

Your mom, scantily-clad in a butt plug, nipple clamps, and sheer robe, is traipsing around the house searching for her new 8 inch platform heels to show off on her secret nightly camshow. She can’t find them anywhere! She has a nagging little voice tell her to check your room and sure enough, her heels are at the foot of your bed….covered in a healthy load of your cum! Your mother realizes she’s been found out and you’ve not only discovered her naughty secret but…it turns out you’ve been spying on her and developing a fetish for taboo roleplay…with her. She sits at the foot of your bed trying to figure out what to say to you…and slowly realizes she finds you attractive and begins fantasizing about the relationship you two Could have…she begins rubbing her heels between her pussy lips, masturbating in a fevered state. She lies back on your bed dirty talking about all the filthy taboo things she wants to do to you, how she’d train you and how she’d let you use her holes. She tugs on her nipple clamps and fingers her pussy as her eyes cross and she pants in ecstasy, cumming hard all over your bedsheets. In the heat of the moment, she grabs her heels and licks your cum off and THIS is when you walk into your room with a hard-on, having been spying on her from the door crack. Though surprised, your mother is too horny to cover up, and she begins seducing you. “Mommy’s just having a bit of playtime…like you had earlier with Mommy’s shoes! you’ve been a very bad boy haven’t you sweetie? Don’t worry, it’s okay, Mommy’s been bad too.” She reassures you that you can take your dick out for her and she strokes you a bit before you throw her back on the bed with her ass in the air and begin slapping your dick on her wet pussy. She pleads with you to fuck her, but you can’t help teasing her and making her desperate for your cock. After all, it’s her fault you’ve been fantasizing about fucking her for forever and now she’s a eager lil slut on your bed and you love milking this moment for all it’s worth. You finally dive into her wet cunt and pound away as she moans and slaps the bed, her heels clicking in the air as you throb inside your mother’s tight lil hole. She screams and begs for your cum and tells you what a whore she’s gonna be for you until you thrust hard and nut deep inside of her. She smiles as she reaches back and licks your cum dripping from her pussy. “Now you gotta promise Mommy something…if you wanna keep playing like this, you’re gonna have to keep this a secret between us okay? No one gets to know. If you do that for me sweetie, I’ll let you cum inside Mommy’s butthole next….”

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Little Puck – Cum In Lil Sis Virgin Pussy Mom JOI

You love your special time with Mommy, don’t you, sweetie? We have so much fun together. You make Mommy feel so good with your dick…but I’ve been noticing the way you look at your little sister Leila….you’re supposed to keep this between the two of us but it looks like you can’t handle how horny you are… you have such a big fat crush on your sister! I’ll allow you two to fuck but Only if Mommy is there to teach you how to pleasure her. I’m gonna guide you two through taking your little sister’s virginity! I call your little sister into the room in a skimpy lil schoolgirl outfit I bought for her. I tell her that you have a HUGE THROBBING CRUSH on her and she gets so shy and giggly and excited! I make you pull out your dick and show her how hard you are for her and how much you wanna fuck her! Mommy guides your cock and tells Leila how to touch it and stroke. You love the way your dick feels in your little sister’s hand. I go change into something sexy and skimpy and when I come back I hold Leila’s neck and head and help her swallow your big brother cock. I make her take it really hard and teach her how to be a good sloppy little bitch for you. She starts getting sluttier and sluttier! Doesn’t it feel good, son? She just wants to please you and make you cum! I give you a cum countdown and you give her a huge nut all over her face. Her very first facial! I then take your dick inside me and ride while your little sister plays with my tits, groping and sucking them. No cumming in Mommy! Mommy’s just jacking off your dick in her pussy so you get nice and hard again so you can give your sister her first creampie! You’re gonna breed your little sister, baby, come on, that’s right, fuck me so hard!!! We throw Leila down with her ass in the air and you pound her tight virgin pussyhole so hard and fast until you fill her up with your big brother seed! I’m so proud of you, sweetie! You’re the new man of the family.

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