Lorena Brink – Caught and Blackmailed By My Little Bro

Mom’s out of town and my younger brother is at a sleepover! Got the whole day to myself! …At least that’s what I thought.. My brother saw me in mom’s room, admiring her sex toys, wondering how it would feel.. He brother snuck up on me, caught me red-handed holding mom’s vibrator! And he knows damn well what I was planning to do… He promised me he won’t tell mom… If I do what he says… He commands me to take off my skirt and panties and start touching myself, using mom’s vibrator on my tight little pussy and even demands that I jerk him off! Fuck, this feels better that I’m willing to admit…

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Lorena Brink – Is Your Mom A MILF?

I catch my son on the phone with his friend, calling someone a milf… I go into his room to confront him about it but he just laughs at me, apparently MILF is not what I thought it was. I ask him if his friends think I’m a MILF and he just laughs again! Fine, I’ll show you who’s a MILF…

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Lorena Brink – Let Mom Help You Part 2

I’m on the phone with my husband while our son is asking me to give him another hand. His arms are no longer broken but he keeps begging mommy. Eventually I give in and start jerking him off while I’m still on the phone, hubby knows I love our son and will do anything for him. Of course it doesn’t stay with just a handjob, mommy wants more and more!

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Lorena Brink – Let Mom Help You Part 1

My son has a massive boner but he can’t help himself since he broke both his arms. We are good parents and will do anything for our dear son so we’ve decided that I’ll help him relief so he can at least get his rest. My son caught me subconsciously talking in my native language while jerking him off. He wants me to continue talking like that as we go further and further.

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Lorena Brink – Make Mommy Pregnant

Lorena Brink – Make Mommy Pregnant
Milf, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo, Impregnation, Creampie
Your dad and I have been trying for another baby for months now, but still no luck. Tests showed that your dad just isn’t that fertile anymore. Well there is another option… You are almost an exact copy of your dad when he was your age. We could, you know… You could make me pregnant and not tell your father.. It will be our secret, no one has to ever find out.

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