Lourdes Noir – Mommys X Mas Gift Of Your First Time

It’s Christmas and your Mom comes to wake you up early before everyone else. This year is special, you are 18 and she wants to give you something special for Christmas, the gift of your first time…

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Lourdes Noir – Tricking Mommy Into A Creampie

Lourdes is a concerned mum so when her stepson is locking doors and refusing to come down to breakfast she wants to know what is going on. When she is finally let in the room she realizes his transition home from school in the UK has been harder then she thought and she’s surprised to find how little he knows about sex. In talking to him she realizes he’s very ignorant of the birds and the bees and ever the dutiful mum she wants to make sure none of the girls are making fun of him for his ignorance. She gets her dildo to help him understand how to touch himself to bring him to climax but what unfolds from there should have never happened…

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Lourdes Noir – Cumming Hard On Mommys Tits

While having a deep conversation with her son about his lack of responsibility, things turn a bit awkward. Lourdes suggests he get some experience with an older woman and he becomes confused, fixating on that older woman being Lourdes. While things get more heated he becomes aroused and the end result is an explosion of love for her, all over her tits.

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