Madisin Lee – Fill Mommys Pussy

Wake up sweety. Did you sleep well? What was you dreaming about? Its ok, don’t be shy. What was that? Oh, My, is that a?? I guess you was dreaming. You were dreaming about me? You had a wet dream for mommy? Well, I had a dream about you to darling that is why I am here. I, um, well, it is kind of complicated but, you know how much I have been wanting another baby son? You, see, your dad is just not able to anymore and you know how much it means to me to have another baby, so I was hoping you could help. Would you like to help mommy? You would? All you have to do is make love to me like daddy does and cum deep inside of me. No one must ever find out about this, this will just be our little secret, besides, we do not want that boner of yours to go to waste! Here, just relax, we are going to take this nice and slow, ok honey, we will start with just the tip. Just like that baby! Good Boy!

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Madisin Lee – My Son The Veteran

My sweet boy is home on a break from being deployed overseas. He is such a hard worker and dedicated soldier. It’s a shame his girlfriend broke up with him. I know he is devastated, but at least he is home for a few days to see me. I have missed him so much. I want to do something special for him. A surprise to show my appreciation for all his hard work. I know what he needs. He needs me, my soft skin against his. The touch of a women. I am going to give him a special surprise. The best gift for Veteran’s Day Gift he could ever get, Me!
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Madisin Lee – Touchdown With Mom

What the hell is my mom doing? She has been acting strange this weekend. I have been hearing moaning and what sounds like porn and a vibrator. She really needs to get laid. One afternoon I was watching sports and waiting for the game to start when mom walks in the living room. Oh, great, I thought. She was wearing a short little dress and carrying a towel and oil and some weird little black pouch. I tried to ignore her and watch the game. She started eating a banana and playing with her pussy. She is being really distracting. I could not help myself and started to get a boner. I hope she does not notice it. She bent over in front of me and showed me her huge ass. Fuck, she is seducing me and I am not going to be able to say no. Damn, it is too late she grabbed my cock and started sucking. Her mouth felt so good and then she turned around and told me to open up the black pouch. It was a butt plug. I stuck it in and fucked her on the couch. I have to admit this is much better than watching sports! I cannot believe I just scored a touchdown with my mom!
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Madisin Lee – Stepmom’s Therapy

My dad sent me to go see a therapist. I did not mind because I have been suffering from anxiety and anger problems, but my therapist is my new hot stepmom. It is kind of awkward and what makes it even more awkward is the fact that I keep dreaming about her. I keep fantasizing that we fuck in her office. One morning I woke up and my pants were all wet and covered in white goop. WTF! My stepmom walked in and found me and noticed the white sticky substance as well. She wiped it with her finger and then licked it off. Was I dreaming again? Is this real. I cannot tell anymore. Then she started licking my cock. This can’t be happening. The next thing I know we are 69 and then we are fucking. She said she knows what is wrong with me. I am sexually frustrated and she is going to help me.
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Madisin Lee – Nature Trail With Step Mom

Hey Sweetie! Get in the car. I have a surprise for you! I know how much you like surprises so I planned a little trip for us to spend some time together. I found a new nature trail we can explore together. It is so nice out and it is good to get outside every once in a while instead of being cooped up in the house playing videos games. You want to play a game? How about hide and seek. Now, close your eyes and count to ten. Surprise! You found me! Now it is your turn. What’s wrong baby? You can’t move? It looks like you have pitched a tent in your pants silly. Step mommy’s little dress and boots are too much for you, huh? Well, I have another game we can play to help with that. Let’s play hide the cock!
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Madisin Lee – Home for the Summer

It’s so nice to have my stepson home for the summer. We have really missed him. I have been so lonely without him. He is growing up to be such a handsome man. And in a weird way I am sort of attractive to him. I know it’s wrong to feel this way, so I have been trying to quietly ignore these feelings and just enjoy having him home. One morning, my husband went out to the store and we were left all alone. It’s a good thing my stepson is stilling, hopefully he stays auntil my husband gets back. “Oh, hey, you scared me.” Damn, he is awake. I will just ignore this attraction, but for some reason, I get this sexual tension coming from him as well. I quickly turn my back to him and try to find him something to eat. I can feel him behind me, he is caressing my leg. “What are you doing?” I ask as I turn around to face him, he grabs me close and kisses me very affectionately. This is not right, but it feels so good. He kisses my neck and my breast and I cannot help it, I am completely turned on and I can feel him getting hard for me. This makes me wet, so I squat down and take out his cock and give him a blowjob. It’s been a long time since I had any affection. I completely forgot about his father until my phone rings and I realize what I was doing. It was his dad calling, I quickly got up and walked away.
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Madisin Lee – My Sweet Son

I have been really depressed after your father left me this week. You decide to do a card to cheer me up. You walk in my room and catch me drinking. I was almost about to break into a waterfall of tears, then you showed up. You know how to make mommy happy. This card you gave me was just what I needed to cheer up. I don’t know what I am going to do without a man in the house. You’re a man, I know, but you can’t take care of mommy’s needs…. or can you?
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Bella Ink and Madisin Lee – Aunties Revenge

My poor little sister has been cheated on again from her old, pathetic, looser husband and she wants revenge this time. As I am consoling her I have an idea, she should get back at him with a younger man, an 18 or 19 year old. That would really piss him off! As, we are trying to figure out how we can lure a young man in, my son walks in. Perfect, I thought, Sweetie where are all your friends at? Can one of them come over and fuck your aunt? No? Well, how about you? Its not weird, look how young and sexy your aunt looks. I bet you have never been with a hot older woman like this before? Aunt Bella shows off her sexy, perky tits. We notice you getting hard, but we do not let you go. We both grab his cock and jerk it. Then we take turns giving a blowjob and then we both suck together. He is beginning to tremble with excitement and auntie turns around for him to fuck her doggie style. As I watch, I get excited and begin to play with myself. Auntie notices and tells my son to take care of mommy. Oh, my goodness, I cannot believe how good this feels! I cum hard all down my sons cock and then he finally finishes cuming deep inside aunties pussy.
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Madisin Lee – Feeling Better Son

When you’re lying in your mother’s bed because you are sick with a bad cold, mommy walks in to check on her baby boy. As soon as you see your all natural big ass MILF of a mom you suddenly start getting a hard on. She is wearing her business attire: a black tight pencil skirt and blouse. She sits on the bed to check your temperature when she realizes that your cock is hard. She does what any good MILF would do and starts to take care of her son. She sucks your cock nice and hard until you erupt. Making sure that you are feeling better.
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Madisin Lee – Slutty Stepmom and Moms Pretty Pussy

Slutty Stepmom: I came home from the gym to find my new stepmom, bent over my dad’s desk with her ass hanging out. WTF! She is wearing a skimpy maid outfit. What a little slut. I mean this bitch is my age. I know she is only with my dad for money. I asked her what the hell she is doing and she said my dad bought her this to wear for him, but my dad isn’t home. She started mouthing off to me and called me a loser, so I grabbed her and threw her on her knees. If she wants to dress like a slut, then I am going to treat her like one. I shoved my cock in her mouth and face fucked her. Then I bent her over my dad’s desk and fucked her doggy style. She started moaning and her pussy was dripping wet all over my dick. What a slut, I put her on the floor and gave her a facial. This bitch really is a slut!
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