Littleredheadlisa – Your Slutty MILF Mommy

Your mom comes in to your room to wake you up and tell you that your friends will be here soon to go to the beach! She realizes that something is wrong and you admit you are worried that all your friends will think your mom is a slut, but she tells you she has heard your friends talking and they don’t think she’s a slut, they think she’s a milf. She goes on to ask you what you think is going to happen while she’s at the beach with your friends: you think she’s going to get them all hard? give them blowjobs? let them fuck her?

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Littleredheadlisa – Mom Gives You A Reward

Your mom promised you that if you got an A on your test, she would let you fuck her ass. You finally get an A, she gives you a blowjob, oils up her ass, you fuck her ass and then her pussy with her telling you to cum in her pussy.

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Littleredheadlisa – Mom Has To Make You Cum

Mom gets called by her son who is hiding in a room at a family party. She opens the door and comes it asking what’s up. Her son accidentally took a Viagra instead of Tylenol. Mom is super freaked out ad her son wants an ambulance but mom does not want to face that humiliation. She tells him hi has to make himself cum to lower the pain and erection. She tried to figure out how to making him cum, going through all the options but when nothing works she shows him her underwear and bra, eventually giving him an annoyed hand job and a reluctant disgusted blowjob to make him cum.

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Littleredheadlisa – Mom Is Your Horny Slut

I come into the room very horny and really wanting my sons cock, saying how much I need your cock and only you, my son, can satisfy my pussy. Bending over and slowly pulling my panties down and spreading my pussy lips and ass while saying how much I need your tongue up my pussy and ass, showing my big tits while asking you to suck then, then I lay down and finger my pussy and asshole. I stop to put on a collar telling you that I only belong to your and only you can satisfy me, finishing with you fucking me and asking you to cum in mommys pussy.

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Littleredheadlisa – Jerking Off With Moms Panties

I am doing laundry and find a few pairs of your panties that are filled with cum. I am shocked and amazed by the amount of cum in the panties. You know that it must be your son cumming in the panties. I am concerned because there is so much cum I think that my son must be jerking off multiple times into the panties and decide to confront him about it.

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Littleredheadlisa – Mom Has A Secret

I come into your room and tell me I’m lonely, and ask if I can sl**p with you tonight. I get under the covers and give you a quick kiss on the mouth. I cuddle you and tell you how much I love my little b0y. You kiss you again, this time a bit longer… and tell you I want to talk to you. I tell you that I’ve been alone since your father died and I don’t want anyone else because I like things that are… taboo. I tell you that I’m really turned on by the idea of ince*st. I take out my boobs and tell you to suck on them, like when you were a [email protected] I slip my hand into your pants and kiss you, passionately. I tell you that I can’t believe how big my son’s penis is. I say this is wrong for a mom and son to do, but it’s turning me on. I start to suck my son’s cock. I say we definitely shouldn’t have sex, because that’s in*est, but I love my son and want to make love with you. I guide you on top of me. You fuck me for a bit, and say that I want to tell you a secret. I like taboo so much that I fucked my own father, and that he’s your father too. The I tell you I want to feel your cum inside me, I want my son to impregnate me.

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Littleredheadlisa – Your Friends Hot Mom

You arrive at your friends house to do some school work, your friends mom (me) answers and says he is running late from football practice. You sit in the kitchen while I clean around, posing and showing off to you, making you squirm. Then I ask you to help me put something away on a high shelf. As you reach up, I back up into you, my ass rubbing against your boner. You apologize, but I say its fine. I offer you a glass of water and ask if you need any help with your schoolwork. I bend down to look at the book, but my tit is right up in your face. You get nervous and I drop a pen, bending down to pick it, but also secretly take one of my tits out of your shirt, Pretending not to notice, I continue to help you, but now my nipple is right next to your face. You get even more nervous and spill your glass of water on yourself, I tell you not to worry, grab a towel and start wiping you down, saying I should put your pants in the dryer. I take off your pants and your dick smacks me in the face…

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Littleredheadlisa – Mommy Fucks All Your Friends

You just got home from school as the last boy is leaving my bedroom and you walk in to see me completely naked having fucked a bunch of your friends, you were a little late because of baseball practice. I start to tell you about all the boys who came inside of me and notice that you are getting hard. I tell you to get your cock out to stroke it while I tell you about them and how they fucked me and took turns on me until they came inside of me. I see that you are jealous and excited and have you fuck me and cum inside of me.

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Littleredheadlisa – Mom Helps You Relax

You just came back home after an important surgery and your mom wants to help you feel better and more comfortable so she offers to do something special for you. Hand job, messy blow job, and anal ride.

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