Lynda Leigh – Taboo Punishment

Your mum is tired of punishing you when she catches you spying on her. It’s been happening a lot, and now Lynda has a different kind of punishment planned that will hopefully stop you from spying. Lynda has decided that the only solution is to give you what you want, and hopefully this puts an end to all the spying. Lynda wants you naked and makes her way to the bed. Now get to sit and watch Lynda’s ass, tits and pussy while she’s teasing you. Lynda then gets her dildo and uses it on her pussy. Get ready for another hot taboo update featuring a very horny Lynda.

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Lynda Leigh – Taboo Stepmum

Lynda is your step mum, and she has a birthday surprise for her favourite step-son. You are both home alone, and Lynda has seen the way you look at her and knows how much you fancy her. Dressed in a sexy outfit, you get teased with those big tits first. While listening to Lynda describing all the naughty things that she wants to do. You are also in for a big treat when Lynda adds oil all over those big tits and her pussy. Using one of her dildo’s, you get to watch Lynda fucking her oiled up pussy. By adding lots of oil, that dildo slips in and out easily while Lynda fantasises about your cock. Get ready to join a very norny Lynda in another hot video update.

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Lynda Leigh – Taboo JOI

Lynda has caught you spying on her and to make things worse, you also have an erection. You shouldn’t be spying on your step mum, but Lynda has an idea that might help you. Lynda decides that some jerk off instruction is in order and you should do exactly what she says. You are also going to be getting a lot of encouragement from Lynda throughout. To start with you get to see those fantastic big tits, but it’s not long before her knickers are removed, and you get to see Lynda’s pussy.

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Lynda Leigh – Taboo Mum

Lynda knows that you have been spying on her and going through her things. That’s why you’re not surprised when you’re shown one of her dildos. It’s something that you have seen before and you get to watch while your mum uses it. There’s no touching allowed but you can watch. Lynda is talking to you throughout and starts by getting her fantastic tits out. Next, Lynda lays back on the bed and spreads her legs, giving you the perfect view of her pussy. Now she slips the cock dildo into her pussy and moans with pleasure. You also get some excellent camera angles in this very naughty video. Press play and enjoy.

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Lynda Leigh – Son’s Best Friend

I know you are my sons best friend and we shouldnt be doing anything together. I thought I would make you a video so we dont break any taboo rules. I know you want to touch me but this way you get see everything. You get to see me being very naughty and playing with my pussy. Im very turned on right now and I am very grateful for the lovely gift. I love this underwear but now its time to start taking things off. I want to make sure your cock is hard so this video is going to be very naughty. Enjoy university life and maybe I will see you soon.
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Lynda Leigh – Stepson Taboo Blowjob

My horny stepson is home from uni and my husbands out. Ive got the hots for him and wanted to have some fun with him. In this second instalment I take him upstairs in to my bedroom. Im so horny I let him touch my pussy and get it wet. He fingers my pussy which is driving me crazy. I cant wait to get his cock in my mouth. The fact that hes my stepson and we shouldnt be doing this is making me even hornier. I love the feel of his hard cock in my mouth. Watch me suck it and lick up all that tasty cum.
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Lynda Leigh – Stepson Jerk off Instruction

What the fuck are you doing in here? I’ve told you so many times you have to knock before you come in. You are my stepson and the last thing I want is you watching me wank. Ever since you’ve got back from university you have become so naughty always trying to watch me. This is very wrong but you are only my stepson. Im already horny and I can see you are too. I guess now your in the room and we can both keep a secret. We may as well have some fun. Im not going to fuck you but I want to see you wanking your cock for me.
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Lynda Leigh – Friend’s mom jerk off instruction

Did you know my sons not going to be home? You may be his friend but we both know you came back early so you could have me on my own didn’t you? We both know you like an older women but that doesn’t mean I can sleep with you. As you are my sons friend I definitely cant fuck you but I can tease you and instruct you to wank your cock. Well what are you waiting for? Wank it and do as I say!
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